Saturday, September 5, 2015

Quiet Day That Turned Out Enjoyable

Today I actually slept in! Yep, 8:00 am! That is sleeping in! I'd love to sleep longer, but just can't seem to do it. I remember as a kid I could sleep till 1 pm! That was on those weekend days that my parents enjoyed the morning to themselves.

I played my usual games in the morning. Patrick got up after me and headed outside. He got the yard mowed and picked up the tree limbs that were out in the yard. Me, I stayed in the house, vacuumed the carpet and enjoyed watching TV.

Oh, Charlie was with me this morning and we heard two big bangs at the sliding doors that lead to the deck. When Charlie wanted out, there were two birds that committed suicide on the doors. I let Charlie out. She was quick! She decided she was hungry and ate the bigger one. When she picked it up, I went back to my chair. I wasn't having any of that. Told Patrick we had two dead birds, and he wanted to know why I didn't put them in the trash. He looked outside and there was one bird still there, with feathers being the only thing left of the second bird.

Guess she was stuffed after that! Patrick took care of the other bird. I vacuumed up the feathers of the bird she decided to feed on. UGH!

Last night I was able to get more done on the wall hanging.

I love how it looks like a drawing till one gets going. This is what I had done last night. These patterns can be found at a local quilt shop - and if you can't support a local quilt shop, you can get the patterns at Pacific Rim Quilt Company. They have a few new ones, and I asked Whalen Quilt Works to get them for me. I would like to support her when I can. Plus, if I'm teaching these classes, then I want to support her even more. 

I was able to get this much done today while watching TV. I was getting caught up on a couple shows. I'm having a blast working on this. I can't wait to get the top area done, to show the background. Hopefully tonight. 

I'm having so much fun working on this, that I keep thinking of the one I want to do for my Aunt. She likes yellow, so I need to figure out what I can do with yellow. I'll check out the shop and get another pattern to use that will work with yellow. 

We went to a movie at McMennimuns (sp) in Centralia. They have great movies at a cheaper rate. This one was the sheep movie. I'm glad I didn't pay the full amount for the movie. It's not one I would have paid full prices for, but it was good. 

I'm home bound this week, because of no car. So, I'm hoping to have this done this week. Then I head back to the shop to get the batting and backing to get this completely done. I want to have it done as soon as I can, so we can get it out for a sample. 

Looking forward to this week....Happy Quilting!

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