Friday, May 20, 2016

Getting Back On Track...

Today I started out getting a little more sleep then usual. I worked on MTurk today. Then I played a few games.

I didn't really feel like doing much today but trying to keep on track. So, I did do some sketching on my book that Phil and Emily game me. I started a picture, but will work on it as I feel like it. I also was thinking about what I would put on dad's quilt. I found a logo of his military unit and will see if I can copy that to a block.

I noticed that the pole is a little short from where I needed it. I will work my best at getting the body to cover it. If I need to make a little fatter body, I may just do that. I have the other part of the pole to do next. Then I can get the flower and body on the block.

Last night I worked on the body of the bird. I'm really liking the way is is coming along. I do like working on the bird. I have two birds that are in that area.

I've filled in a few more areas. I have more to do on the left side where the hanging basket is. I also have more where the flowers are as well. I'm getting up there. There is more in the middle between the flower and the bird house. I will work on that as well.

I did not work on the contest block today. I was so tired of what I was doing yesterday that I decided to just wait till this weekend and try and finish it. I have to mail it by the 1st of the month.

I went for a mile walk this afternoon. I needed to get back out there walking. Now that Ruth is back, I'll be walking in the mornings again. I seriously need to get moving. I gained weight and need to get back down. I've got a good 10 lbs to loose.

Other than that, today was one of my lazier days. I really need to get moving! I'm going to work on the cross stitch again tonight I think. I can work on dad's block but think I'm more in the mood for the cross stitch right now.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

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