Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Making Changes To My Block

Yea, I know, getting to be a broken record - "Started the day early today. We walked 2.5 miles." 

This is one of the areas where we walk - it was odd to see all those daisy in a row! Thought that was funny.

Came home and did laundry. As I was sitting here trying to decide what I would do today, I realized I hadn't done any kind of cleaning in the house for a good week. Not that it was really bad, it was just showing some dirt. So, I mopped the floor, vacuumed the flower, and picked up SOME of my mess. I tend to have stuff all over! But HEY, my house looks "lived in" and not dirty. Never was one to have the coffee table look "perfect" or "decorated" that I couldn't put my stuff done on it. 

After all that was done, I got to work on the Council block that I'm entering. I have it pretty close to being done. The good news is that I have till the 15th to get it in. Which means I may have time to do another block to send in. I won't show a photo of it till I send it off. 

Patrick brought these in from outside. The peonies are really pretty. Patrick brought them in because they were falling over. 

Love the flowers. They really look great on the table. 

Last night after we got home from bowling, I worked on this block. I'm doing the embroidery on this. I need to do the french knots next. It has more to do. It will be nice to have one more block done. I think I counted 16 of them done. I need to check my page to see if I have them all on there. I also had to update my notebook. 

I did get some sad news today. Guess it hit me harder than I thought it would. My younger brothers mother-in-law passed away last night at midnight. Evelyn Gueist (sp) was very friendly and joined into our family from the beginning. Anytime we had family get-together's, she was there. She was given two years over 4 years ago, so she lived longer than they expected. My she rest in peace. At least my sister-in-law was here when she passed. 

I've got another list of things to do...wish list that is....."this" is next, "this" needs finished, "this" needs to be worked on....we all know that list. I'm slowly getting there. I tend to do things to break up what I'm getting tired of doing. Maybe I should just try for the "quick" stuff, but then I wouldn't have fun in the process.....Happy Quilting!


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