Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anither Day Away

As I starttd to type I realized that title could be about anything. Makes one wonder what I meant. Even I don't know the answer to that at times.

I was up early and ready to go. Helped Cherrill with her socs, chatted a few minutes and left. Hate being late to work, but then they let me come and go on my own time. I was there right at 9 am, which I hate because I lie to be a few minutes early if I can. Got into what I was working on and an hour into it, realized I did it wrong!! Ticked me off! So ended up redoing te two boxes I had done earier. Told Carol I felt bad (which I really did!) and she could charge me half my pay for. She was nice about it and told me not to worry about it. Next time I'll make sur to ask someone to check my work befoe I get to far into it. I ended upworking 4 hours.

Got done at 1:15pm. Played with Carol's dog for about 10 mins before leaving.

Went to meet up with Patrick. My eye appointment was at 2:15 pm and his was 3 pm. He told me to go on without him, which I did. Arrived afew minutes early. They got me in. I took my cross stitch with me so he could see what i needed. He told me reading glasses wouldn't help beause when I look up it would be a big blur. My far side vision is still good but near needs fixed. So, I'm getting my bifocol for close up, upgraded. Had to get glasses for that. I decided since these glasses work for everything else, I just needed these for my fine work. The guy doctor told me my glasses now work fine for everything else, so getting glasses for the working part would do fine. So, I  just ordered the glasses and didn't order the tents they come in.  Just plain jane an they still cost $300. Oh well.

By the time I got home it was 5 pm. Patrick picked up a pizza and we enjoyed the rest of thofnight watching TV. Got in about a 100 stitching kn my crossstitch but ended up taking out what I put in. Called it a night.

All's good, stilenjoying my craft. Withnew glasses, I'm lookinhg frward to being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Interesting Day

This morning I was up and going. I didn't have to see Cherrill till later in the day. I played as usual.

It was time to vacuum and get laundry going. Got that done and then realized Patrick wanted his dessert. So I baked cookies. They are Date Jumbles. Turned out pretty good. Since I was doing this at lunch time, i eat one for lunch. I watched flosstube while I was baking. Cherril called as I was finishing the last batch. Shut the computer off to find my power cord wasn't working! Had to order another one. Took some over to her to see if I made them right. Was a big hit. We had tea and cookies. Chatted for awhile.

Came back home and cleaned up. Turned my computer back on and mt laptop told me it wasn't charged. Tried everything with the cord to get it working. No such luck. Patrickw even tried to help me out.....NOPE. Had to go on the computer in the computer room that must be 10 years old. Waited, waited, to order the power cord from eBay. Now I have to wait 7 days before it will be here. UGH. That leaves me doing my blog from y tablet.... UGH!

Went bowling tonight. Not my best, but at least I got a 500 series! I was the only one on my team to get 500. I bowled 203, 153, and 178. Won't talk about how Patrick did. He's thinking of quiting bowling after this year. Hope he gets better soon.

Life is good. We're doing good, can't ask for more. Keeps me Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Another Day With Art At The Casino

This morning Patrick didn't have to be at work till after his meeting with DOE for our water system. So, I got up at his time and got ready to leave. Patrick didn't get up till after that.

I went over to Art's and we had breakfast before heading to Red Wing Casino. We got there in good time and parked the car. He had already giving me the money to spend at the casino. I used my casino money for 88 fortunes. I got up a little. Then went to another game, lost money, another game, lost more money....till around 10:30 am when I ran out!! Called Patrick and said I would take some money out and pay him back when I got home. Got done to about half that, and went to lunch. Dropped off my Keno tickets for "Speed Keno" and then went to "spend the rest" on machines while I waited for Keno to be over. I was getting back up there, made up the money I took out, and then to my shock! - won $342 on a "Mega Jackpot" and I was only putting 50 cents down a game!! WooHoo! I paid a little longer, then went to collect my Keno tickets. I won $192!!! I got 2 x's 5 out of 6 numbers! One of these days I'll get that 6 out of 6 numbers!! I couldn't believe how my day ended. I gave Patrick the money and took out to play. We then came back home.

When I got home, I had to get my game going. So, I worked on that. Then I worked on my cross stitch.

I'm now to the skin part. It's looking okay. I'm happy with the way it looks from a distance, but with my magnifying glass, there is room for improvement.

I'm going to work on this some more this week. I don't have to be up early tomorrow, so may enjoy sleeping in. We'll see.

I'm back at it. Still thinking of what I want to do next. Then I'm also thinking about getting back to my hardanger. I need to get moving on that. May take it with me to mom's and see if she can help me with it.

Life is good, I'm thankful for today. I believe I had a good angel looking over me today. Life is better when I feel an angel on my shoulders. With angels there, I'm able to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 18, 2017

I Seem To Have Way To Much Time To Myself

This morning I was wanting to stay in bed....all morning....but that didn't happen. I finally got my rear in gear and got up at 8 am. I helped Cherrill this morning and then chatted with her for over an hour.

Came back home to figure out what I wanted to do. I had to get my games up and take care of the last minute stuff. I could play all day on that tablet, but I didn't.

I pulled my laptop over to the dinner room table and pulled out my camera that hooks to it. I'm not happy with the way the videos come out but like my son said, it all depends on the computer I'm on. This is a laptop and I didn't buy it with the idea of doing videos. Now that I'm doing them, it tends to stop and go as I record. I'm going to clean up the video library on here and see if that could help a little. Probably not. I really just need to buy myself a better tablet. I'm almost thinking of talking Patrick into taking this one to replace the one in the computer room and buying myself a better one for video. That may happen, may not. Just thinking about it.

So, after all that, I pulled out the "small" cross stitch to finish. Yep, I finished it!! I'm surprised. It was quick and easy. I don't really like the way it fits on the "greeting," but I did what it said.

I got all the outline stitches done. He turned out pretty cute! I thought some of the outline stitches were a little off, but it works.

Then I cut it all out and tried to put it to the Greetings wire. It seems odd to use the floss to hang them, but that's okay. If I get tired of it, I may go get some wire to attach it together. Haven't decided. I need to glue it on, and I'll see how that goes. Not to excited about gluing it, but I will.

At least this is a finish!! It counts toward my year of finishes. Woo Hoo! AND this was a UFO!! One UFO done!

Life is good, I'm still wasting half my days. I did get a call from Carol to come in and work on Thursday. I was okay with that. I don't think it will take long. It usually goes fast. Scanning is easy to do, just takes time.

We're all busy working on something! Keep it up and stay Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seahawks Played Today!

This morning I was woken by our neighbor unloading his tractor at 6:45 am. So, that didn't get me too happy knowing I couldn't go back to sleep. Patrick did, but he came back from dropping the trailer off. Then the rest of the day was "peep, peep, peep."

I got laundry going. I was able to get three loads done. I'm happy with that. I watch some TV and worked on the cross stitch piece that is "small."

I just need to get the outline stitches done and then I can call this done. It has some interesting outlines and I've fixed a few. I'll cut it out when I'm done and ask Patrick to put it on the "greeting" sign. It says to put it together with floss but I think that would fall off easily. May have Patrick use rings.

I worked on all this while watching the Seahawks game. It was awesome! Missed the end because dad called and before I knew it the next game was on.

We had bowling tonight...ugh...started out great! - till the 8th frame in the first game. I had 142 in the 7th frame......bowled a 160. Then it got worse! Next 135! Then in the 8th frame, the bowling lane broke and we ended up moving to a different lane. We bowled the last two frames on 1&2. I bowled a 166. Was doing better that last game! I had an average of 165, which is already low, and now it's 161. Lucky me!

Life is good, we keep going. I'll pick up my games! I'll keep busy with my crafts. I'm looking forward to having this week to myself more. I like being home and working on my stuff. I miss my cat for company and at times think I see her around. I know she's not, and I'm okay. Life is each day at a time.

We keep going one day at a time. I'm leaving my legacy in my crafts. That's what keeps me Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Another Saturday Away From Home

Today was a day where I couldn't sleep longer than 1 hour at a time. UGH.

We went to the casino again this morning. We came out even. I'm happy when we can do that. We love playing but at the same time we know when enough is enough.

We stopped off at mom and dads. Mom had some door knobs for her cabinet in the bathroom - for Patrick to fix. So, he drilled them into the wood and got her all set up. Told her she needs a few more for her cabinet under the sink.

Came home and I've been on the computer checking out a few things. I checked on the missing pets in Lewis County. There are a lot of missing cats. People have reported that there is a car that prowls an gets cars. I'm hoping that's not the cash of Kitty but it could have been. Or it could have been the people who dropped her off over a year ago. They don't deserve to have her!!

Last night I worked on the Santa.

Sorry about the photo - took it last night in the bathroom on the counter, since Patrick walked off with my phone and plugged it in.

I got quite a bit done last night. I figure it will take tonight and maybe tomorrow to get it done. There is some outline stitches to go too.It's cute. I'll have Patrick put it all together before I call it done for the year.

Life is good, Life is worth smiling about! Let all be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Really Lazy Day For Me!

I woke to the phone ringing. Cherrill said I didn't need to come over because she had to go to a doctors appointment.

I played on my tablet most of the morning. Other than doing some laundry. Around 1:30 pm I went to Cherrill's t help her post a few things on eBay. She wasn't back yet, so left her a message. She called me back around 2:30 pm said she just saw my message. So, I went over and took photos of her stuff. Then we posted them on eBay. It took awhile to do it, so I didn't get back home till 4:30 pm. Just before Patrick. I saw we had some money for the water, so I made a deposit and paid a bill when Patrick walked into the house.

We went out to eat. We went to Dairy Queen again. I like the chicken strips, but decided I wanted a salad instead. Their salad is really good. Better than McD's and Wendy's in my opinion.

We came home and Patrick took over my tablet. I haven't been able to get on there to play my challenges in the Hay Day game. I'm really falling behind. But since he's been on it, I will have to stay up late to get what I need done.

Before I went to Cherrill's, I did a list of my WIP's and UFO's. I got 7 so far. Remember, I didn't add my quilt UFO's yet. I'll do that later. I put down Santa's Greeting that Heildi gave me. She had most of it done. I pulled it out and worked on it.

She had most of this done. I added the red on the right, and the bottom areas. Checkers to the red and brown. That's all I've done so far. It's not a lot, but I'm getting some of it done. I need to add the star,  staff, and the shoes. Then I can back stitch everything and put it together.

So, I'm actually enjoying this. I usually don't do smalls. But this one will be easy to do.

Life is good, times are good, and I'm still Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Anither Day Away

As I starttd to type I realized that title could be about anything. Makes one wonder what I meant. Even I don't know the answer to that ...