Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Think I've Done All I Can

Today I was able to sleep in. I don't have to worry about Cherrill for a little while.

I was up and to my surprise at 3 pm, I didn't touch my tablet. Instead I did laundry and enjoyed some youtube videos while doing some cross stitching.

I'm adding more snowflakes. The outline is coming along great.

I was able to roll it down to the bottom. I'm thinking by tomorrow night this should be done. I can't wait to see how it comes out.

I also worked on sending out more flyers by email. I sent a flyer to both Centralia and Chehalis' police department. I've also got most if not all the vets in this area. I have to take a flyer to my vet's office tomorrow. I'm going to mom's so I'll drop it off then.

I think I have done all I can at this point. As Patrick and Denise have said, chances of her coming back are pretty much nill. The people that took her, don't care. They wanted her that bad, they won't give her back. Maybe if they take her to the vet's I'll be called, but even then that will be slim. If they wait a year, chances are the vet's will forget about her. I'm hoping not. I can hope and pray, but my chances of her being found are slim to not. I've done what I can, now I need to accept the fact she won't be back. It's heart breaking because we had a routine going. Now I don't have that company I enjoyed so much. This is hard, and I'm having a hard time getting learning to deal with it. It's a shame that people that take pets that belong to others, don't realize it's like someone kidnapping a child. She was my baby! This sucks!

Okay, I'm still working on my cross stitch stocking. I'm enjoying getting this done. I can't wait to finish this!

Looking forward to seeing what others do, and staying Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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