Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Busy Saturday

This morning I was up early, playing games. Enjoyed time with Kitty. Then started falling asleep. Crawled up on the couch and fell asleep for another hour.

Afterwards we headed up to Costco. Got some meat and things we needed. I usually don't go very often, but this time was a good time to go. Called the folks to see if we were still going out. They called back later and said we would.

I started to get the stuff I needed together for the Seminar. I've been getting more stuff together. I just hope I get all the stuff I need together. I did cut the fabric for my hardanger and will work on that later. I put that in the box to go. I also had to go down and find my nametag for the Seminar. I didn't want to pay more money for another one.

We went down to Kelso for supper and came back to play games.

I was able to get about 30 mins in on working on my stocking. I'm hoping to get more in tomorrow. At least I get some time in on it tonight.

Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

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