Monday, May 23, 2016

Embroidery Meeting Day

This morning I was up and ready to go. Ruth and I got a good 2 mile walk in. She had a meeting at 9 am today and I needed to get ready for our Brazilian embroidery group.

I was practicing on the "Cast-on Mum." I got some help from one of the other gals and she told me to try and do it with my right hand. I thought I might be able to do that. I was doing them with my left hand and it was twisting. When I did it with my right hand, I was really surprised at how much better they were coming out. They laid better. I could tell which ones were which. I guess I'm going to have to learn to do BE with both hands. That will be fun!

Pat Campbell, who is our group leader, brought in the patterns we ordered a couple month ago. She's teaching this class at the Seminar. I didn't sign up for that class because I wanted to do the bird pattern I signed up for.

This is the other pattern I ordered too. These are both patterns from a gal in Australia that has AWESOME patterns. She's very talented. I love her patterns. This one is a "Japanese" style and it will fit great in the dinner room that has a lot of Japanese dolls as well as an "oriental" feel.  I have plenty of Japanese stuff in my house. Most are things I got when we lived there.

We got a list of stuff that we can take with us to Seminar. We all talked about what to expect at Seminar. I'm starting to get excited. I need to get my money ready and set up to give to my instructors.

Last night I finished this basket. It's a little crooked but the flower covers it so it won't be noticed.

I pulled out block #28 to do the embroidery. I started it just after supper. I will try and have it done by tomorrow. I need to finish the block for Council, ID as well. That I'll work on tonight too.

Which means this will be untouched tonight. I'm really happy ith the way it's coming.

I put all those stitches in that I took out. I have a few more stitches in between the flowers and the bird. Once I get that in there, I can move my bars so I can get working on the cage. Right now I'm a little close to the top bar. I am running out of room to move up.

I've got enough to do today.....let's see if it actually gets done....I tend to get off track of what I'm doing!....nah, not me?!

Tomorrow is a day with Art. Casino is where we will be in the morning.....and home after to be back to being Happy Quilting!


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