Monday, June 5, 2017

Need To Get Binding Done

I'm having to get the binding done on the QOV quilt. I need to get it done for tomorrow. I've got 4 quilts that need to be turned in tomorrow as well as taking my eagles in for Judie to work on it.

We had Brazilian embroidery today.

I finished the outer flower. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do with the center.

I finished the table and got the bird set up to work on it next. Not sure about the colors, but need to read the instructions first. lol I'll work on this at the Seminar, I think.

I'm still keeping up with the stitching hour that is on Instagram. I love some of the projects others are working on and at times. My wish list seems to grow just because I'm watching everyone else's work! I seriously need to get back to my handwork. I also know I need to do another eagle or two for QOV. They don't take long, but they do take the time I want to use on something else. lol My mind wants to do so much it isn't funny. I probably won't live long enough to do all the patterns I want to do!

Patrick's garden looks awesome! Here's some photos of the flowers in the yard.

This is a rhododendron.

This one is on the side of the house.

These are fresh and new.

I hope your having a great day and smelling the flowers as you go!

Happy Stitching and Happy Quilting!

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