Saturday, September 19, 2015

Farwell to a Veteran!

Yesterday we received word that Patrick's Uncle, Richard John, passed away.

He was a Vietnam Vet. A pilot by trade, and a very special brother to my mother-in-law. Richard, may you rest in peace. We will miss you!

Now on to my day. Today started out with getting up early and taking Katt to Portland Airport. She was on her way at 9:00 am. We stopped and got some stuff at Ross on the way home.

We are babysitting for my "grandkitty" who is named Harley. Gets confusing around here between Charlie and Harley. Charlie is outside while Harley is in.

She was watching me as I quilted.

Then she couldn't wait any more and went after my thread! I had to get her off and decided to walk around with the quilt in my hands so she wouldn't get to it.

I had some oranges that needed to be eaten so I cut them up and got the juice. I then added a little sugar and a pinch of salt. Pit it in the freezer in a cake dish. I then set the timer for an hour at a time. I would go down and run a fork over the frozen juice. We had some for supper. There is still plenty left.

I then went back to quilting.

Was able to get to this part of the quilt. It's getting there! I'm hoping to have it done this week. I have enough quilting meetings, so I can HOPE!

I worked on the quilt this afternoon. I'm getting to the bottom of the quilt. I have a few more parts of the tail to do, then I have the leaves. I will probably take the hoop off when I get there and do the quilting on the edge without a hoop. It should be fun and go pretty quickly. I can do it both ways.

I was reading my TAS newsletter. It was a good issue this time! I'm excited about what I want to do on my next quilt(s). I've got a lot of ideas, and can't wait! But I need to get this quilt done, then get back to finishing up the QOV quilt as well. Once I get those done, I can get back to working on my quilts. I have the baskets to work on for the guilt wall quilts.

There is a quilt show on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of the month. David asked me to enter my quilt, and I think I will. I will also enter the quilt that I took to the other quilt show for our TAS booth.

Tomorrow is a quiet day, at least I'm hoping...then Monday I have to take mom and dad to the train station.

Life is good, all is well! Katt is on her way to the game tomorrow, and I'm still here quilting. What could be better?! Happy Quilting!

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