Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 3 of BDEIG Seminar

This morning I was up around 6:15 am. Everyone else was already up. I seem to be the last one up. But then again, I don't have things to do. We stopped and picked up Sandy and her sister. We all went to breakfast.

From breakfast, we headed to classes. I had the "Oriental Poppies" class with Jinx Spears. An awesome teacher!! Would take another class from her if I get a chance. We worked on a "doodle cloth" to learn how to do satin stitches with rayon threads (BE threads), and we worked on a couple other stitches as well.

Before lunch we worked on doing a stuffed stem stitch. We also worked on stuffed petal of the flower. I used scrap threads because the colors that go with the piece we will work on, I didn't want to waste.

We then took a break and went to lunch.

My roomies with the help of others, put on a "skit" for the "Stitching Pox." This theme seems to be carrying out throughout the week. They had a security officer come and inform us of a break out, yesterday. Then today, Donna come in with the 'Pox.'

I even got it for being associated with them so I had a sticker stuck to my cheek. That's Donna in the chair and Pat in the back.

We then went back to our classes and we worked on the "flower" on the top of the photo. That was a designed flower that had the spider "kinda" stitch. It's more like a basket stitch. I worked on it, till it was time to add the detached button hole stitch. That's why the spokes are view-able. I was asked to help again upstairs and turned them down. I wanted to have some time to work on my fairy as she has to be done by Sat. morning. But they vote on them, so I need to get it out there!

This is one of the fairies that they posted on the door. The others are on there as well, will post that tomorrow.

This is as far as I've gotten on my fairy. She's coming along but I'm not sure ho to do the face. Looking and the photo, I think I'm going to have to change the thread for her face. UGH.
Need to do the arm as well. Not sure if I'll put both on her or not.

Tonight I'm going to be in bed by 11 pm - have decided that is my bed time tonight. So, I'm going to continue the week out with being Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

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