Sunday, June 25, 2017

Finished Dad's QOV Quilt

Today I was up at 6:30 am. I went looking for Kitty! She's no were to be had. I've lost my beautiful Kitten. I love that Siamese cat! I called the Shelter, hoping someone might have dropped her off, but doubt it. I can hope. Have a feeling she's gone. No clue where. My heart is break for that cat!

I went downstairs to work on dad's QOV quilt. I needed to put the binding on.

Before I could get started on the binding, I needed to clean up my station. I seem to put all my stuff on the counter then walk away. So, I ended up cleaning it us so I could cut the binding strips.

Once I had the binding on, I went outside to work on it. I wanted to enjoy the weather, but that didn't take long! I found it hard to work on this when it was 100 degrees outside. So, I came back in and had the fan going on me while I worked on the binding. I didn't cover myself in the quilt, I worked it out so that the quilt wasn't on me to keep me hot.

I was able to leave my room looking like this for now.  Every time I go down,  put something else away, so it's even cleaner then this.

This is dad's QOV quilt. I need to make arrangements to have it presented to dad. I think he will get it with the others when they are presented. I just need to do a pillow case for it now. I'll work on that tomorrow. The square in the middle bottom has dad's name and the years he served in the military.

It took most of the day to do the binding. Now I'm happy it's done and over. I'll get back to Katt's stocking tomorrow while I work on laundry.

Today was way to hot to do much of anything. Every time I went down the stairs and back up, one would have thought I ran 10 miles! Frustrating! And it's not like I'm not healthy!!

In the meantime, I'm going to hope Kitty shows up in the next day or two....even though I know that may never happen.....Stay Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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