Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quilting With Mom & Hardanger

This morning I was up early. I knew I was heading over to mom's, so I had to leave pretty early. I helped Cherrill and then came home. I had a few minutes so I went downstairs and pulled out last years classes for Brazilian embroidery. I took all the floss out of the kits and put them in my container with the rest of them. I must have added close to 75 flosses. My box is so full that I might have to put some in another container. Hard to believe I had very few (4) duplicates. I didn't check the colors before we went to Portland, so it was interesting to see I didn't have more colors that matched up.

I stopped off at Starbucks to get some tea, and while I was at it, bought one for mom and dad as well. Dad wasn't there, so his coffee had to be warmed up in the microwave - Sorry that's not the same as fresh! Mom and I had chai tea.

I worked with mom and the Forest Galorest quilt. I cut the blocks to size while mom talked to Jen in OR. She lost her sister in Feb and they have been trying to find mom to let her now. Mom called her and they are talking about going down to see her in the next month. We cut out the triangles for the side of the quilt. We need to get it pieced to add more applique to it. I still haven't been thinking to take a photo of it while we work on it. I will try next time.

About 11 am I headed over to my PT. I worked with Bob on what I could do to help my back. We added a couple more things. Went back to moms but she was leaving for a hair appointment. So, I headed back home.

I stopped off at the grocery store for milk and a few other things for supper. I made "Lemon Chicken" for supper.

While the foo was cooking, I decided to work on the hardanger. I was able to get some of it done before supper. Then I added a few more stitches in a little bit ago.

I need to finish the strip across, then add the next two going the other way. Once that is done, then I need to do the next section. I'm starting to get caught up! This was #4 and I believe she's only on #8. Another one will come out soon. So, I'm trying to get there.

I may work on my birds later tonight. I have some ideas to make it better, so I'm going to try and finish the Birdfeeder so I can move to another one. I can hope!!

Life is good, I'm still here and still Happy Stitching and/or Happy Quilting!

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