Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Day of Applique with Haven't Missed A Stitch

Today I started out walking 2.7 miles. Yep, I added another .2 miles - yah, I know, big deal! lol Just had to make it look better than my same old, same old.

Got home and got my stuff together to go to our group meeting. I really wasn't in the mood. I did stop off at mom and dads to say hi. I also wanted to see how they enjoyed their trip. My brother and nephew are on their way today. Funeral will be next Thursday. Guess my niece is coming in on Saturday at the airport. Still haven't heard from  my sister-in-law, so betting she's swamped with the funeral arrangements. Had a good visit with mom. She picked the block she was going to do for my friendship blocks. She even picked out the colors while I was there. She didn't quiet get to the "neon" colors but was close.

I went to the meeting around 11 am and didn't really get much done. I did have a good chat with Kathy though. Love chatting with her.

Came home and pulled out the light box. I needed to put my design on the block for Council and do the flowers that I didn't like on the Baltimore Liberty star block.

I cut out the stars and have them almost ready for the flowers. I may just exchange the ones I don't like for the new ones.

I worked on the Bountiful Basket block doing the embroidery. I'm putting the french knots on for the flowers. I thought I took a photo, but that will have to be tomorrow.

Last night I was able to get a lot of cross stitch in. I worked on the second bird. I've got quiet a bid done last night and happy with how it's coming out. Working on the cage.

Tonight I'm going to try and finish the Council block and then get back o the BB block and finish that one up. I want to try and get more of those done if I can.

Everyone was asking about our Seminar for BE. I told them I won't be going till the 3rd week in June. They were wondering what I have done. I'll try and finish my next BE work and show that one to them at the next meeting. Now that I know I can do it with my right hand, it should go pretty quick.

Life is moving along. Not too thrilled at the way the world is going. Hoping and praying things will get the meantime, I'll be Happy Quilting!


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