Monday, May 9, 2016

Brazilian Embroidery Day

Today started out slowly which was nice. I actually enjoyed being able to sit and work on MTurk before heading out to our Brazilian embroidery meeting.

Arrived at a good time, went through Pat's threads to get what I needed for Seminar. I was able to get 10 colors from her. That actually helped! She showed us how to be prepared for classes. She put the information on an envelope to give to the instructor. The envelope has how much the supplies cost, what the class is and who is teaching the class. Then she puts the threads in the baggie with the envelope. The envelope has the money for the class. That way when we go to class and have to pay, we can just hand over the envelope. The baggy comes in handy because it has all the threads we need. All hooked on a circle hoop. I understand we won't have a lot of room to work in, so having all this stuff ready to go is the best way to go.

When I got home, I worked on the envelopes. Now I just need to order the floss and I'll be ready. I need to order some things to take with me as well. I was told I could use the swim noodle and cut it for what I need. Went to the Dollar Store to get a big noodle, but they only had the small ones. So I will need to get some foam instead of buy a "drizzle pad" for $50. I'm already spending a lot of money!

I worked on my cross stitch today while watching some OLD western movies. They were about an hour to an hour and a half long. I enjoyed them actually! So, I got a lot done.

This is yesterday's photo, but I have done more on here. I added more to the border. I'm also working on a couple more flowers. Of course, not everything goes smoothly when one enjoyed themselves! I took my needle minder off my piece, putting the magnet on the arm of my disappeared! I searched the chair, and had Patrick search the chair when he got home. We all know how that goes, we loose a pair of scissor in the chair or we loose thread in the chair and have to climb under the chair to find it......Well, that's what I did. Flashlight right there with me......looking for a small battery size magnet......nope. No small piece attached to the chair on the metal. We turned the chair on it's side, and nope....not there. I keep thinking of where it could have gone or attached to....nope not there. SO, now I have to go to Micheals to get more magnets....ugh...ugh...ugh. Guess it just doesn't want to be found.

Patrick is working outside in the yard. I'm sitting here watching the news. I'm trying to get more stuff done, but one thing at a time does good for me. I have my blocks in the car to take with me on Friday.

Sorry photo's are not new. I'll have them ready tomorrow! Promise!

Oh, well....all in all had a good day at our meeting. Quilting needs to be worked on. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day.....I will get there! I'm ready to be Happy Quilting!


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