Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trying To Enjoy A Sunday

This morning we both slept in. It felt good to finally have a good nights sleep and once I did, it felt good.

Patrick worked in the yard for a little while. I got laundry started. I was behind on all of it, so needed to put a dent in it.

Patrick came in and said we needed to go see dad. So, we headed out and went to Walmart to pick up a few things - yep, I actually went into Walmart...ugh... Didn't find the car cane for dad, so we went to Kmart, and they didn't have it either but everything was on sale 10-50% off. Looks like they are getting ready for the store to close or change dramatically. We even stopped at Walgreens but they didn't have it either. I need to order one for him.

We stopped to see dad and he's doing great. We didn't stay long, wanted to get back home.

We came home and enjoyed a movie with Cary Grant in it. Along with Doris Day. Was really good too.

I was finally able to get close to 500 stitches in today. I'm really pleased with the results. It's coming up to the end of the left side. I like the darker purple. It's coming in pretty good. I'm glad I made the changes.

Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery. They are coming to the house. Should be fun!

Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Spending The Day With Mom

It snowed more last night. Soooo, this morning was all white. It was gorgeous! Patrick said to wait till 10 am before going out. I decided...