Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seattle vs. Green Bay Day!

Today started out with some noise around 8 am. Figured it was Harley downstairs. She wanted to eat, since she usually gets around 5 am. Charlie wasn't at the door this morning, so guess she's not happy with me. When she did show up, I feed her.

Patrick and I worked outside on the car and truck. Patrick washed both vehicles yesterday, so today was vacuuming and getting the trash out of the car. Not much trash...but a lot of dirt from feet wear. I vacuumed them both.

We have been getting texts from Katt in her Green Bay top and where she's been. She had a coupe hours and called. We chatted and then she talked to Patrick to see where she could kill a couple hours. I texted her a little while ago to see if she's at the game. She is. Game won't start for awhile, and Patrick and I have bowling tonight, so not sure who is winning right now.

Patrick told me the other day that the deer ate his grapes. So, I went out and wanted to take photos of what the deer did to the grapes.

The ate all the white grapes.

I found the purple grapes! They were still there. So, I cut the grapes and brought them in the house. Patrick was surprised at how much I brought in. Told him - while I was taking photos I found the grapes that didn't get eaten! I was happy! Now he can get them ready for his grape juice.

Of course we watched the Hobbit movie again. While we were doing that, I was trying to quilt! Harley was going after my thread, and I had to quit. Not sure how much I'll be able to get done with her around. It's going to be interesting the next couple days, till Katt get here. I hope to get more done, as I'd like to have it finished by this week.

Mom was supposed to have picked up the kit for our class that we are going to do. I'm going to work on the back basting.

Things have been getting busier, and starting tomorrow it's going to be run, run, run. Can't wait for the weekend to get here! Things are still working far!

I'm sitting here thinking of all the stuff I have to do this week, and I'm driving myself crazy! My head is starting to hurt will all this list going in my head. I couldn't get much sleep last night because every time I woke up, I thought about Dick and who got his cat...or where was he getting buried....and what were they doing with all his papers....what will be done with his military stuff....stuff I shouldn't be thinking about. It's not up to me to decide what will be done and I need to just "let it go." lol

So, by letting it go, I'm thinking.....I need to finish the eagle blocks that we decided to add to...I need  work on the quilt on the wall for QOV.....I need to think about getting all my stuff ready for the group to give them the "coordinator" stuff.....I need to get my counter cleaned up....I seriously need to finish the quilt!....and I need to get the binding on the table mats and get those if I don't have enough stuff going on in my life! ...I'm still happy and very much Happy Quilting!

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