Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's Getting Cooler, and I'm Filling My Calendar!

Today, as much as I would have liked to sleep in, was not a day for walking. I wanted to sleep in, but couldn't this morning. Seems like every time I plan something (anything), it doesn't work out. Oh, well.

Patrick left, and I enjoyed the morning with Charlie. She's getting very lovable lately. She's also about 18 or 19 years old.

I then took some time to work on the quilt.

I started out with the right side wings. I'm happy to say, I did finish those. I just didn't take another photo. I sat and watched NCIS New Orleans, NCIS LA, and Diagnosis Murder.  Now I'm ready for the new shows to come. Diagnosis Murder repeats are starting to repeat the repeats. So, I'm going to have do decide as I go.

Sad news today, Patrick's Uncle who received the QOV quilt is on his last "leg." We were told he probably won't make it much longer - 2 days at the most. Received a text hoping he will go to sleep and not wake would be so much better for him that way. Prayers are going up there for him.

I did work on genealogy today. I was able to add a few more names to my tree. I also found some interesting information on one of my ancestors. It was awesome to find Revolutionary War records on him. I have more that served in the Rev. War, and now I'm excited to be able to get those papers! I'll probably put a few more hours in that again tomorrow as well as quilting. It's amazing how much time goes by when I'm on genealogy but when I quilt, it takes longer. Go figure! I don't mind though.

I'm getting there.....I'm getting there.....I'm getting least that's what I tell myself. (smiling)
Happy Quilting!!

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