Friday, May 13, 2016

Eagle Wings Done!

Today started out early. I was up and ready to go. Today was the day I needed to be at moms to let the ladies in for applique day! I was going to get some bread ready before I left, but forgot. So I took what I needed (or thought I did) and headed to mom's. When I got there I ran the Irobot. It cleaned the floor while I cleaned the fridge. I then started to do the bread and realized (after looking all over for the bread machine), that I didn't have yeast. Called one of the gals and she was going to bring it. She was one of the last ones to show up, so the bread was rushed and didn't come out as good as I would have liked. The good news is that one of the gals took what was left. I didn't like the way it came out but everyone else seemed to.

The fan was going, so I couldn't get a better photo without it moving on me. Anyway, the wings are now on, and it's ready for more stuff added. I will put the flag on, and I need to work on the arrows next too. I found out that appliqueing from both sides works great. I'm so glad I can applique either way! I have really learned a lot by appliqueing with the work on top AND on bottom. I always thought there was only one way to do it, but learned from my mother that the "old fashioned" way of applique (which she does) is having the piece on top. I work with the piece on the bottom (or towards me).

I told Patrick I wanted to go out, so he took me to KFC. I got the chicken wings while he got the $5 deal. We were out of there for $9. Not bad for both of us. The chicken was good too.

I emailed my list of threads I need for the classes I'm taking at Seminar in June. I need to get the class stuff organized soon because the time will come fast!

In the mean time, life is good and I'm Happy Quilting!


This morning I was up bright and early. As soon as the sun was up, so was I. It had finally cooled down around 3 am this morning..... We t...