Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Try Not To Be Busy......But It Never Fails

Today I had to get up as usual with Patrick. The difference walk. I took him to work, came home and loaded the truck up with stuff for the quilt show. Then headed back into town to pick my son up at the auto place. Took him home, and headed back home.

Wasn't home long before I had to go to the Grange where the quilt show is. JoAnn and Joyce met me there. We unloaded the truck. Joyce left and I had to come back home for 3x5 cards and rubber bands. Couldn't find the rubber bands, but did get the 3x5" cards. Took the cash box over with me, so that JoAnn could go over the money with me. I took out the over amount. JoAnn and I marked everything and set them up on the tables. When we left, we told Cil to collect any money if anyone wanted anything.

We were done around 12:30 pm. Came home and called Ruth to go walking. We got our walk in at 1:00 pm. We have been doing pretty good about getting our two walks in a day. Today we weren't so lucky.

Came home and worked on supper.

Beautiful day, so it made it hot for me when trying to get supper in the slow cooker. Mom called and wanted to come over for the light box. They said they would be here soon. They got here around 2 pm, which worked out. I had supper in the slow cooker. Dad sat down and turned on the Mariner's game. Mom checked out my tablet and wanted to play a game. So, I showed her a new game.

I was able to get a few stitches in on the Dragonfly quilt.

Then it was time to head back and pick Patrick up. I stopped off at Safeway (second time) to get the brownie mix for dessert. Picked Patrick up, stopped off at the Auto place and waited on Phil. He arrived, got his car, and handed over my car to me. I NOW HAVE A CAR AGAIN! Patrick took his truck home and I followed in my car.

I would like quilters who are part of an organization to read this blog from a good friend. She has made so many good point! Make sure you read Saturday Sept 5, 2015  I was shocked to hear NQA (National Quilter's Assoc), which I used to be a member of years ago. I thought about getting back in with them, has now closed. I tried to get TAS to work with NQA before I left the board. I think the two could have worked together to keep both alive. I can only hope that TAS will stay alive. NQA has been there for over 40 years! I'm so sorry to hear they will no longer be around. I would like to see TAS gain ground and move forward. Please read Sherri's post, as she has some very good points and I couldn't have said it any better. Think about what quilting means to you, and please get involved in the organizations that are out there for you! I'd love to see more involved with the younger groups as well.

Okay, said my piece, now I just need to get back to the Dragonfly. I'm having too much fun with it! I will try to get more stitches on it tonight, but no promises. Guess you'll have to wait and see if I do. (wink)

Hope your having a great evening....Happy Quilting!

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