Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Waiting At The Eye Doctors......Got A Lot Done!

This morning I was up and ready to go for Art's eye appointment. His appointment was at 9:45 am and I arrived at his place around 8:10 am. We played a game of cribbage, like we used to. Yet again, I lost. But it was fun to play again.

We left around 8:50 am and arrived early. We were at the appointment by 8:30 am. They took him in early for dilating his eyes. We ended up waiting close to an hour past his appointment. We were done around 11 am. He offered to take me to lunch, which I took him up on. We ended up at Red Robin. I like there burgers! I had a cheese burger and he had one that had an egg in it....not my kinda burger. I was surprised at how expensive that was! I hadn't been there in a while - actually since Katt took me there for my Birthday a couple years ago.

Finally got back around 1 pm. I went to moms and got the gift for Sherri (TAS). I had her gift bag from the meeting at moms house. Got that bagged up and will mail it out to her tomorrow. Then went and watered dad's garden. Funny thing was, since it was warm out, the hose worked fine with a small leak. Guess if it's rolled up, it leaks more.....go figure.

Mom had these waiting for me at the house. It was a note with "Lynn, this is for you..." There is one set  pillow cases and the other one is just one of them. I have a few of them that I need to finish up downstairs. We'll see if I get to them as well.

This is where I am with the cross stitch. I didn't get any work done on it yesterday. I worked on little on the eagle wing. OH! Here's a funny! I looked for a good 20 minutes for the magnet that goes with the thread minder (corner left). Patrick turned the chair over and we looked all over. I worked on the cross stitch, used the scissors a couple times. Then I turned over my piece to finish the worked area and reached for my scissors. It was heavy and I turned the scissors over to find the small magnet attached to the scissors. No clue where it came from. I even showed Patrick and we both laughed about how I was going to the store to get another one. He was telling me that I need to give it time before I head to the store for another one, because they always show up. In this case, he was right! lol

I also worked on my block that I'm doing for the contest. I took a photo of it and asked Phil what he thought. So far so good. Not sure when I'll work on it. And yet, thinking I will work on it tonight. I like how it's coming along. I just need to double check the form to see if I have to have a lot of the fabric on the block. If not, then I'll be fine.

I've got so much stuff going on here at my chair. I have my cross stitch, my BE, my applique, my bags that they go in. I've also got the notebook that holds my BE magazines (newsletters).

I need to check out the TAS website for our newsletter. Just haven't had the chance. I do miss not getting the newsletter in the mail.

I've been keeping busy and still getting there! I'm getting a lot done....Happy Quilting!

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