Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spent Most of the Day Away

I was up early and moved to the couch. My side was killing me.

We did the usual at the casino. This time Patrick came home with some money again. It was interesting how one machine worked better than another.

Came home and I stitched on my stocking for Katt.

I was able to get an hour in and then we headed off to the movies.

We saw CARS 3. It was really pretty good. It's about the "same old same old" but it was good.

Then we went out for burgers.

Got home and worked on the cross stitch. I found DMC floss is getting a lot thinner then it used to be. I ended up using 3 strands to do the head. I wish I had thought about that in the beginning.

Kitty is missing. I haven't seen her all day. Yesterday she checked in every hour, but today I haven't seen her. I've called to no affect. I'm getting worried. She didn't stay in the garage last night because it was hotter in the garage then outside.

We reach 90 degrees and more. It's so hot, that I'm sweating!! We have it going to 100 degrees again tomorrow.

Worrying over Kitty, I'm trying to stay Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

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