Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spending the Day Quilting!

This morning we were lucky to get a good walk in. It didn't start raining till the afternoon. Still raining actually.

After walking I headed over to the quilt shop. Rita is now the owner of the shop. I was surprised to see the previous owner still there. She had a lot of stuff she needed to get out of the shop. Poor Rita is having trouble getting set up with her still there. I did buy some more fabrics! I bought another bolt of black fabric, orange fabric and another panel. I enjoyed the shopping and was there with Donna. We then headed to Sisters quilt shop because I wanted to make sure I had enough of the off white/yellow fabric that I bought there for the QOV quilt. I bought 11/2 yards.

We headed over to Donna's and spent the rest of the day at her house. We talked about what we want to do for our own eagle quilts. I have a few ideas, and can't wait to get moving on those. I worked on circles for Donna - she's doing a demo quilt for the quilt shop. I'll take photos and post them tomorrow. It was a great visit with Donna and a lot got done. We decided to add more to one of the eagle blocks, and the one that needs the embroidery done on it. So, I brought those two eagles back. I'm excited to work on them.

Will show you tomorrow what I've been up to. Didn't have time for photos today. Happy Quilting!

Finally - A Good Day!

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