Wednesday, May 4, 2016

YESTERDAY - TAS Meeting & More

Today will be a double post day - as I was not able to post last night. 

Yesterday started out with a shower and out the door. I grabbed my quilt, computer, paperwork, and whatever else I needed for the meeting. I arrived at mom's house around 7:45 am. She wasn't in the best of moods, understandable, and I wasn't going to let that bother me. I worked around it and it worked out great in the end. Her mood got better and she was having a blast for her BIRTHDAY!!

I wish I could have posted a big BIRTHDAY on the blog for her, but so much happened yesterday that it would be a mile long! At least they were able to sing her a Happy Birthday at the meeting. She really did enjoy her day and truthfully I don't think my mother would have had a better Birthday. She's a quilter from the time she gets up till the time she goes to bed. So, her gift was the meeting where she was able to check out all the demo's and enjoy quilting friends. That to my mother is a special gift! She was still running when it was all over. AND no complaint from her which was even better. 

Back getting to the meeting. We arrived at 8 am to get the coffee going, hot water for tea, and start cutting up the lettuce for the salad. We cut tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. 

Even dad came to help. It was great. Food was good and ready to go. We did run out of bags for everyone, as we were 3 bags short. Those that didn't get one where okay with that. It was group members and they didn't mind. I was one as well, and really didn't care. Those that didn't get a bag were able to get a couple fat quarters instead (not me - again didn't care). Thankfully one of the demo ladies gave a few patterns to be given out for door prizes to make sure everyone got a door prize. 

I walked around and made sure everything was going smoothly. The demo's went a little longer than planed because of the rusching (spelling) demo, but that didn't matter as we had the time. 

I gave Virginia the gift I got for her. I didn't make a "show" of it, as I just wanted to say "Thank you" on my own. 

We had so many people saying Thank You, that I felt it was an awesome meeting and everyone had a good time. That was all that mattered. Everyone came together in the end to make sure it was a meeting to remember. 

After the meeting mom wanted me to come over and get my Birthday gift. She has been wanting me to get it for awhile now, so decided I would go see what she was so excited about. She knew who made it, and I can't remember who she said had. 

It's a latter for my quilts!! I love it. Now the fun part is figuring out where I can put it. I'm thinking in the living room but Patrick doesn't want to give up the "cell phone hookup" table. I would love to move the cell phone hookup somewhere else! lol Called Patrick to come pick it up with his truck and no you know where it is right now. lol 

Went to Rita's to see about my fabrics for the quilt I want the gals to do a block for. 

They are bright which is exactly what I wanted. The teal is going to be the background. The hot pink is going in the border and the other two colors I will give out for the blocks to have a little of it in them. 

Got home just before Patrick. He brought the latter and a pizza for supper. We ate and then were back out the door as last night was "9-pin no tab" league for 10 weeks. It started last night, so we were going a little early, We were thrilled to have our bowling partners from last year as our team mates! It was good to see them. Our current bowling partners are a little worried right now, because we want our other partners back. Not sure how this will come out, because we don't want to burn bridges. We are going to bowl with them, just don't know which league yet. I bowled a 244, 264, and 191. Just missed the 700 series - but remember, this is 9 pin, so when I get 9 pins, I get a strike. I tend to get a lot of 9 pins. But last night I was getting both 9 pins and strikes so it was AWESOME! Patrick didn't do so good. He averaged a 170 or there abouts. He wasn't having a good night. 

Today...I want to be Happy Quilting!!

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