Sunday, July 23, 2017

Did More Than One Thing Today

This day started out with a text to Patrick. I was up and he went back to sleep....go figure.

Played for a little while, till Patrick was up. Then emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, and started working on making bread.  Since my sourdough was looking really good, I decided to make some bread. Worked on one first then started in on the second one. Left one on the counter to raise and put the other in the refrigerator.

Then while I was working on those, I pulled out the computer and watched what I needed to do on the hardanger.

I finished up part 7. Tomorrow I can work on part 8. Since tomorrow I don't have anything going on, I can get some stuff done. I've got laundry to do, plus I was looking at the bathroom and may need to get a little more cleaning done in there.

About the time I finished this up, mom and dad came. We were going out to eat with them. They said they would be here around 2 pm but didn't make it till about 2:30 pm. Worked out okay. While Patrick drove down to Longview I played on mom's tablet to help her get her game going. We had a good supper at Sizzlers. Dad loves the chicken down there.

Funny how we had chicken there, and I've got the chicken in the frig to make fried chicken tomorrow.

Came home and played a game with the folks. Mom was falling asleep while we were playing.

So, while we were playing, I cooked the bread. It came out awesome! Patrick couldn't wait!

He went out to the freezer and brought in his freezer jam to have a slice before it cooled down. This is his blackberry jam that he did the other week.

Now, tonight I can get back to my cross stitch. I also need to work on the eyes of the owl. AS WELL AS embroidery on the needle case. I'll have to get moving on that as well. I will try and work on those tomorrow.

I did get a few more stitches in on this one.

As we can see, I did more than one thing today. I kept busy! I couldn't believe I got as much done today since I was running around from one thing to another.

Woo hoo, I'm getting things going! Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

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