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A Good Thursday.....of Applique and Bowling

Today I was able to sleep in, but it didn't help, still not getting a good night sleep. Can't wait to get back to sleeping through the night.

I enjoyed a couple hours with Charlie in my lap as well as getting a few TV programs watched. I thought about going downstairs to work on the QOV quilt, but then remembered I needed to finish the block that mom and I are teaching a class on.

Which meant I needed to put the petals on the other flower. Now it's where mom will take over and finish the design. I was thinking we may need to add the embroidery.

Once I finished the block above, and I decided it was time to finish up the blocks I started. This block is now finished. I like the final touch to it. This will be a great quilt for a QOV recipient.

I'm adding a flower and some leaves to this block. I have some of the leaves cut from a leafy fabric. I am putting a red rose in the corner. I needed to put some leaves in before I started the rose.

Went bowling tonight and bowled a…

A Day To Relax.....I "Sort Of" Did......

Not having to get up before 7 am is nice. Next week I won't be so lucky. I seriously need to get out and walk more! I checked my walking and it's all the way down to 3,500 step. Not good.

I was so glad to finally have a day to myself. I could have gone to the Mt. St. Helens quilt group meeting, but decided I wanted to enjoy the time to myself. I love being around quilters, don't get me wrong, but I also like to have a break from time to time. I had been none stop last week, into this week. So, today, I decided not to go anywhere.....oh, wait, I did go out....had to get my flu shot, so met Patrick at the fire station.

Went downstairs to work on the QOV quilt.....well, this was bugging me. Organizing is a good thing....IF one keeps being organized. I tend to stack piles. Then when I get tired of the pile or need to find something, I clean it up....not a good way to organize my stash.

So, I started organizing my stash. I rolled the fabrics on the empty boards. I at least got …

Monday Night Football......For Those Who Want to Watch It!

Today started out pretty good. I was a little late getting to our Brazilian Embroidery group. As I left, I realized I needed to go to the bank first. Got in the car, started the engine and noticed the gas tank was on a quarter of a tank....ugh...time to get gas. So, headed to the gas station first, bank second and then the group meeting.

It was awesome to see Georgie there. We've missed her for awhile. She's having to deal with chemotherapy...the big "C" word. She's got a great out look and will go in tomorrow for her next treatment. She is a lot of fun! Prayers are going her way.

Had a great time at the meeting. We talked about a lot of topics. Sandy brought me an awesome pattern! It's a rose pattern that I'm excited to do!! A great big Thank you! goes to her.She wasn't there today, but Bev brought it to me. I'm so excited!!

Added the flower spray or whatever they are called. This was fun. Next move for this is the french knots and that is usuall…

Seahawks WON! That Made The Day A Good One!

Today I actually slept in. I keep thinking today is Saturday, but I know better. We have bowling tonight, so it's not over yet.

I was excited yesterday when two of my magazines came in. They were Quilter's Newsletter and McCall's Quilting. I was checking them out today and was SO Disappointed!! I found a couple articles I will read, mostly the history parts. As for the quilts, they were nothing to get excited about. No big "WOW" factor. Everything has gone back the the beginner quilts where one does squares, blocks, etc. Nothing I'm interested in. No applique - other than some put on a quilt that was pieced. I was thinking about that as well. Think about it, if we did patterns from a book, then had the quilt machine quilted by someone else.....100 years from now what do you think they will say about that quilt? I figure it will be like what it is now.....This quilt was made by "a quilter" who used patterns from magazine (XYZ), and so-and-so did the …

Another Great Saturday....of Applique

Last night I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, so I pulled out my Brazilian embroidery.

I worked on the yellow flowers last night. I only had three of the petals done before last night, on one flower. I was able to finish that one and do the other one. I really enjoyed it, till I couldn't find my scissors. So, I ended up putting things away, and sure enough, my scissor fell through my chair to the floor. Decided to call it done at that point. Never fails, I tend to loose something from time to time..

Yesterday I had bought this fabric for my Aunt. This is the fabric for the Oak Leave and Acorn pattern. I want to have it done for Christmas for her. Hope she likes the colors.

Today I started applique-ing the sunflower leaves for our beginning applique class mom and I will be teaching in November. I worked on this this morning before going to the movie. We went to "The Intern" movie - awesome movie and recommend seeing!

This stem is for the pumpkin, which is back bas…

Another Meeting Day.....Finished Quilt

Today I had to get up early. I went to the store to get lettuce for our lunch. Afterward headed over to moms to get ready for the quilters. We only had 4 of us show up, but it turned out great. We had a good chat and we got a lot done.

I finished the binding. I had 1 1/2 sides done last night, so it went pretty quick. I was thrilled to finally get it done. 
We had a great lunch of salads. It was really good, with what we had to have them. Bev brought a corn salad that was awesome! Then we made another salad with two kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, shrimp, avocado, and peas. It was fun to just sit and chat at lunch. Then we cleaned up......

While cleaning up, I put stuff in the dishwasher, and ran the garbage disposable.  Guess what.....I plugged up the sink!! The others where watching me try to fix it, which wasn't happening. So, while they left, I headed to the office to see if someone could come and fix know how that works on a Friday.....worker just left, worker was on…

Quilt Meeting Day

Today was a pretty good day. Busy but was good. I was able to walk this morning.

We had our group meeting today. We had photos taken, but they were done by another member, so I don't have them yet. I gave up my "coordinator" position and was able to present Cil with $653 to the Lewis County Breast Cancer Survivor group. We also cut the fabric for the blocks we will be doing for the quilt. I have a Rose block to do. That is going to be a little while, as I don't have time right now to do it. Way too much on my plate right now.

This is finally quilted. Tonight I will be putting the binding on and hope to have it all done tomorrow. I'll have it to the quilt shop tomorrow afternoon.

I worked with Rita at Whalen Quilt Works to get my class set up. I'll be teaching this class next month. I was really surprised one of my group members signed up for the class as well. I'm really excited about getting this off the ground. I'm excited and apprehensive about doi…

A Day of Quilting....And Applique

Today started out with a walk....a well needed walk, since I haven't had the chance the last few days. I'm glad I can get one more day in before Ruth is gone again.

Katt and Harley kept me company today. It was nice to have her around again. I've really missed her. Harley was into everything to get our attention...including trying to get my quilting thread while I quilted.

Last night I was able to get the Dresden Plate appliqued down, just needed to work on the center piece.

This morning I was able to get the center done. I was surprised at how easy it went together. I'm talking about the center circle. I cut it without using a template, and then I appliqued it on. It went really well, and it looks like a circle and not a tear drop like a circle. I'm counting this as a finished project, since I had to have it done for the group. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done one. Have way too much going on.

I quilted around the bottom part. I have all the leaves done, as well…

Early Morning....Relaxing Now

Today started out at 6 am. I head to the Portland airport to pick Katt up. It was a long drive, with traffic on the way, It went pretty good till just after Longview, WA into Vancouver. It took a little longer than I would have liked, but I made it in time for Katt. I was getting to the elevator by the time she texted me. On the way back, we stopped at McDonald's in Kelso for her breakfast.

We got back at a good time. I was able to sit and quilt.

This is pretty much the last part of quilt that needs quilting. Then I can quilt around the edge and border. If I keep this up, I can get it ready by Thursday. Even if I'm sewing the binding down on Thursday or Friday, I can get it to Rita by Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I need to work on the block for the group Thursday, and am thinking I will take a break from quilting to applique the block down. Once that's done I can finish up the quilt and have both of them ready for Thursday.

I've been pretty lucky the las…

Busy Morning...Interesting Afternoon

Started out this morning by heading over to mom and dad's. I was there by 8 am, as they had to be at the train station by 9 am. Or at least that's what I thought. The train wasn't due till 9:45 am. We were waiting to go, so mom played games on Pogo.

We finally headed out to the train station. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up doughnuts and wet wipes. We headed to the station. I helped them with the luggage. We got in there, they took two suit cases, while mom and dad had two for themselves on the train. As we were getting them ready at the station, three of their friends showed up to wish them on their way. One was one of moms clients. I decided to let them sit with the folks and wish them well on their way.

I then returned their car to their house, and went to get my hair cut. It's been two years since I had a good hair cut, so decided to try out a new shop. I came out feeling good about my hair cut. Then I headed to the grocery store, and the last stop was g…

Seattle vs. Green Bay Day!

Today started out with some noise around 8 am. Figured it was Harley downstairs. She wanted to eat, since she usually gets around 5 am. Charlie wasn't at the door this morning, so guess she's not happy with me. When she did show up, I feed her.

Patrick and I worked outside on the car and truck. Patrick washed both vehicles yesterday, so today was vacuuming and getting the trash out of the car. Not much trash...but a lot of dirt from feet wear. I vacuumed them both.

We have been getting texts from Katt in her Green Bay top and where she's been. She had a coupe hours and called. We chatted and then she talked to Patrick to see where she could kill a couple hours. I texted her a little while ago to see if she's at the game. She is. Game won't start for awhile, and Patrick and I have bowling tonight, so not sure who is winning right now.

Patrick told me the other day that the deer ate his grapes. So, I went out and wanted to take photos of what the deer did to the grap…

Farwell to a Veteran!

Yesterday we received word that Patrick's Uncle, Richard John, passed away.

He was a Vietnam Vet. A pilot by trade, and a very special brother to my mother-in-law. Richard, may you rest in peace. We will miss you!

Now on to my day. Today started out with getting up early and taking Katt to Portland Airport. She was on her way at 9:00 am. We stopped and got some stuff at Ross on the way home.

We are babysitting for my "grandkitty" who is named Harley. Gets confusing around here between Charlie and Harley. Charlie is outside while Harley is in.

She was watching me as I quilted.

Then she couldn't wait any more and went after my thread! I had to get her off and decided to walk around with the quilt in my hands so she wouldn't get to it.

I had some oranges that needed to be eaten so I cut them up and got the juice. I then added a little sugar and a pinch of salt. Pit it in the freezer in a cake dish. I then set the timer for an hour at a time. I would go down and run …

Ending the Week of Peace and Quiet to Start a Week of BUSY, BUSY, BUSY

Today I was able to enjoy a walk with Ruth. Then came home and enjoyed my morning with Charlie.

I got a call from mom, she needed some fabric for her baby quilt she's doing. The came over today to check out my fabrics. she took some home but stopped at the quilt shop to see what they had that would work.

I had started working on the quilt again today. I had the wing done before I remembered to take a photo.

I was able to get this far today. I even worked on my genealogy today.

Katt came in tonight as well. I'm enjoying her visit right now, so don't have much to say....Happy Quilting!

It's Getting Cooler, and I'm Filling My Calendar!

Today, as much as I would have liked to sleep in, was not a day for walking. I wanted to sleep in, but couldn't this morning. Seems like every time I plan something (anything), it doesn't work out. Oh, well.

Patrick left, and I enjoyed the morning with Charlie. She's getting very lovable lately. She's also about 18 or 19 years old.

I then took some time to work on the quilt.

I started out with the right side wings. I'm happy to say, I did finish those. I just didn't take another photo. I sat and watched NCIS New Orleans, NCIS LA, and Diagnosis Murder.  Now I'm ready for the new shows to come. Diagnosis Murder repeats are starting to repeat the repeats. So, I'm going to have do decide as I go.

Sad news today, Patrick's Uncle who received the QOV quilt is on his last "leg." We were told he probably won't make it much longer - 2 days at the most. Received a text hoping he will go to sleep and not wake would be so much better for …

A Quilting Day....Finally!

Today was started as usual with a morning walk. After walking, came home and sat down with Charlie on my lap. We had a great day enjoying each others company. At least that lasted in the morning.

I finished this quilt top last night. I'm thrilled to have it done!

I spent the afternoon with basting the quilt and started quilting! I went and worked on picking stuff up around the house, to break up my sitting all day long. I did go through the TV "On Demand" to see what I haven't seen in awhile. I ended up watching three or four different "cop" shows while quilting. I must have watched 7 episodes in all.

Since I like to start in the middle and work my way out, I started on the wings. I let it "tell" me what it wanted. I was surprised at how quickly I could finger out what I wanted to do in that area. I tried to make this look a little more like double wings.

After doing the wings. I went for the head. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the hea…