Thursday, May 5, 2016

After 3 Weeks Finally Back

Today started out slow. Worked on laundry, worked on MTurk, and cleaned up the kitchen. Funny how a few days of not cleaning or doing laundry can bite on in the rear when it's time to get back on schedule. I went to the neighbors house and watered plants. Folks called and they were on their way to Las Vegas to be with my brother and Uncle.

It took me since the funeral to get back into crafts. I took out some of my cross stitch because I followed the wrong line. Decided to go up the side to get to the top. Then i can work down.

Going to work on this tonight. Happy Quilting!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

I just realized I hadn't posted yesterday. Funny how that happens. One minute I think I did, the next minute I realized I didn't. ...