Friday, May 27, 2016

Good Day of Applique With Good Friends

Today was one of those days that Ruth was gone. So, I slept in about 20 minutes longer than I would have. Got up, relaxed. While relaxing in the chair, I received a call from mom. She said my sister-in-law and her sister will be there for breakfast and would I like to come over for breakfast. I said I'd be other, but not for breakfast.

Arrived at moms around 8:30 am but they had not arrived. I chatted with them both. I showed mom my block for Council. Both of them liked it. (Then I forgot it there.) She ironed it for me.

My sister-in-law and her sister showed up. We had a good breakfast and about the time we were half way through, the quilters started coming in. I went to be with the quilters as Chris and her sister left. I didn't get to say goodbye but I'll be seeing them again soon.

We had a good turn out. We were looking for chairs to sit in.

I worked on block #28 and finished it. It's not quiet like what the block is supposed to look like, but it's close. Plus, who's going to take the pattern and compare it to mine?! At least I have one more done.

I then took out my Baltimore Liberty quilt to work on the flowers.

I took out the star in the bottom right, replaced it, and added the star above it. I thought about the flowers and decided I would just let them look more like stars. I will do the center pieces after I get them all on. I need to put five more stars on to finish them up. I have the embroidery to do next and then this block will be done. Hildi was saying she got her blocks all set to work on. That way she can just grab a "bag" or project block and work on it. It's all set and ready to go. I was thinking that is what I really need to do. I find myself wanting to work on a block but then I don't have it ready to go. If I had them ready to go, then I could just pick out the block and go. She was saying it too a while and it was a good rainy day project. So, I'm thinking I'm going to start doing that. Get the fabric and blocks all ready to go. That way when I'm looking for something to work on, I have them ready to go.

I just need to remember - NO NEW PROJECTS TILL TWO ARE DONE!

While I was at moms, got a text saying my Amazon purchase was delivered. It's the roll bars for cross stitch!

Got home and the box was waiting for me! I opened it and was thrilled!! It was the cheaper one of the two BUT as I'm looking at it, I realized it's even better! I has the "snap bars" that snap the fabric on to the roller. I love it! The one I have now needs to be stitched or Velcro stripped. This saves me from having to do that! Almost "woo-hoo'ed" out loud. This looks to be a better one then what I have! I have the EZ bars and love them as well, but betting this is a lot better.

I'm getting more done. Now I can actually say I'm finishing a few things. I have the BB block done, (more to come), finished the block for Council, Id show, and now I'm about to finish one more block of the Baltimore Liberty block. Not bad for this week, if I say so myself. Happy Quilting!

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