Sunday, July 2, 2017

Enjoyed The Day!

Today I was actually trying to sleep in. No such luck.

We went shopping this morning. We try to go while everyone is in church. Not that we aren't religious, we just don't go to church very often. So, while the store isn't busy, is usually around the time everyone is in church. Surprisingly enough, it was busy even with everyone in church.

Afterwards Patrick worked out in the yard. It's amazing how much we need to plant more plants in. I was checking out the area by the back bedroom downstairs, and it's got big gaps. Guess we'll be going shopping for more plants before the week is out.

I got a load of laundry in. But I'll end up with doing laundry tomorrow. AFTER our Brazilian embroidery group.

I decided I wanted to get moving on Katt's stocking.

I was able to get Katt's name on it, and work on the strips.

I also added the beads in. Now I'm having to do the back stitching pieces. I'll start with the snowflakes as I go, then work on the backstitching. Once that's done then I can get this to Kathy to see if she will put it all together. I'm hoping it will be done this month!

Tomorrow I'm going to BE meeting. Then afterwards we are going to Felicia's family to give them the money that we collected for all her beads and things. It's going to be teary but we'll be happy to have it over with. It's a way to say goodbye to Felicia. It will be almost a year since she passed.

Enjoying the day of stitch! I was surprised at what I could do. I'm happy to see it coming along. I may actually have another finished project.

Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

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