Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Day of Getting Caught Up - Flosstube and Hardanger

I slept in a little today and missed my son dropping off a gift for Patrick. I should have gotten up, but didn't feel like it. I was still tired from my Seminar.

I went over to help Cherrill with her socks. Then we walked back and forth on our street till we reached 1 mile. She did pretty good. She's having to get out and walk more. We are trying to get her flexible again.

Came home and got the laundry going. Then I pulled out the computer and my camera. I worked on my Flosstube #9 video.

Once I pulled out all the floss I bought at Seminar and put them in the box.

This is only half of what I needed to organize. I remembered to take the photo after I had worked on them.

I listed them all and worked on getting them in the box. My box grew by about another 50 flosses. I may have to get some more Anne's Keepers one of these days. I have enough for about 40 more flosses, then I will need to buy more. Let's hope I can do with what I have. I know I've got close to 200 different colors.

I took the needles I bought for Cherrill and a couple floss over to Cherrill so I wouldn't forget to get them to her.

Kitty was keeping me busy at the door. She kept coming and going all day.

I was able to get the next stage of the hardanger done before we went bowling. Tonight is the last night of 9-pin no tap.We will have "fun night" next week. I didn't bowl too good. I didn't even get a 600 series, I bowled that bad.

Before we left I had to take a photo of the flowers in the back yard. This is the tiger lilies I bought Patrick a few years back for Father's day.

May we all be Happy Stitching or Happy Quilting!

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