Monday, June 26, 2017

A Hard Day Knowing Kitty Is Gone

Today I was up early. Didn't get to spend it with Kitty, since she hasn't be around in a few days. I went over to Cherrill's and helped her out.

Came home and played on my tablet. Realized I needed to get some laundry going, so did that. Put the quilt in that needed washing. Then put dad's QOV quilt in the wash. Put both of them outside to dry. It was a cool day  compared to the last two days. We were in the 70's today.

I vacuumed and put Kitty's stuff away. All her toys and scratching post went out to the garage. I had my little cry and called it good.

Then I pulled out my cross stitch and got some stitching done.

It was a little hard at times doing this. I used to let Kitty climb up under my frame to sleep under it. Now that won't be happening again. That will take a little getting used to as well.

Good news! My new frames (scrolls) are on the way! I can't wait to get them because I have a few things to use them for! It will be nice to have them. Then I'll move the hardanger piece on one and try to get that finished up as well.

The cool breeze is feeling good. I keep looking at the door hoping to see a cat there....that will take some getting used to.

In the meantime, I'm trying to be back to normal and Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting!

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