Saturday, April 25, 2015

Usual Saturday

Today I haven't had the chance to do anything in way of quilting. Patrick slept in. Then decided to go through our stuff and see what we could get rid of. I gave him a box full of clothes that I haven't worn or needed. We then took all the stuff we collected over the last few months along with a few new stuff, and took them to Visiting Nurses in town. Next we took the desk to Good Will because Visiting Nurses said they had a hold on desks.

Off we went to the movie. Adeline something was the movie and I recommend it. It was a good movie and makes one thing of what one would do if that happened. lol I did enjoy the movie.

Got home and I'm sitting here trying to decide what I want to work on. I did do part of a basket last night as well as putting two move 9 patch variations on the row. Have 3 more to go then will have 3 rows on the quilt.

Sorry no photos today, as I said, I didn't do any quilting today. Will go to Donna's tomorrow and should have something to show when I get back. Happy Quilting!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Rainy Friday and Quilt Day

Today I played cribbage and won one game. I went to the garage to get some food out of the freezer. While I was out there, it smelled like poop. So, I looked around and sure enough, there it was, by the garage door. I had to pull the hose around and spray it out of the garage. UGH

I then had to head to quilting. Stopped at Walmart. Trust me, I HATE going there. Since it was early enough, I was able to get in and get out fast. My hot pot broke the other day. Patrick didn't like my tea pot on the new stove and told me to go get another hot pot. I got the cheaper one all because I know it will go out just as fast as the other one I had that cost me around $30. This one was $12. I wanted the red one that was $19 but they were out of stock. So, I decided to buy this one. I actually like it - with one exception - it's a right handed pot! The cord is on the right side, the water level is on the left side, and the handle is on the right side. UGH....I can deal with this.

I was able to get this basket done today at moms house. I called the folks while I was at the meeting and they were on the road. Said they would call when they arrived at Las Vegas. Then mom told me she hadn't gotten a hold of her cousins to tell them of the passing of their Uncle. I ended up having to call them to let them know. Wasn't too thrilled I had to do that, but it seems to be me that does.

We had a good meeting but everyone left early again. We had lunch and then the rest of us left. I at least got the basket done. Then on the way home I needed to get a container to hold my stuff for the Brazilian embroidery class I'm taking on Monday. I stopped at the Dollar Store because I really, really didn't want to pay more than I had to. They didn't have any pencil boxes but I did find a snap box that will work great. I need to set that all up with scissors and other stuff I need.

I poured rain when I went to moms and it poured on the way home. Right now NO rain. Figures.

I finally came home and pulled out my box of the variation nine patch pieces.

I put one on the third row and worked on two of the nine patches to get ready to add as well.

The two at the top - green and red flowers on white - are the two I'm working on to add to the row. I need to iron this. I also need to trim some of the back. I was piecing pieces and noticed the seam allowance was more than 1/4". I'll be trimming the before I get them ready to quilt. Or as I go.

I'm going to try and get some more basting done on the baskets.

Funeral is tomorrow and not sure if I'll make it. I probably should, but not that close to the family. I have photos and things I need to give to them. I'll wait and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I'm still working on different things at the same time. We're all Happy Quilting!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Good Day...A Busy Day

Today started out sleeping in for a little while. After getting up, got ready for the quilt meeting at the shop. Even with all that "prep" work, I forgot my water and check book. I stopped off at Safeway and got a bottle of water (bigger size at a less price) and then went to Chehalis Deli to get a sandwich. I had to go to the doctors, so ended up getting lunch on the way to our meeting.

I arrived to find three other members already there. I was surprised because I'm usually the first one there. I arrive around 10:30 am. We had a good meeting. I borrowed the shops light box and marked 7 of my Bountiful Baskets blocks. I had to remark two of them because I had put the marks on the front of the block and not the back. Good think I use pencil! I basted one of the baskets on the block.

I had to leave early because of my doctors appointment. It was my one year check  up on my back. I was surprised that I was called into the office quickly. I was able to work on this block.

I had this much done by the time I left the doctors. I didn't get the best report though. Good news is that I go back in 3 years. Bad news is that if I don't exercise or keep active I will need back surgery. I have 4 of my "bones" not working together. If I can stay away from pain, I'll be fine. Not what I wanted to hear. Not what I was looking for. I had hoped I could leave the office with A+ report, and I got more like a C report. I'm going to keep doing what I need to do to keep away from surgery.

I will finish up this block. I don't know if I'll start another one or if I will work on more basting so I can get more applique done. Quilting at moms is tomorrow.

The folks left around 10 am this morning. They called to say goodbye. They will be back in a couple weeks.

I'll be busy tomorrow at moms. I'm looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finished - Spring Cleaning - Quilt Room

Today was my day to finish up what I started. I found more things I've been looking for and I found things I forgot I started. Overall it was a good thing I did my spring cleaning!

I started the day off playing cribbage and won 3 games. Then came home and put the fireplace on so I could work on my quilt room.

Was down to this much of a mess on the cabinet.

And more on my quilt frame.

I started on the boxes that were out of place.I cleaned up the quilt frame. Then I hit the cabinet and put all my mess away. I did put the Affairs of the Heart quilt that needs to be quilted and the quilt I found the other day on the cabinet for me to work on.

I wanted to keep the cabinet as clean as I could. I added a few things to the peg board.

I moved my quilt frame closer to my sewing table. That way I can move it when I work on it. The bigger boxes against the wall have a quilt that I'm machine quilting (forgot I had). The other box has my genealogy in it. I can pull stuff out as I go. The serger is there as well. I took my "white" sewing machine to the pantry since I haven't used it in years. I should think of selling it or trading it in, but not there yet.

I have the cutting board working great at the end of the table. My guilt wall is working with stuff I need to get done. That's why I call it "guilt wall." I guilt myself into getting them done! lol

Last night I finished this block. I would have used brighter fabrics but the others are on the "dark" side compared to what I would do. I think it turned out pretty good. Now I have 12 blocks. I need to figure out what I'm going to do next. Still trying to decide if I want to make the other smaller blocks. May do it anyway to see if they can go into this quilt.

Last night I hand pieced the football pieces on these blocks. I'll add them to the rows I have already done - on the guilt wall. This is a Variation Nine Patch pattern. I always liked the looks of it. I'm hoping that the extra fabric in the box is enough to make a big enough quilt. I've even been thinking of doing the boarder with applique. - Just thinking!

I made some mini pies. I did both blueberry and apple. It took a little while to figure out how I wanted to do the pie crust. I finally figured it out when I did the apple ones. I was surprised at how well they turned out!

While I was waiting to bowl tonight, I checked out Karen's blog. I checked out another blog - The Road to Oklahoma. Awesome blog and adding her to my blog list. I enjoyed seeing her star quilt. It is awesome! I don't do much piecing, but I do appreciate a pretty quilt! Well worth reading.

Tomorrow is another quilt meeting. It's Haven't Missed A Stitch group. I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon up in Olympia, so I'll have to leave early. Wish I could stay longer. I will take my book of baskets and work on those. It would be easier to do the baskets then it would to take some of my other blocks. I still have to baste some pieces on my other blocks.

I bowled pretty good tonight! I bowled 183, 181, 193. More where I want to be. I'm getting more relaxed with my ball. I'm not happy I didn't get a 600 series this year, but part of that was the old ball, and getting used to the new one. I'm comfortable now, so it will help when we start back up in September.

Looking forward to quilting with the group tomorrow and being Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meeting Day

Today was our Mt. St. Helen's group meeting. I got up early (right after Patrick) and got ready to do my runs on the way. I took the bookmarks and Kleenex cases to the quilt shop. Wanted her to have them before the retreat. I still need to get the other 5 from Rose. She was thrilled to get them. We talked about the retreat. Found out Donna and I were close to the bathroom area, and Donna didn't like that anymore than I did. So, I asked to be moved to the other end of the floor. Donna and I were text'ing back and forth about what we will be doing for our room. We have a night of decorating the room and another night of "dressing up." The dressing up is in any "era" that we want. I'm not sure I have anything but will think about what I have.

After the visit with Evelyna, I headed to the meeting. I was happy to say I worked on the Baltimore Liberty block. I did get a lot done. I need to work on more basting. Had a good visit with the group. Missed Betty. I had her stuff for her but she wasn't there.

Found out today that moms Uncle passed last night. They are trying to get the funeral for Saturday. Mom and dad are leaving for Vegas, so chances are it won't stop them from going. I think dad should wait, but he really wants to go. They will be driving. So, I'm hoping they aren't expecting me to fill in for them. I'm getting tired of making excuses for why they haven't been attending funerals for family members.

Last night I worked on the pincushion I had unfinished.

I decided it needed to be finished. Can NEVER have too many pincushions.

It's a small one so it will be here at my chair since the other two I was using was too small.

Got my fabric in today. This is the fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads. When I got it, I was disappointed because the green (first one) was NOT the same color as the leaves I was using on my blocks. I had a feeling that would happen. So, while talking to mom today, I was telling her of what I was looking for. Then it hit me! I went downstairs while she was on the phone, and pulled out the box that had a sticker on it "Baltimore Liberty fabrics." Guess what was in that box!! Oh, yeah! I found the fabric. After a month of looking, sure enough it was there. UGH

After supper today, I went downstairs for an hour and worked on the quilt room. It's getting there. I have the cabinet almost cleared off. I need to vacuum when I'm done. I have to move the quilt frame back. I'm happy with the way it's going. I found scissors I forgot I had and scissors I couldn't find. I had more threads that I don't use and put them in a jar. I cleaned out the basket on the cabinet. I moved my magazines into the spare bedroom closet. I put the empty boxes into the cabinet. I even threw out a few things. I found yet another UFO that I need to finish. I have more fabric to roll on the boards. I think I'm running out of the boards.

Two more meeting this week. Next week I have one.  I can't wait for the Thursday and Friday group to be one a week again. The quarter should be over soon. I seem to have them back to back more often then usual.

Tonight I'm going to finish the Japanese doll block. I'm not too crazy about it, because it's dark. I wanted bright but bright wouldn't go with the other blocks. So, I think. Happy Quilting!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning - Quilt Room - Day 2

I can call it progress.....I'm getting there. I think I was nuts when I thought I would do an overhaul of my quilt room. I will say, I am glad I did. I hate all those spiderwebs.

Of course this is where I started today....

I cleaned out my buckets. One has my cross stitch and floss stuff. The other has been emptied. I was surprised at how easy it was to empty the bucket. I also cleaned them up by washing them.

Since I was going through all my boxes as I was deciding what to do with them, it took longer. I found a few more UFO's that I completely forgot I had.

This was one of the blocks I was talking about. It's used with really light material. The more I look at them, the more I'm thinking I will throw them away. I don't think the fabric will last a couple washes there so thin.

I'm loading this up for the retreat. There are three different projects in there. The green has some blocks that are 5 patches. The rest of the block is there also. I need to finish up the blocks and then I can put them all together. I think it will go fast at the retreat if I do them. The red blocks are blocks that I embroidered years ago of snowmen. I was doing two different sets for my two nieces on my hubby's side.

And then there is this one.

I found the pieces for this quilt. It is all hand pieced. I have pieces all marked and ready to be put together. So, this is another project I can work on at night or take with me. I completely forgot about this one and the one in the box that is green. Of all things - more things to work on!

I cleaned out my sewing cabinet. When I mean cleaned out - I mean took everything out and washed it down. I decided I will put things in as I go. I need to put stuff in there that I will be using when sewing.

As the day has gone by, I am happy to say I'm getting closer to being done. I'm amazed at how many containers/boxes that I have emptied. I put the variation of the nine patch on my guilt wall. Maybe the more I see it the more I will grab it to work on.

I was thinking of putting my sewing machine cabinet here. After talking with Patrick and telling him what I would like to do, he and I agreed to put it back where it was. There is a change though.

It's going to face this way. That way I can at least see the TV when I'm sewing. The quilt frame is going to be in front of this as well. There will be room between the table and the quilt frame to get around. I have a lot of "stuff" on the cabinet now to put away. I have gone through my magazines and put a few off to the side to give away. I have also gone through my copies of patterns. I've thrown out a few and keeping others. I found old time applique patterns that I think would be awesome to make. So, I guess going through all this "stuff" I found things I can do without buying more books or patterns.

I took a lunch break today and went out to take photos of the flowers in the yard. I just love the flowers.

Check out my photo page for more pictures. In the meantime, enjoy my photos.

While I'm enjoying our flowers I'm still Happy Quilting!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning - Quilting Room - Day 1

I actually did what I told myself I would do. I went down to my quilt room and cleaned.

Before photos - this is one of three.

This is looking at our back door and my small working wall - or as I've been calling it - my guild wall.

This was the mess I had between my sewing table and the wall that had my bookshelf of stuff.

My first task was to clear all this out! I took everything out of here. Off the bookshelves and off the window sill.

So, once I did that, it ended up on the floor, the cabinet, and where ever I could put the stuff. I had Patrick pull down the shelves so I could clean them and polish them up.

I then started to look through my boxes and put them away. I may still move them, but right now this is what I have done. I moved some boxed stuff into other boxes. Then I took what I took out of boxes and put in a different box. In over words, I took stuff out of small boxes and put in larger boxes. Some stuff in larger boxes went to smaller boxes. I found a project I forgot about. I found the candy I hid and haven't been able to find in 3 months too.

I cleaned both sergers up. Cleaned the sewing cabinet (only half way with that). I closed the serger drawer up, and will be moving the cabinet as soon as I have it cleaned up and ready to move. Not sure right now if I will put it in another area or not. I need to get behind the cabinet and clean the window. I only got the right side window cleaned up and polished. I have 2/3 more to go.

I found my envelopes of "stuff."

I took a break and went with my son to his grandmother-in-law's place to give her a bigger computer monitor. The family bought her a new computer. So, now she's all set. The monitor is even bigger than what we have. I thought that was awesome of them to do that for her.

Got back home and brought the envelopes upstairs to go through. I opened each one and marked the envelopes with what I have in them. I did throw away a few things, but not much. ugh

I found the cat and dog pattern I wanted to do a few years back. This was given to my from a dear friend, Marianne Camarata. She's a dear friend that I'm sorry to say, I haven't written to in a long time. We still do Christmas cards but that's not the same. I may just sit down and write her a letter.

I also found some old pattern cutouts that were pinned together. I'm not sure why the triangle and pattern design where pinned to the "umbrella girl" pattern, or what happened to the rest of the pieces. These were cut out by my great grandmother I'm sure. She cut them from letters she got in the mail. They are typed letters, so I'm thinking 1960's.

I also found my Mountain Mist quilt pattern Iris Red. It was one of my favorite ones. I used to send off to them to get a free pattern. I have a couple of their patterns, but only found this one so far. I want to make this quilt, and now that I know I have the pattern, that is next on my "Wish List."

To my surprise, I found a copy of my article that was in Quilt World magazine. I thought I lost the articles because I can't find the magazine I used to have. I had about 4 copies of the magazine, but I think over the years I gave them away or sold them. I wish I had that magazine though. Oh, well. at least I have the article copy. I found three of them, so I'm good.

I pulled this quilt off the boxes I have down there and washed it under delicate. I let it dry outside on the line. I have a white backing for it, but had to wash it twice because the lines had not been clean, and it marked the blanket. I washed it again and it's outside on the line.

I felt okay with washing it, because this is the back. It was stitched on a feed sack. I'm not sure how old it is, but I will say I think it's around 1950's. It has the soft sleeper fabric from that time. I remember my night close in this kind of fabric. It is probably NOT fire resistant, but it is pretty. I'm going to try and see if mom would like to tie it with me. I was thinking of quilting it, but then remembered quilts like this was done in the tie-ing fashion.

Since mom and dad are planning to drive to Vegas this week, it won't happen anytime soon. I'm not worried about it. I may surprise myself and tie it myself.

After four hours of working in my quilt room, I took a break. It will be a project for the week. I have half the last arm on the Japanese doll block to do. I will try and do that in the next day or two. Quilt room may come first. I can't wait to finish that room up and be back to being Happy Quilting!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What A Week!

This has been one heck of a week. Constantly going somewhere! None of this has helped me with my weight! I've decided I need to get back to eating healthy and get away from the fried foods as well as potatoes. I don't care what people say about potatoes, but I truly believe I gain weight with potatoes. I have stayed away from potatoes for over a year. This week I had potatoes in every way you can think of and I've gained weight! ugh Even when I watch what I'm eating..

Today we went to the casino because Patrick didn't want to work in the yard for 4 days in a row. He couldn't find a movie he wanted to see, and he just couldn't figure out what to do that was "going out." So, we spent a couple hours at the casino. After that we came home to a message from my mother telling me her "half Uncle" was in the hospital and not expected to make it. She wanted to go see him then go out to eat. I told her I wasn't going to go out to eat, but I would go with her. We would have to leave in the next half hour. She said okay, and I started out to their place. I was half way there when she called me on my cell to tell me she changed her mind. So, I got off the freeway and came back home. This is not a good year for my family.

Patrick's mother has been in the hospital for over a week. They are going to put her in a nursing home till she can get her breathing back. She has degenerative heart disease. He's been talking with his family every day since she's been in. We are praying she's going to do fine. But then she's been in a lot of pain over the years for her hip, shoulders, and other areas. She's the one I made the Honey Bee quilt for. I'm thankful it was done in time. I do hope she will be able to go home soon, but they need her to get up and move around. Plus they are working on her meds to keep her under control.

 Last night I was able to work on the Japanese doll block. It's going pretty fast. I did take out the hair and put it back in.

I'm starting to do the hands and the belt. Then the arms will go on and then it's done.

I need to go downstairs this week and really clean up the room. I'm going to take things out and see what I have. I need to mark where I put things. I'm so tired of "misplacing" my stuff. So, I'm thinking - if Patrick doesn't have other ideas - I may get started tomorrow. I need to clean up the spider webs and dust! After about 6 months of rarely going down there, it really needs to be cleaned up. That will be my next project - cleaning - then I can figure out in what order I'm going to finish my UFO's. At least that's what I'm thinking. Lets see if that actually happens! I hate cleaning but at the same time, I hate messes that bug me. That's why sometimes Patrick thinks I'm mad at him, because I clean like you wouldn't believe! I clean everything in sight when he ticks me off! Unfortunately he hasn't ticked me off in couple years, so cleaning has been as good as it has in the past. lol

Happy Quilting!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Remembering a Trip to Maine

Today was a day of shopping. I went next door and played cribbage with Art while Patrick slept in.

Patrick and I washed the truck and car. I even vacuumed out the truck.

It went really fast considering. We spent a couple hours doing both the car and truck. Then Patrick decided we would go to Cabela's to get me some shoes. My shoes are dirty and old. My boots are for the winter and not for the summer. He was thinking I was being an idiot wearing them now. I love them! lol

While we were traveling to Olympia to Cabela's, we passed a Volvo wagon. It reminded me of a good friend, Rose Irvin. We were in High School together and she lived across the street from me at Ft Meade. She had three brothers, John, Les, and Mitchel. One year her parents asked me if I would like to go to Maine and visit Rose's grandmother. One of her brothers (I think it was Les) wasn't going and they had room for me if I would like to go. I was all for it! Couldn't wait! So, we all packed into the car, with Mitchel sitting up with his parents in the front seat. I can't remember the town we went to, but I do remember being right off the ocean. Her grandmother's place was literally across the street from the ocean. We walked down the street to the shops that sold lobsters and seafood. It was awesome! Anyway, on the way back, we were on the NY parkway when one of the luggage bags fell off the top of the wagon. Rose's dad pulled over on the medium and we rushed out to pick up all the clothes off the road. The cars rushed by and her dad was yelling for us to get back in the car before we got hit. We picked up as much as we could and ran back to the car. Rose's dad stopped at a store shortly after that, and we were waiting on him in the car. I think Mrs. Irvin was in the car with us. We were laughing and talking about what we just went through, when Mitch spit his soda out all over the front window! A minute went by with no one saying a thing, then Mrs. Irvin called him by his full name. We all burst out laughing from there. She cleaned the window the best she could by the time Mr. Irvin got in the car. We laughed and talked about the whole trip all the way home. I believe it was a 5 hour drive. When I was thinking about that, it made my day! I miss those days, and I miss not being able to chat with Rose like we used to. Unfortunately, John passed away at the age of 50, (six years ago). Mr. and Mrs. Irvin passed away two years ago. He died in April and she in July. I do miss them.

I bought a pair of shoes. We also had to make a trip to Sears because our dryer is going out. It's making noise that is not good. Patrick didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dryer, so we went to Sears. The one I wanted would be 2 weeks out in coming. I didn't want to buy it right then, so we came home to see what I could find online. I found the dryer online. I found a Kenmore that is under $500 that will work for me. I also hooked my ebates in on it, so hopefully I will have $26 back in ebates. PLUS it had free delivery. The store told me we had to have a Sears card to get free delivery. So, now I have free delivery and it will be here Monday. Go figure! According to the store, I would have to pay for delivery or come get it, and it wouldn't be in till Wednesday at the earliest. Guess which way I went!

I have been working on the Japanese doll. I started on the head, then realized the head was supposed to be the second one, not the first one. Oh, well, left a space and placed the dress down. I've been working on it. I did most of the work on the doll last night. Hoping to get a lot more done tonight.

I wish I basted it down first, instead of using the freezer paper, but OH WELL. I will continue to do this. I thought at the time that it would be too much time to baste it and then appliqueing this down. With big pieces I really need to rethink this the next time I do big pieces. I don't like poking myself with the pins this way. I think that is way I like back basting. This would not work with back basting because of the size of the piece. I do not recommend back basting large pieces. They don't lay down right as they are appliqued down. Moving don't help and one ends up taking part of it out to fix the problem. So, I'm okay with this right now. It won't take long to do this.

Things are looking up. Looking forward to getting this done and moving back on the cross stitch and baskets. I also need to figure out a block for the retreat.....still Happy Quilting!