Sunday, May 22, 2016

Took Out As Much As I Put In....

Today was an early day. I relaxed and enjoyed the morning.

I worked on my family history most of the day today. Got a lot more names, and even got off on the wrong family...till I realized what I was doing. Ended up cleaning up my mess. I'm so happy to have my daughter-in-law that can help me. I get to the point that I get confused and then I need her to help me out. I was off track and she got me back on track.

Last night I worked on my cross stitch.

As I was working on the cage, I found I was putting the stitches in the wrong place! I ended up taking out as much if not more, of what I put in. I wasn't thrilled to see my mistake. I was watching a good movie last night with Cary Grant and Ginger Rodgers. It was one heck of a good movie! So, while I was in the movie, I didn't realized I was too far down when I put the stitches in. I took them all out and then put about half of them back in.

Tonight I'm going to work on one of the baskets, to get the handle done, then I'll go back to doing the cross stitch. Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery and I'll work on my piece. I'm doing a sample of a "cast on mum" and hope to get it mastered to finish up my piece.

Between family history and my crafts, I'm still moving along. I'm getting better at keeping up with being Happy Quilting!


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