Saturday, July 22, 2017

Missed My Goal For The Day

This morning I enjoyed sleeping a little longer today. Last night was one of my better nights in over a month. Still keep thinking about Kitty and how I can try to find her.

We left early and went to the casino. That was a quick visit as it ate all the money we had to take with us. So, we headed to the movie theater to see a really good movie. I wish I could say which one it was, but I'm really bad about titles and it's one that is hard to remember. But I really did enjoy the movie. It was awesome.

We came home and I worked on my cross stitch out on the deck. Patrick read a book.

I got another 200 stitches in before we came back in the house. Then I added another 50 stitches. My hands were getting sticky, so I decided to put it aside and work on something else.

I got a few more stitches in on the hardanger. I'll try and work on this tonight and hope to get back to my cross stitch tomorrow.

Mom and dad will be here tomorrow to go out for dinner.

I didn't make it my step goal today. I did get 10,000 step in yesterday but today I'm lucky to get 5,000. I keep walking when it tells me, to get my 250 steps an hour in. It keeps me getting up. Now I need to do the exercises because my rear is getting sore. Sitting too much today. I showed Patrick my messages while we were at the movies, telling me I needed to get moving. It was funny!

Life is good, and keeps getting better or worse, but it's life. We had the photo and information in the paper on Kitty missing. Let's see if that even helps. I'm hoping but it's been  month now, so she's probably gone. I can keep hoping. I know I said I did all I could, but I keep finding more things I could do. I just hope that car gets pulled over and they can tag it as a possible cat napping. Trouble is I didn't get the license.

Stay Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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