Monday, September 14, 2015

Busy Monday with Brazilian Embroidery And More!

Today started out with a walk. Got back home, and had about 15 mins to get ready for the embroidery group. I was still tired from yesterday, and sat down with Charlie. Time went faster than I thought and I needed to get my tail moving.

Grabbed my quilt top, embroidery box, and headed out the door. Arrived a few minutes late at the meeting to find only 4 others there. I was surprised it wasn't more, but thinking Judy forgot again. Enjoyed the visiting with good friends.

I was able to get more done on my project. I really enjoy working on this!

I worked on the leaves under the big flower, and started working on the yellow flower. (Not sure o to spell it). I like the way they were working, and when it gets washed they will lay better. I borrowed Pat Campbell's work as she did this one already. I'm seriously thinking of going the the retreat next year! I think it will be a blast!

After embroidery, went to mom and dads to see if mom had some black batting for the quilt I'm working on. I will use that for the batting instead of having Rita get me some batting. Moms batting just barely fits, and I know I'm going to cut it to size, so it will be just fine.

After visiting there, I stopped to say hi to Art and see if he was still going tomorrow to the casino. He is.

Then my next stop was Whalen Quilt Works. I was enjoying seeing Donna there too! Donna started taking down the weird window frame that was in the shop. I took over the pattern mom and I designed for the applique class. Funny part was, mom signed the pattern with her name. We (Donna, Rita, and I) picked out the colors for it. I was hoping for bright, but Donna and Rita kept me "calm." Rita is getting the kits ready and mom and I will work on the block when she gets it done. This will be a good class. I think it's going to be fun. We are doing this for Rita, so those who want to learn won't have to pay an arm and leg to take a class. I don't want to charge a lot to take the class. They can pay for the kits and my teaching will come second.

Got home and found the patterns sitting on my table. This is the quilt we are going to make in our applique group. This quilt will be used to show the different members works. I'm doing the rose. I actually like that block. This will have to wait. I need to get the fabric first. I forgot to check with Rita to see if she had it yet.

Wasn't able to work on this quilt today. I should have it done by Thursday (too much crap going on) and looking forward to start quilting and getting it back to Rita.

I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Football....not that I care who is playing, but that hubby has to watch it. If it was Seahawks that would be a different story.....anyway, a commercial came on with a burger that had an egg and hash browns on it. I thought ugh, and hubby said it's good. I told him a runny egg on a burger doesn't sound good to me! Then I realized, if it was back before I lived in Japan, I would probably eat it. But I remember going to a students house (mom taught English), and they mixed a raw egg in the food. From that day on, I can not eat any egg that is not fully cooked. The taste was gone! Yes, I know it "cooked" in the hot dish, but I'm sorry, it didn't give it a good taste at all! I asked not to have the egg in it, but that was insulting, so I sucked it up (at 11 years old) and took it. NEVER AGAIN! That was the last time I had a runny, sorry, that burger was disgusting! I also remember dad eating my soup that was hot and had little fish swimming in it! Yep, nope, I'm done. Good experience, but ugh.

My granddoggie had to have her front tooth removed today. I was worried about her, she's so small.

Patrick and Ziva
She had a canine tooth abscess and was lucky enough not to get her jaw broke when they took it out. Poor thing.

She's a cutie!! She's my grand-doggie! It's like having a little baby at times! She's a kick, and I love visiting. She gets so excited. This photo is a little old. Didn't stop and she her when she got back today.

Okay, time to get in the mood and get something done. Getting up early again tomorrow and still tired. Need a break.....please. Happy Quilting!

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