Friday, June 30, 2017

Enjoying Applique With Friends

Today was another early day.  Couldn't remember if Cherrill was leaving today or next week. Went over and it's next week.

Headed over to mom and dads. Since Judy's birthday is tomorrow, mom asked me to pick up cupcakes for her. I stopped and got gas, then got the cupcakes. One the way I decided to get some ice tea from Starbucks. Picked one up for Patrick as well. Dropped it off on my way to moms. Of course, when I left there, I braked and the cupcakes went flying throw the air! I had the in the front seat on top of my box - big mistake! Never do that! I was going down a small hill when I hit the brakes just a little too hard. Whoosh, crash, bang. Cupcakes upside down in the container. Guess I could be happy the container wad sealed or I'd have one big mess in my car.

Arrived at moms to find most of the group there. Minus Judy. Her daughter is in town, so she didn't make it. Maybe that's a god thing. That way she didn't have to see the cupcakes.

I worked on the bottom wing of the owl for the Forest Galorest quilt.

I was able to get all the wing pieces down. Now i will work on the next set above these. Mom wants to work more on this, so we'll do more next Thursday. 

Since I'm doing this on my tablet, it's messing with me! Hopefully, it doesn't matter as long as I get this written.

Heildi was getting rid of a few things, so I took here crossstitch she has almost finished. It shouldn't take long to finish.

Came home and had 7, yes, 7, messages from 'Apple, Inc.' A scam that started yesterday. Yesterday we had 4 messages. All telling me of my apple computer issues. After getting 7 messages, i called Comcast and told them. He told me how to block the calls. I did. Then I asked what happens if they change the phone number and call again. He told me to keep one of the messages and call one other department so they can get on it. So, let's see if they start calling again on Monday. Today it started at 6:30 am.

I was able to get a few stitches in on the stocking. After we came back from supper, I worked on the top of the stocking. Realized I was doing some of it wrong. I'll explain tomorrow when I'm on my computer.

Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting!

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