Friday, September 11, 2015

Spending Time at the Quilt Show

Today started out like the rest, Ruth and I went walking. After the walk, I headed to the quilt show (Lewis County Breast Cancer Survivors). I got there early.

I was beginning to think I was going to be the one working the morning shift. Barb and JoAnn were 15 mins late. I sold stuff while I was waiting on them. When they arrived, I hung around for a little while before leaving. I checked out the other vendors and was surprised to see Judy there, who is in my embroidery group and QOV group. She was selling fabric. I may buy some fabric tomorrow as she has them at $6 a yard. I did buy a "12" necklace....that's a Seattle Seahawk necklace for those of you that don't know what "12" I bought some earring to go with them. Yes, I'm a Seahawk fan and have been since they started up! I remember Zorn being our first quarterback and I even showed my support when I lived in OKC. Back then, it was UW and not WSU. I changed my support to WSU when my children went there.

I came back and picked Ruth up. We went to lunch at Subway - had to check out the new Reuben sandwich. It was good. We still had some time before she was due to the train station, so I took her to Rita's shop - Whalen Quilt Works. I visited with Rita about the class I'll be teaching. I also told her I wanted to get the Oak Leaf pattern. I'm going to get some fall colors for my Aunt. I forgot to introduce Ruth, so she introduced herself. I apologized to both..felt bad I wasn't thinking!

I was able to get back in time to go back to the quilt show to work the next 3 hours.

While I was at the quilt show, I was able to work on the quilt. I got more done then I thought I would be able to. This is coming along great. Told Rita I'd be back next week to get the backing. Mom said she had some scraps of black, and I'm hoping her black batting is big enough. I really don't want to piece the batting. We'll see.

Didn't get to play much today, so when I got home, I counted our income for LCBCS, then I sat down and played some games on the tablet. I will have to go to the show tomorrow by 9 am to get the money box over there. Then I need to return around 2 pm. Told mom to meet me there at 2 pm to collect the stuff we don't sell at the show. I'm not bring it home, and she can give it to the Christian School to sell at their quilt show. Since we have members in that group from both groups that donated, it will still make money for them.

I'm looking forward to getting this quilt done. It's a quick project that is awesome! I'm even thrilled it will be on display at the shop. Ruth even said she would let me borrow the one I made for her. Not sure if Rita needs it, so will keep that in mind if we need it. Love what Rita is doing to the shop!! You really need to check out her shop if your in the area!!

I did have one of those "dah" moments today....I put my cell phone in my back pocket. Got into the car with the box of newsletters, my wallet and paper for the show. As I backed out of the driveway, I started looking for the cell phone. I usually keep it with my wallet, but guess where it wasn't! So, I backed up to the garage, got out of the car, with Charlie watching, and started going into the house. Then as I've taking a few steps, I pat my pants (just in case), and guess what I felt! My cell phone was still in my I turn around and get in the car. As I drive out of the driveway, there is a working next door, who was working in the yard. He watched me leave! I smiled and drove off. Charlie is used to me getting in the car, getting out of the car, going in the house, and getting back in the car. She's even watched me do that more than once. I tend for forget stuff, and have to go back in the house to get it! When will I learn to figured it all out before I go?! Too funny!

Life is great, and still Happy Quilting!

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