Sunday, September 27, 2015

Seahawks WON! That Made The Day A Good One!

Today I actually slept in. I keep thinking today is Saturday, but I know better. We have bowling tonight, so it's not over yet.

I was excited yesterday when two of my magazines came in. They were Quilter's Newsletter and McCall's Quilting. I was checking them out today and was SO Disappointed!! I found a couple articles I will read, mostly the history parts. As for the quilts, they were nothing to get excited about. No big "WOW" factor. Everything has gone back the the beginner quilts where one does squares, blocks, etc. Nothing I'm interested in. No applique - other than some put on a quilt that was pieced. I was thinking about that as well. Think about it, if we did patterns from a book, then had the quilt machine quilted by someone else.....100 years from now what do you think they will say about that quilt? I figure it will be like what it is now.....This quilt was made by "a quilter" who used patterns from magazine (XYZ), and so-and-so did the quilting. So-and-so from what we can tell, has quilted hundreds or thousands of quilts for other quilters. You can see her quilting in this quilt...because this is a "trademark" of what she does. So, the person that sews the quilt together, may get missed in what they did. Why? Because most quilters today follow patterns, and there are a lot out there of the same pattern. I know, I follow that pattern as well. The difference (I'm hoping) is that my quilts are hand quilted and they are done by me. I have done the machine quilting...and again, they are done by me. Don't get me wrong, I love the work that Kathleen Ament and Dian Keepers do in this area. They will be ones that will be remembered in 100 years for the work they do. Just me thinking..... Still didn't make those quilts magazines any better...not going to renew the McCalls magazine. I need to see more from Quilter's Newsletter to make that decision. It was my first issue so far. I was receiving so much mail on renewing when I didn't even get the magazine! Couldn't believe it!

I decided to work on the pumpkin that is in the block for our class. I worked on this this afternoon while watching the Seahawks game.

I also worked on the sunflower on the left side of the pumpkin. I will leave the circle for mom. She will be teaching that part. I'm just working on the areas that I will be teaching. I realized mom and I use different techniques. I think mom is going to learn more about the back basting. She said she doesn't like it but then that's because a lot of her group doesn't do it and think it's a waste of time. I actually feel it's awesome, and definitely not a waste of them.

I will get getting my quilts ready to go to the quilt show. I have to turn them in tomorrow and I also have Brazilian Embroidery tomorrow. So, I'm going to be busy tomorrow. May have to leave embroidery early to get a few things done. Want to go to moms and see if she has the pattern for the Oak leaves and Acorn pattern. I have it coming from the quilt show, but then realized mom may have it.

Patrick was asking me when I will finish the QOV quilt. I'm hoping to get to it this week, but just told him "when I'm in the mood." :-)

I believe there is a process when it comes to quilting. Some people enjoy one project and sees it through to the end before starting another. I see the process in the way of how long it can keep me interested. How long can I do this project before my mind wanders to another project? How many projects can I finish before starting another....(That one is hard!!) I told myself a couple years ago, finish two projects and then I can start one. I was doing really good. Not lately...I started the QOV quilt and it's on my guilt wall. I started the place mats, and they re still waiting for the binding....I started the baskets, and those are still going.......Don't think I finished 8 projects this year! Unless I can count what I started and the quilt for the class. Oh, well.

Bowling tonight....Happy Quilting!!

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