Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Applique Day

Today started out early. Not unusual for me. Patrick left the fan on in the bathroom, so that made sure I wasn't going back to sleep.....that and the sun.

I worked on MTurk again. I've been getting about 2 hours a day in. I make about $4 a day. I'm okay with that.

I went downstairs to put my Bountiful Basket baskets away. While I was there, I brought down my eagle. I worked on the arrows, body, and the pole.

I pulled out the pattern and worked on what needed to go where.

I was able to attached the arrows to the pole. Next step is to attach the pole to the background.

I've got the body of the eagle put together. This will be last on, but now I can applique the pieces on the background. It will come along pretty fast. I did put the post on the pole and then appliqued the post on the background before the pole. I figured out that I need to do the pole first, then do the nob on the pole (post).

I didn't realize till just now that I'm in all three of Esther's Facebook groups! I was checking out the groups, and I noticed some of the work others where doing on "Oma's Blues" page.

I collected the pattern as it was coming out. I read her instructions and she said to color it the color I want to do it in. I thought that was a very good idea, so I put the pattern together.

Then I stuck in on the fridge downstairs to look at. I will decided what color I want and where I want it. I've been coloring in the color book, so I'm having fun! I do want to do it in blue and white, but then again, I may do something else. I'll work on it.

Esther Aliu also have a couple more FB links. She also has the group for her "Lily Rose." It's fun to see what everyone comes up with.

It's 9-pin no tap bowling tonight. Hopefully I can do another 300 game! It would be nice since this is a league. lol

Mom and dad called again today. Guess they are having a good time. It was raining there, but here it's been a nice day! Couldn't ask for better actually.

I'm off and running on my eagle. That makes me Happy Quilting!

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