Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Day of Quilting....And Applique

Today started out with a walk....a well needed walk, since I haven't had the chance the last few days. I'm glad I can get one more day in before Ruth is gone again.

Katt and Harley kept me company today. It was nice to have her around again. I've really missed her. Harley was into everything to get our attention...including trying to get my quilting thread while I quilted.

Last night I was able to get the Dresden Plate appliqued down, just needed to work on the center piece.

This morning I was able to get the center done. I was surprised at how easy it went together. I'm talking about the center circle. I cut it without using a template, and then I appliqued it on. It went really well, and it looks like a circle and not a tear drop like a circle. I'm counting this as a finished project, since I had to have it done for the group. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done one. Have way too much going on.

I quilted around the bottom part. I have all the leaves done, as well as the rest of the quilt. I need to go around the outside of the quilt part. I did trim it to size and cut the binding for it. I am ready to bind it, but want to finish up the quilting on it first. I will do that hopefully tomorrow night and then deliver the quilt to the shop on Friday....that is my goal.

I wasn't able to work on it this evening as we were bowling. I did pretty good, considering. I got a 505 series. Not my best, but at least it was over 500. Hopefully Sunday will be a little better.

Katt is leaving in the morning and I hope I'll be okay about it. I will miss her.

Charlie has handled it well.

We will be doing the potluck tomorrow at the meeting, then we will be at moms house on Friday. I need to send out an email to everyone about the embroidery group on Monday.....ugh, busy till Monday.....can't wait to relax, but then can't relax with a house that needs to be cleaned. Each step at a time...don't get too far ahead and don't get too far behind...just keep going.......Happy Quilting!

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