Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back To My Eagle

Today started out slowly. It was nice to have a day to myself. I seem to like that more and more lately. Funny how that works.

I worked on laundry and MTurk. Then I decided to go downstairs and see what I could work on. I was surprised to see the iron was still plugged in! I couldn't believe it!! I used it a few days ago (nope not sure when, which means way too long ago!)

I worked on the white fabric for the head and tail. I was going to put a piece of white under the white for the head and tail. I put the white against the fabric and found it really didn't matter.

I pinned the wings down and got ready to applique them down. I found these pins I had. I gave mom my other pins with white heads. I found I like the white headed pins a lot better. These are not as sharp and it took awhile to get them to go through the fabric.

They are small, just not sharp enough for me.

As I was appliqueing this the wings down, I was getting frustrated. I know I shouldn't but I was. I found out one of the gals in my quilt group decided she wanted to make the quilt too. She even went to Jeannie Austin for all her eagle patterns. I'm okay with that. Not sure why she wanted them all because she doesn't usually do those kind of quilts. I have a very hard time with the people I get with, that decide they want to do the same quilt I'm doing. I don't mind when we talk about it and we both are going to make it. I have a problem with those that do it on their own knowing I'm doing it. Then show everyone what they are doing. It makes it look like I'm doing what they are doing, not the other way around. I HATE that. I don't like to copy anyone! I wait till a quilt is done before I get the idea to make a quilt. I don't go round them. When people do that to me, I tend to back off what I'm doing. I get frustrated that someone else is doing what I'm doing. I understand the competitive nature in this quilter, but I'm not doing this quilt for recognition or awards. I don't care if someone can do a better job at the quilt. I care when I feel as if I have to do a better job because of it. I do the best I can as it is. I feel presser when people do that to me.  Don't get me wrong - This is a quilt without a pattern. If it was a pattern or on the web, that's different. I had talked to Jeannie Austin about what I could do, and planned it out. When I tell people what I'm doing or what ideas I have, then it bugs me that someone else is doing the same thing. I don't find out till another group lady tells me, "Oh, that's what so-so is doing! I like what she's doing."

Part of my problem - and yes, it's my problem - is that I make quilts for a reason. I love picking the quilt I want to do. I love the process of doing what I do. When I have other quilters that working on my "ideas" then it dampens my spirit of working on a quilt. I'm finding myself in that position now.

This is out of the norm for me. I love how it's coming along. I had to applique a different direction (see photo above) for me. It's the way right handed people do applique. I'm LEFT HANDED. It was fun to do!

I'll suck it up because this quilt is for my father. This quilt will be made specially for him. I will do this quilt on my own with no one seeing my work other than here on the blog. I hate not being able to take my work with me to work on because of "copying" among friends. If someone asked or said they were interested and hoped I didn't mind, that's a different story. I won't mind. But when I find out after words, that does bother me. AGAIN, MY PROBLEM. Okay, off my soap box! Sorry, just had to say what I was thinking.

Last night I worked on my cross stitch again. Loving how it's coming along. Actually getting excited about how it's coming along. I'm getting up to the bird house.

I have more done then this. I have added another flower on the basket hanger on the left. and I started another flower on the right.

I've been pretty busy today with my applique. I'm also going to work on it tomorrow while at the eye doctors with Art.

Tonight is 9-pin no tap bowling. Looking forward to it. My average last week ended up being 230. Loved it.

So, I'm slowly getting back to dad's quilt. I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting!

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