Saturday, June 17, 2017

Homeward Bound Tomorrow - Day 6 BDEIG Seminar

I was able to get a little more sleep then I had all week. I didn't get up till around 7:15 am. We didn't have class in the morning, so it worked out great.

Went down to see Sandy and Jeanette. I helped Jeanette with getting her floss organized. We got quite a bit done actually. It was nice to see her get organized. She is one of those people that if she's not organized, she wants quiet till she gets there. Sandy and I left her to her stuff while we went to the lounge. We wanted to get some stitching done.

I had the leaves on the left side done. I also had the two rose leaves done as well. That empty rose leave in the middle (between the two done and down - empty spot), I tried 3 times to get the right floss to go in there! I couldn't figure out what I used!! That was all of two hours work! Frog was having fun today. I did ad the darker stem and the darker leave (top leaf) and will finish up the leaves and stem tomorrow or Monday.

We then headed off to lunch and our second part to this class.......

Our teacher started us off on each of the flowers and then moved on to the next one. We didn't get to finish them but we were able to get the idea of it. I liked the class, but I found it a little dry today. We were reading off the book on what to do with some of the flowers. I called it quits about an hour into the class. I was doing the exact same thing I was doing this morning! Frog work!!

We had our big banquet today and it was awesome. Then afterwards came back, enjoyed more time with Sandy and Jeanette. Then came up and filled out our papers for what we liked and didn't. I then chatted with both Pat's. Pat K and I went to the lounge and I stayed to chat with out Pres. elect. She's an awesome lady and will have BDEIG going in great places. It's a great group of women who care very passionately about Brazilian embroidery! Happy Stitching!!

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