Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Great Saturday....of Applique

Last night I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, so I pulled out my Brazilian embroidery.

I worked on the yellow flowers last night. I only had three of the petals done before last night, on one flower. I was able to finish that one and do the other one. I really enjoyed it, till I couldn't find my scissors. So, I ended up putting things away, and sure enough, my scissor fell through my chair to the floor. Decided to call it done at that point. Never fails, I tend to loose something from time to time..

Yesterday I had bought this fabric for my Aunt. This is the fabric for the Oak Leave and Acorn pattern. I want to have it done for Christmas for her. Hope she likes the colors.

Today I started applique-ing the sunflower leaves for our beginning applique class mom and I will be teaching in November. I worked on this this morning before going to the movie. We went to "The Intern" movie - awesome movie and recommend seeing!

This stem is for the pumpkin, which is back basted. I will applique it down here soon.

The pumpkin is on the right side and the sunflower is on the left side. We have leaves and acorns a part of this block as well. I''m doing my part, then when mom gets back, she'll do her part.

The sunflower petals are using the interface that I bought a while back. It's going really well. I'm using the glue stick and that seems to be enough. I like the Elmers(R) glue.

I finally registered 2 of my quilts for the quilt show. I have to take them in on Monday. I may take another one as well.

At this rate, I may get a few things done this year! Happy Quilting!

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