Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Falling Behind on Posting.

Today was a fast day, with me being a step behind all day. Can't you tell? I'm late on getting this posted.

I had Quilts of Valor today in Olympia. Before I could go, I had to get the quilt washed and dried. By the time it was dry, it was 9:50 am. Donna texted to make sure I was going to take the quilts in. Told her I was drying the last one to go. She told me to stop by on my way and pick up the two wall hangings she made and gave to me. I was at her place about 10:30 am. Then I had about 30 mins to go to get to the QOV meeting. I was surprised at how quick I got up there. Had 10 mins to spare. Gave Judy the two eagles and dropped off the 4 quilts.

Had an awesome lunch with my son. We chatted about our trip and how everything was going.

Then came home and stopped to get a pattern enlarged. I am ready to work on that cross stitch pattern! Can't wait.

I found I had the wax that Vonna showed on her Flosstube. So, I decided to try it out tonight.

I liked that it didn't knot up. I also liked the way she did cross stitch by using the eye to come back through. It made things quicker to do. I really liked it. So, I have learned something new! I love learning new things!

We had bowling tonight - 9 pin no tap - and I bowled a 231, 232, 208 Not bad!

Have a great day and Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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