Sunday, September 6, 2015

Slowly Getting There.............

Today was another quiet day. We stayed home all day.

Last night I was able to put the head on the dragonfly. I did the wings that went out to the edge. I did notice these wings don't go out like the ones on the pattern. They tend to stop but the ones on the pattern has one of them almost a full wing. I do notice that on some patterns. Patterns get changed a small amount before they get printed.

I finished the head and worked on the body today. I ma now working on the body of the dragonfly. It's getting there. I'm almost 1/3 done with this quilt. I've been able to get a lot done. I will double check the applique when I get done.

The fun part is being able to see my work as I go. I love being able to take big "chunks" of fabric and seeing what all I have done. I still need to applique down the (bottom of this photo) border, and the last 3 circles of the body. Then I can work on the other dragonfly by finishing the left wing and starting on the grass. Slow and easy is the way to go. I'm taking good care of what I'm doing. I'm not sure if I like the combo, but it does look good in the photo.

We watched 2 old movies on TV, and then Patrick found the James Bond stuff going on again. After a while it gets old. I'm so sick of watching James Bond movies, reruns of comedy shows, and all those shows he seems to watch over and over and over again! UGH. The old movies were great. One was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I haven't seen that movie in years. They (actors) are still cute!

I'm also getting tired of "Black Lives Matter." It should read, "ALL LIVES MATTER." Just like I''m tired of hearing about Tom Brady!

I've been working on getting everyone set for the quilt show this weekend. I can't wait to pass this "job" over to another member of the group. It's getting to be a pain. But that's life! I have been keeping track of who's working. So far I just need someone to work Friday afternoon. Funny how many people we have, and how so many can't work.

I'm having fun! I need to clean up my table downstairs for mom to come over and work on her quilt for my nieces son. That means I need to really clean it up!! You should see the mess! lol - Actually, you will, I will take photos like usual to show what I'm doing. I still have two quilts down there that need to be finished. I have the orange for Katt's quilt and need to work on that as well. I really need to finish the QOV quilt! But this quilt for the shop is high on my list. I need to finish it and get moving on my supply list for the class. And, and, and, and this that and the other thing! When will I be on track?! NEVER! Happy Quilting!

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