Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day 6 Of BE Seminar - Winding Down

Today I was up early and having breakfast with Jeanette and Sandy. They didn't have classes today, so I ended up leaving them for my classes. They had the morning by their selves and I was in Debbie Kelley's class.

I was an add in on Debbie's class, so I waited to let those who had paid before to go first in picking out their color and threads. Debbie had some different fabrics that I lived. She had a teal, white, cream, black, and purple to choose from for the background. This was not the piece we worked on, it was part of the pattern. We had a "doodle cloth" that we worked on. Her pattern was also printed on that. So, we worked on that instead of the background fabrics that were picked out. Since the colors were taken that I preferred I asked if I could get them from her shop later. So, we agreed I would do that.

The fun began!

This is what I was working on. I had this "stuffed" by the time we were done. There is a lot of work that goes into this, but it's a ton of fun!! I love this!

We jumped ahead and this is where she was teaching another technique. Debbie Kelley is an awesome teacher and if anyone has a chance to take her class, I highly recommend her. She knows Brazilian embroidery so well! I am planning on taking more classes by her. She is very talented and a fun person to be around. Plus she is a belly dancer!

After lunch I went into the lounge and worked on my fairy.

This has no pattern and was done off the "seat of my pants." I'm not crazy about it, but at least it's done and can be voted on.

I went and got the floss I won with my numbers. (Just checked the new numbers and I won prize #2!! Funny part is that Pat Campbell won prize #1! Can't get it till tomorrow.

Went to supper and it was interesting how the food was a little less again. Dessert was gone in no time flat. They had strawberry shortcake. The shortcake was plenty but the cream and strawberries where not. Of course we have women that love to eat, so part of that is they don't like to leave much for others, even when they know it's low.

We enjoyed the even. Best part is that we sold all of Felicia's beads and now we can get the money back to her husband. I think he will be thrilled with what we did. We could have gotten more money but some people think they can get stuff free.

We are starting to wind down. Tomorrow is the last day. We have a class in the afternoon and then the Banquet. A lot have already left, so it's interesting how the Banquet will go over.

We all are having fun and Happy Stitching.

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