Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting Ready for TAS Annual Meeting Tomorrow

Today started out early. I worked on getting prepared for tomorrow. I printed out the form for the challenge TAS has for everyone. Then I went and got the book of the patterns I want to have for my friendship quilt.

I headed to the copy center and had copies made for the challenge. I also have copies made (times 20%) for the quilt blocks. I want to have 14' blocks and not 12" blocks. I want a bigger quilt. When the pattern was enlarged, I was thrilled. They look great even being a little bigger. I had 12 blocks copied, the went to the quilt shop and picked out some teal fabric, with hot pink and neon green for the blocks. I'm going to have the hot pink part of the border. Should look awesome and trust me - it's really, really bright!

I headed to mom's where she was having bible study. I was trying to figure out what happened to the my registration forms. Didn't have much luck, doesn't look like they are at moms. After I was there about a half hour, we left to head up to Olympia.

While in Olympia we went to Costco. We picked out the salad stuff for tomorrow. We were able to get everything we needed for the meeting tomorrow. We came back and met Cil to get everything loaded into the kitchen.

I'm leaving again in about 30 mins to head over to the meeting place so we can set things up. We will get everything ready for tomorrow and then at 8 am tomorrow, will get ready for our meeting. I know it will come and go fast. I wan't happy that the dishes and bowls are not the same but I can get over that. We had one member that kept buying stuff without checking with the committee. I don't think I want to be on another committee with her, and I usually do okay with "issues." Not with this one.

I'm getting excited about the the quilt that I'm going to give out for my group to work on. I'm excited to see what they do. WTG Patrick, for you good suggestion.

Now, I need to get ready for what we will be doing tonight before our meeting. I need to remember to take my camera for the blog. I wish my group would let me know how it went on Thursday so I can put that in first. Oh, well, I can work around it.

Patrick was called out this morning at 12:30 am and wasn't able to get home till 3 am. Poor guy didn't get much sleep. One of the gas stations blew in town and he had to make sure it didn't effect his work.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

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