Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Day Away

Today I started the day off with working on MTurk. Had a message last night to follow up on my survey. I did, then did two more. By that time Patrick was up and ready to go.

We went to the casino and since I wasn't really in the mood, we didn't say long at all. We stopped to see my niece and nephew who were at my parents. We offered to take them to the movies. They had other plans, so we headed to the movies.

We saw "Alice, Through the Looking Glass." It was really good. I did like that. It made sense and I was happy to see it. I wasn't too crazy about Johnny Depp in this movie. He did good but it was just a little spooky at times. His face coloring changed and maybe that was what I didn't like. Not real sure what it was that I didn't like.

We stopped and picked up some apples. I'm going to make an Apple Rum Cake tomorrow. Thought about doing it today but wasn't in the mood by the time we got home.

I haven't done anything crafty today. I did get a call from Edith and she said she wasn't comfortable doing applique on my block. I told her that was okay. I just wish I had saved the easy blocks for her to pick before I gave them to the others to pick. The ones that can do harder applique ALWAYS get the easy stuff and leave the hard stuff for those that are uncomfortable doing applique. I wish they would take that into consideration when they pick the blocks. Maybe - if that ever happens again - I'll assign the blocks so there isn't any question.

We'll probably sit and watch another movie on TV. I've got my exercise to do now. So, hopefully tonight will be a night of Happy Quilting!


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