Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Day To Myself - Sort Of...

This morning I didn't get up till 9 am. I was even surprised about that. But then I couldn't sleep most of the night anyway, so made up for not sleeping last night. I didn't have to go anywhere today. That's a good thing. I've gotten tired of constantly going places.

I pulled out my computer and started listening and watching Floss tube. It's amazing what everyone is up to. I watched 4 different ones. I also watched a couple about the "parking" and found it interesting at how many different ways it's done. I was even more surprised to see "I heart Cross Stitch" learned how to do the 10 x 10 squares of parking. The technique I use. It was funny because there for awhile I was the only one I know of that was doing it that way. Fun to see someone else likes to do it my way.

Last night I was able to get about 150 stitches in.

While I was watching floss tube, I also worked on this piece. I really like how this is coming along!

I was able to get another 300 stitches in today so far. I'm hoping for more. I like the way it's coming along and to my surprise I'm really enjoying this. I want to keep working on this piece!

I do need to pull out the hardanger and get working on it too. I will try to do that tomorrow. I'm falling behind on it.

I baked peanut butter cookies today. They are going fast! Patrick loves them, and I've had about 4 today. 2 were small. 😏 They are good. Chances are they won't be around tomorrow.

I was able to get my laundry caught up again. Funny, just a minute ago Patrick asked if I have been doing laundry because he's low on socks. My reply, "No your not."

My fitbit just told me I had to move 105 more steps. I went outside and came back. Not sure that's 105 steps, but we'll see. Nope, had to go around the house to get my 250 steps for the hour. This will keep me moving! UGH! I did get my 25 min walk in today too, so I'm on top of it.

Now it's time to do my exercises. I really don't know if I'm going to make the walking on weekends. He said he was going to check my phone to see if I do what he told me to do. lol

Life is good, still missing Kitty and feeling guilty for not getting up! I'm slowly getting used to the fact she won't be coming back, as much as I want her.

So, in the meantime, I'm still keeping busy and Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

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