Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Night Football......For Those Who Want to Watch It!

Today started out pretty good. I was a little late getting to our Brazilian Embroidery group. As I left, I realized I needed to go to the bank first. Got in the car, started the engine and noticed the gas tank was on a quarter of a tank....ugh...time to get gas. So, headed to the gas station first, bank second and then the group meeting.

It was awesome to see Georgie there. We've missed her for awhile. She's having to deal with chemotherapy...the big "C" word. She's got a great out look and will go in tomorrow for her next treatment. She is a lot of fun! Prayers are going her way.

Had a great time at the meeting. We talked about a lot of topics. Sandy brought me an awesome pattern! It's a rose pattern that I'm excited to do!! A great big Thank you! goes to her.She wasn't there today, but Bev brought it to me. I'm so excited!!

Added the flower spray or whatever they are called. This was fun. Next move for this is the french knots and that is usually the last thing to put on.

The next thing I did was get started on the pumpkin - yea I know, I'm doing a pumpkin in applique too. Anyway, really like the way it's coming out. It was fun doing the chain stitches underneath the satin stitch. I like doing the satin stitch. That is about as far as I got on this one. Oh, I did do the smaller flower as well on the upper photo. I also put the bottoms on the flowers.

Took my two quilts to the quilt show. Had registered them on line and went to drop them off. I didn't have anything to take with, but was thrilled they had that for me when I got there. Really didn't have anything I had to do. I did see a few friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Really was surprised at the group. Didn't feel welcome, like I used to. Weird too, because I am a Past President of that group. Now I know why I don't go back any more. No worries. Maybe everyone was so busy, it just felt that way.

I worked on the pumpkin for the class. I'm happy to say, I'm liking the results. The bottom is going to be covered in leaves and an acorn. Mom will do that part. That way she can cut away what she doesn't need. I'm planning on doing the sunflower tonight  or tomorrow. I hope to have my part done before mom gets home on Thursday. That way she can finish it up and we can get it to the shop to put up for display. Don't know how many people we will have for the class. Not worried about it either.

Life is good, I'm having fun. Tomorrow is a "flu shot" day. I have to meet Patrick in town to get a shot.....NOT my favorite thing to do, but the last 4 years I've been going with him and getting the shot. I have been lucky too...haven't passed out in a few years, when getting a shot.

Have a GREAT DAY and be Happy Quilting!!

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