Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Meeting Day.....Finished Quilt

Today I had to get up early. I went to the store to get lettuce for our lunch. Afterward headed over to moms to get ready for the quilters. We only had 4 of us show up, but it turned out great. We had a good chat and we got a lot done.

I finished the binding. I had 1 1/2 sides done last night, so it went pretty quick. I was thrilled to finally get it done. 

We had a great lunch of salads. It was really good, with what we had to have them. Bev brought a corn salad that was awesome! Then we made another salad with two kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, shrimp, avocado, and peas. It was fun to just sit and chat at lunch. Then we cleaned up......

While cleaning up, I put stuff in the dishwasher, and ran the garbage disposable.  Guess what.....I plugged up the sink!! The others where watching me try to fix it, which wasn't happening. So, while they left, I headed to the office to see if someone could come and fix know how that works on a Friday.....worker just left, worker was on vacation, and the other worker was off today. No one was working over the weekend......So, the office called Dr. David Williams (good friend and owner of the property were mom and dad have their house). He fixed it, and I watched, so now I know what to do next time. (I'm laughing over this). So, instead of being able to leave, I had to stick around another hour to get the sink fixed.

Headed to the quilt shop after and was thrilled to finally give her the quilt to put up for the class. Rita is getting it out to advertise the class. I am also going to work we those that have already started a "2 Fabric Applique" piece but aren't sure what to do. So, I'm really looking forward to teaching next month. I wasn't sure I would be, but I am. Now I'm going to work on block mom and I will do for the beginning applique class. I am doing the back basting and interfacing, so it will be fun. I was showing the interfacing to the gals today. It's a "fiber" interfacing that is like fabric when it is washed. Really soft.

Now I'm back to the "next" thing on my list....or I think. I seems to bounce around quiet a bit! Anyway, life is still good...Happy Quilting.

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