Monday, September 21, 2015

Busy Morning...Interesting Afternoon

Started out this morning by heading over to mom and dad's. I was there by 8 am, as they had to be at the train station by 9 am. Or at least that's what I thought. The train wasn't due till 9:45 am. We were waiting to go, so mom played games on Pogo.

We finally headed out to the train station. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up doughnuts and wet wipes. We headed to the station. I helped them with the luggage. We got in there, they took two suit cases, while mom and dad had two for themselves on the train. As we were getting them ready at the station, three of their friends showed up to wish them on their way. One was one of moms clients. I decided to let them sit with the folks and wish them well on their way.

I then returned their car to their house, and went to get my hair cut. It's been two years since I had a good hair cut, so decided to try out a new shop. I came out feeling good about my hair cut. Then I headed to the grocery store, and the last stop was gas. I couldn't believe it took me so long! I didn't get home till 11:30 am.

I sent out a message to our group about the potluck on Thursday, which brought me downstairs to get working on the block that needs to be done! Of course I had some help with that thought.

Harley needed to be with me all afternoon. Couldn't get her to settle down till I actually sat down to quilt. But then she wanted my thread, so that didn't help.

I needed to do 4 more points on my Dresden Plate.

I realized after I had them put together, I needed to do these 4 more.

I wasn't too thrilled to find out I had to get the fabric out and cut another piec out for this Dresden plate. It has taken me this long to do it, because I don't like sewing on the machine that much. I have other stuff to sew on the machine, so I really didn't need another one. Oh, well....I got the plate done, now I just need to applique it down.

I wanted to see if the center goes okay with what I picked. It turned out better than I thought it would.

Now all I need to do is applique it down. I think it works great, and the photo doesn't give it justice.

Last week I ordered 5 books from C&T Publishing. I got the first one in today - the more expensive one - all of $12. I love this book! I need to find the first one and get it as well. I love the patterns, and may do this quilt as well!! Oops, there I go again, another pattern and another quilt to do. I seriously need to finish what I'm working on before I start another one!! ...Keep telling myself that!

I did get a chance (after baking) to sit and quilt. Trouble was, "trouble" showed up on the quilt. She wanted my, I waited for her to go sit in Patrick's chair. Once she noticed I wasn't going anywhere, she sat in his chair and I was able to quilt. I worked on the Dragonfly's tail, and the grass. I also worked on the stem that doesn't show on this photo. I'm getting really close to having the center done. I really, really, really, want to have this done by Thursday or at least where I can do the binding and have the tag made. I'm really happy with the work on this quilt. 

I get to pick Katt up at the airport tomorrow. Can't wait to see her. She did run into a problem while she was gone. She'll get it fixed tomorrow. 

I sit here, realizing I need to get busy. I have this quilt to finish, the block to finish, as well as the block for our (mom and mine) applique class we will teach in November. I will do the "back basting" and the interface pieces. Mom will do the other parts. She's so fast, she had her quilt for my niece already appliqued and ready for quilting! She designed a frog in a pond with a few flowers. I couldn't believe she had it finished already! I hope to be as fast as she is eventually. 

Guess I got a little chatty today, hope it was at least a little interesting......may we all be Happy Quilting!

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