Sunday, August 25, 2019


Today I was working on my genealogy today. I had a mess in the computer room with my genealogy. I had file boxes that I needed to get through. I pulled out all 3 boxes, and got to work. I had a lot of stuff to file, and I had some stuff to scan. I scanned and entered documents and photos to my genealogy family tree. Then I pulled out my pile of stuff I needed to add to my genealogy.....which I started to do once the stuff was filed. I had one big mess on the floor. Patrick just stayed away. lol

I was able to add some information. I was able to check my "find a grave" and get more information, as well as list a few family members that were not listed. Mom lost a couple of her cousins, and that explains why she hasn't heard from them. I told her of a couple, but don't want to go down the list. It's longer than we though.

So, my MATHESON, BIRGE, and one other family were getting filled in. I was surprised at how many more I added to the BIRGE family as well as the other family - can't remember which one that was...but there were at least 24 names added to that line. I have a lot more to do. I have letters to type, and the list goes well as working on my crafts.

I wasn't able to do my beading or cross stitching. I wonder if I will ever live long enough to do all the things I want to do. I was okay with doing genealogy today, because I wasn't working on the TAYLOR line. I have a heard time finding things on the TAYLOR's because I used to share with dad. He would tell me stories, and now those stories are silent.

I'm at the museum tomorrow, and not sure what I will take with me to work on. Maybe nothing. It would be nice to be doing something that would be Happy Stitching or Happy Quilting!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Quiet Saturday Compared To Normal

This morning I didn't want to get up. Patrick slept on the couch because of his back.

When I finally got up, I played a couple games and then went to work on my beading.

The bird is coming along. Getting close to finishing the first bird. There are three in all. I do like this, and it's coming along great.....except for the few times I had to replace a couple broken beads. I did get about 5 rows done today. That was awesome. It's now row 88/446.

After doing all those rows, I joined Patrick in watching TV...which we both fell asleep in front of. Sophie was on my lap the whole time.

Then it was off to Pizza Hut for supper and then off to the bowling alley. I did better tonight then I've done in awhile. I got a 525 series which is a heck of a lot better than I was doing with the new bowling ball. I got more strikes then usual. The guy that was going to bring the shoes for me, took them back because we didn't bowl last week, so he's bringing them again next week. He's a little weird, but I do need the shoes. Patrick bowled a 489 series. He was having some trouble. He's getting his new bowl re-drilled.

Today as at least a good day for being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Guess I'm Getting Lazy

This morning I slept in a little. I was excepting mom but she called and said my niece was coming in today. So, no mom, and I didn't go to see them for lunch.

I played on my tablet and worked on laundry. Got most of it done but will have another pile tomorrow knowing Patrick when he cleans.

I played the audio book and beaded.

I have 83/446 rows done. It's coming along great. I am really into this. I'm getting a lot done when I can sit down and work on it.

This evening I tried to get a few more stitches done in my cross stitching. I was having some trouble with it, got my stitching off. Now it's back on track.

I'm betting a little lazy when it comes to doing my blog. I keep forgetting to do this. I was on my way to bed....and then remembered I hadn't done my blog. I know I'm boring, but it's no fun when I forget to write down what I was doing....ugh.

So, lazy as I am, I'm calling this done. It was a very good day to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Not A Day I Was Hoping For

 This morning I was up early. Then Sophie wanted to have some TLC. I wanted to get out the door before 9 am, but that wasn't going to happen.

I did get out the door by 9:30 am. Took my CD audio book with me too. I was up to Olympia for my B-12 shot before 10:30 am. I believe I was actually back home by 11:30 am. It was a quick trip and the traffic was a little busy but not so bad I couldn't get home in a good amount of time.

When I got home, I started cleaning. Vacuuming - and while I did that, I saw my tip "clip" of my tweezers for my beading......just as it was sucked up in the vacuum! I then realized my cat must have been playing with it! So much for thinking she doesn't mess with my beading stuff!! Now I am glad I cover my beading. As for the tip cover, it's gone. I tried to find it in the vacuum but that wasn't easy and it was a big mess....which I decided it wasn't worth it.

Sophie was meowing at me all day long! I would go get lunch and get meowed at. Then I would go to laundry and she would meow there too. I finally got the idea that she wanted attention - lucky me. So, we sat down and I watch Netflix while she was loving here attention. Oh, what fun!

Patrick wanted dessert, so I tried to find something "healthy" and he wasn't going for that. I ended up making something HIGH in everything! It's a "Buckeye Brownie" bar.

It's brownies, peanut butter (and sugar) with chocolate on top. SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. Not happy about this!

So, I found a a couple other recipes that I'm going to make later. He will just have to live with it. lol

So, I'm hoping to finally get to sit and do the binding of the panel quilt! I need to finish that, wash it and get it ready for the 4th of Sept. I'm looking forward to being Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Part Of The Day With Mom

This morning I was up and going through all the things I needed to do. I started out my lists of what I needed to do.

While I was downstairs getting stuff together for Sandy and Georgie, I played with the design for this panel. Don't look at the background because that will probably be white. I'm thinking that I might go ahead and have a strip of red - like where the red is on here. The funny part is that the red on here wasn't enough on my thought. That was strips that I had extra of. I will do a different red that I have more fabric for.

So, it started out with getting everything ready. Then it was out the door. First stop was at Staples to get the package out with the quilt for QOV. It's on the way today. I then stopped at Georgie's to give her some fabric for more blocks. Next stop was moms. I decided not to go to the shop first because she needed to pick up her backing as well.

Arrived at moms and she said Daisy hadn't gotten her walk in. So, we took Daisy out - in the rain - where I ended up borrowing dads coat.

Mom was drying off Daisy when we got back. It was so funny! She loves it.

 We got back and then headed over to the quilt shop. I bought the white on white pattern. I actually changed my mind when I saw another pattern Rita had.

This is so pretty! It's on white. It's not on the off white. I told mom to take that to Kathy's to get it basted for me. Not like I need something else to do, but I would like to quilt on this. I am in the mood to hand quilt....but not on a pieced top. Love this new pattern.

After the quilt shop I stopped at Sandy's work to give her some fabric for pillow cases. Then we went back to moms and watched TV while we both worked on the bindings of 2 of the panel quilts. About 1:15 pm mom had to leave to go to her physical therapy. So, I headed home.

Got home and played the CD audiobook. I played a few games and then I got supper going. I had to go to Safeway before getting home. So, I had to put all the meat away in the freezer.

This even we had our Wednesday night bowling meeting. We start on Sept 4th. The secretary - that doesn't do secretary work - is getting paid 75 cents per person. That's a bit much!! I really hate that because she doesn't do the work. Now she is getting paid more than any other secretary in the leagues.

Now I'm home and I need to get my exercises done. I also had to call and make an appointment for another breathing's almost getting too funny!

At least today was a day I can say I was Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Got Behind

I just realized I hadn't blogged in 2 days. Once I forget one day, the next think I know I'm 3 days behind. So, today is going to have 2 blogggings, 1 now and 1 later today.

Yesterday is about as far as I remember, so will chat about that. Even then...let's see what I remember....

The day started out pretty good. No appointments, no this or that. Just needed to do laundry, so got that going. Then I played on my games. I have really been hooked on the game "Lilly's Garden" for the past 2 weeks. I love that game. So, all my other games are behind because this one is more fun. Plus I really do believe it's a stress relief.

I got so many texted! One was that my adopted son is having surgery on the 10th, and I will be helping him out there. The next was that my family - a branch of - is having a reunion in Port Orchard, this weekend. Then there was a lot more before the morning was over.

I called mom about today, and told her I would be over at the usual time. Then I checked my email to find out I still hadn't sent the photo of the quilt we can send for the WWII Veterans that are being honored up north. Diane came back with one of the photos and said they wanted that quilt. So, I had to run over to the museum to get it. Got home and boxed it up. Check on the USPS website for prices - $28, and then went to UPS website and signed it. It cost me $20 to mail. So, I got the label and everything ready. It's being mailed today.

I sat and beaded while working on tomato sauce and bread. I went and got a LOT of tomatoes from the garden - and didn't even put a dent into it! Then I started cooking it - all day. It was okay, but then I added some sugar (a bit much!) and now it's sweet. Oh, well, I'll make another batch later. We froze that one.

So, this cooked and I beaded.

It's coming along. This is about row 80. I've really been having fun working on this. Once would think I would get bored with it, but I haven't so far. I do about 1-4 rows each time I sit down. It works for me.

Oh, I know what I did on Monday - it was BE day! Our group got together at Whalen Quilt Works and I didn't have any of my projects with me. So, I took the package of the Shibori Butterfly pattern and cut out the butterfly. Then I sat and chatted. Nothing exciting.

So, I was able to be (for 2 days) Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Almost Forgot To Post

This morning I made some really good cinnamon rolls.  Not what I needed but was hungry for.

Then Patrick started cutting the apples from our tree. He said it wasn't a good year for the apples.  We dehydrated some. Then I worked on making apple sauce.  We got a few containers but not many. Those went into the freezer.  We do like having some apple sauce fresh from the trees. Plus I know what I put into it.

After all that, I beaded and Patrick slept on the swing on the deck.

I am now on row 78. It's coming along but when you consider it takes about 40 minutes for each row. That depends on what all I'm doing at the time.

After supper we headed to our bowling meeting and it starts on September 8th. So we will be having a break for awhile. Then we went to pick up my fair stuff. Mom was wrong on the quilt.  It didn't get best of class but it did get a blue ribbon. All my stuff got a blue ribbon. The rose got an honorable mention.  The other got blue but the paper said 1st and blue plus. Only a blue was on it. No worries,  I didn't enter it for the ribbons, I entered it for the interest in Brazilian embroidery.

There was another quilt there with the panel as well. I was surprised and at first thought that was the quilt.  I was disappointed they had my name on them and not QOV.

I completely forgot to write how today went! As I lay here in bed....ready to fall dawned on me I forgot something!

At least it was a good day to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!


Today I was working on my genealogy today. I had a mess in the computer room with my genealogy. I had file boxes that I needed to get throug...