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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Quiet Tuesday

Today is a quiet day. Did a lot of the same as yesterday.

Last night I had this much of the cross stitch done. It's slowly showing the flowers. The one thing about this kit I don't like is the way the floss is organized. I have to look at the pattern for the symbol, then look at the number that goes with the symbol, THEN check my list to see what color goes with the number.

This afternoon I was able to get quiet a bit done. It's starting to take shaoe. Now you can tell they are flowers.

We went out to eat today and I ordered the special - sirlion steak and shrimp. Steak was good. I will say people up here in the U.P. know how to cook a steak! As for shrimp, uh, nah. The shrimp I had was "fishy." plus I only got 2!! I couldn't help laughing over 2 shrimp!

Had to take a photo and send it to my daughter. Think she laughed harder than I did. Guess us Washingtonians are spoiled when it comes to shrimp and crab.

Patrick and I passed these deer on the way into town around noon. We passed them again tonight on the way back from supper. A mother with her two fawns.

If you think my Charlie is spoiled, you haven't met Max. This is Patricks mom holding Max, a good way back from supper. We drive an hr to the restaurant! Max knows howto enjoy himself.

This is a group shot of Patricks brother, Dennis, his wife Christine, myself, and Patrick. We all had a great time at supper tonight.

Patrick and I are taking another road trip around the U.P. Hopefully I'll get to a couple mre quilt shops, but that depends on Patrick. Lol

Looking forward to seeing quilt shops to be Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Day To With Family

Today was a day to relax ith family. Patrick's sister wasn't able to get on the early  this morning, so she spent time with us instead. She took Patrick and I out for lunch before catching the next flight out.

Today I pulled out the cross stitch i started the other day. Gusswhat was missing?! Yep, the needle. I should know how to put a needle in fabric, that wouldn't loose a needle, but NO, not me. After lunch Patrick and I went to the post office, Staples (returning), and then Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was for needles to replace the ONE needle I lost.

This was my starting point for today.

This is how much got done today so far. It's coming along nicely.

I wanted to show you one of the patterns I bought yesterday. This one is for mom.

This caught my eye. I lve hummingbirds, so had to get this pattern. I won't make a small quilt, this will go in a bigger quilt with other blocks.  I have some ideas for this and think it will work with my butterfly blocks I've been trying to figure out what to do with.

All's well and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trip to Green Bay

We woke early today and headed to Door County. It was a day of driving more then anything. We did get a chance to get to Sturgeon WI. The was a quilt shop there. We made it in time! Barn Door Quilts. This shop reminded me of Sisters in Chehalis. More fabric then you have time to check out. I bought fabric and patterns. One pattern is for mom. She didn't have a lot of applique patterns. Actually there were only about 5 applique patterns.

Great place for a steak.

Most of the photos I took with my camera. So, I'm limited to what I can share today.

There were some really nice motels like this one. I loved the houses and motels around Door County. Well worth going, but found out one needs to plan for more time going there. Too much to see in a short time.

We went hiking to check out the sand dunes. We took a good 2 mile hike. We saw bear and deer tracks. I was keeping my eyes open for bears lol.

While we were in Ephrium, WI, I found these flowers that reminded me what my grandmother had in her yard in Seattle. These were so cool!

We stopped in Escanaba for supper. We had chicken. I thought this was interesting. Not that often you find a cat going after a bird while you eat.

I didn't get much of a chance to work on my cross stitch the last two days. Since i posted earlier today, I've been riding in a car. Lol I don't understand why retired people love driving for hours. Since I can't do anything but look out the window. Reading even gets me motion sick.

Looking forward to being Happy Quilting.

Visiting Green Bay

8/16/2014 Today we drove down to Green Bay. Patrick showed me around. Since he grew up here, he showed me the schools he attended, the house he lived in, the places he played, and were his dad worked. We went to the train museum, which was a little disappointing. They have a great idea, but the trains need upkeep and better displays.

On of the trains. They have some really big trains. Loved seeing the different ones. 

After the trains, we went to a pro shop and bought him a bowling ball. 

Packers stadium at night.


Another shot of the stadium.

We stopped here for supper. Never ate here, but it was awesome!

Tomorrow we are checking out Door County. I'm hoping to be able to shop at the quilt shop down there. Not sure they are open on Sunday.

Hope your having a great day! Happy Quilting!

NOTE: This was sed to have been scheduled for earlier s morning.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Found a Quilt Shop

We relaxed with family yesterday. Patrick showed me around Escanaba MI. As we were going into town for copies of my cross stitch pattern, we found a quilt shop. If your ever in the area I recommend visiting Glenna. Quilt'n Stuff. She does a lot of her own designs. MI is doing the row shop hop, so i was able to get the pattern. Also picked up the beads that go with it.

I picked up one of her patterns.

Also picked up fabric from here shop. She has a lot of the wool quilt patterns and fabrics. 

Started my cross stitch that my son and daughter in law gave me for my Birthday. Don't have much done but having fun.

Since I'm writing this on my tablet, mistakes are made. Please excuse the mistakes. Photos are ones I take on the tablet and cell phone. The camera photos I'll share when we get back.

So, I'm now Happy Cross Stitching and looking forward to being back to Happy Quilting.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

An Interesting Day

Today started out with Patrick and huis mother teasing each other. Another family "game." Thought I was over those games but guess not. Lol Every family has their perks.

I baked homemade bread for supper. Cinnamon rolls will be done for Friday. After making bread, we headed to the lake to be with family, but got stuck at a railroad crossing for 30 mins before Patrick turned around and went another way. Funny, I thought that only happened in WA! The tain was still there when we finally made it to the lake. We waited 30 mins for everyone to show, and when no one did, we went to the casino.

While waiting on the train and family, I was able to work on my block. Sorry about the color, but it was taken at night with bad lighting. I'll take a better one tomorrow.

We had supper at the folks and then went back to the lake. Ate s'mores and visited with family.

I've been taking photos with my camera, so can't show them till I get home. As you can see I'm Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Day at the Lake

Today we enjoyed a day at the lake. We boated out on Lake Michigan. Spent the day without our luggage. It's almost 11 pm and we are waiting for our luggage to arrive via taxi. I made Patrick go to Walmart and get mre me some underwear and shirts. Lol Just had to have a shower and clean clothes! Note to self, put change of clothes in carry on bag!

We were out at the lake having fun. We walked to the restroom and showers. I got a big kick out of the stalls! The wall has a slit were you could lean down and see the other stall. It was a taller slit then I'm used too. Funny what hits my funny bone! Been around Patrick too long.

Here's Patrick relaxing.

This is my father in law and neice having a great visit.

Patrick having a good visit.

Enjoying our boat trip. Dennis showed us around the Gladstone area via boat. Sue and Kayla went tubing.

Didn't get a chance to be Happy Quilting.

Arrived Safe and Sound without Luggage

We have a pretty good flight from Portland OR to Green Bay. I even was able to get though Security without any problem. We switched planes in MN and with boarding started as we made it to our next flight. Arriving in GB at 8:30 PM. Made it to Patrick's folks at 12:30 am.

Left the neighbors and Phil to babysit Charlie and the house.

Worked on my block on the flight from Portland. Figured I needed to take this out because I'm off. Since I didn't have scissors to remove the stitches, I carefully ripped it out using my embroidery needle.

While I was trying to figure out what to do with that section I needed to take out, I started the other corner. I did get more done than expected.

I started the center piece to the one on the left. I need to replace the one on the right.

Good news is I am still Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nothing new

Today, I really don't have much to report. I went to mom's and worked on ironing the quilt top and backing. It's now ready to go to Kathleen A. for basting. She does a really good job.

Went to my physical therapy and had a couple more things added to my list of exercises. I won't be able to use my exercise ball for a few days, so I guess that will help that he added more to do.

Got home, put my stuff together. Wishing I was Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not Much going on Yet.

Today was a little bit busy, not as much as it could have been. I worked on the laundry. Even put some out on the line, and Patrick went to get it off the line since I left the other stuff on the line for 4 days. lol - Completely forgot I had towels out there! Love my hubby!

This is a kit mom brought back from her cruise for me. I'm excited about this one! I need to behave and not look at it for awhile. I don't need to start another project! At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Now the fun part - how long will I be willing to let it sit before getting started on it?!

I picked up all this floss and nylon thread at the garage sale. One of the other "sellers" was selling this with a lot more, for $2. I bought the box and then I took out what I didn't want and put it back out for sale. Got a lot of DMC pearl cotton floss.

I also picked up this light box. Not sure if I want it or not, but if I don't, I can give it to another quilter. I think this will help me out, at least I'm hoping!

I did get started on the third corner of my last block. It's looking good. I'm a lot happier with this block than I was with the one I started before taking it all out.

We went to the movies today to see "Into The Storm" and I was actually disappointed in it. It was along the lines of "reality TV" and movie mixed together. I would have rather had a movie and not reality TV mix. It was good, just not great.

Life is good and I'm still Happy Quilting.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trip to Seattle

We were up early this morning to head to Seattle to pick up my parents from their Alaskan Cruise.

Most of downtown Seattle is under construction. But it was still awesome to see the Space Needle. I have always loved being able to see it when I go up there. I was surprised at how many building are now taller than the Space Needle. My grandmother's would take me up to the Needle when we visited. Still home to me.

We got down to Pier 91 to pick the folks up. While we were their I loved the view of all the boats out on he waterfront.

Not sure what they were doing out there, but think it has something to do with fishing. lol

This was not the ship my folks were on, but it was next to the Golden Princess. Think this is the Norwegian cruise but not sure. Wasn't paying too much attention. This trip to Seattle was so easy! We left at 7 am and arrived up there about 15 mins to 9 am. We were back in Centralia by 11:20 am. A heck of a lot quicker than last week!

I have gotten the last block of the Affairs of the Heart to this point. I haven't been able to work on it, the pieces are dark, and since I have been staying away from lamps at night because they get hot, I haven't been able to work on it. I'm hoping to work on it before we leave, but not sure how that is going to turn out. Still dreaming of being Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 8, 2014

No Quilting today...ugh

Today I spent the day at our garage sale. We did pretty good. I haven't had the chance to work on my quilt block. I'm hoping to get working on it tonight.

We pick my folks tomorrow in Seattle. Hope they had a great time on the Cruise. They started out "not so good" when they both were sick the first couple days.

Not sure how this weekend will end up. We are having to get ready to pack for our trip to Michigan. Looking forward to seeing Patrick's family.

I'm excited about how things are going, and looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Taking my Time this Time.

I'm actually getting back into enjoying working on the Affairs of the Heart block.

The hearts turned out great, and the flower that goes toward the corner turned out pretty good. I was surprised at how enjoyable this is compared to the one I ripped out. I'm done with this side and am working on the opposite side now. I was a little worried about how it would come together, but it worked out fine.

Today I was working on the garage sale stuff. I loaded up Patrick's truck and took the stuff down to the neighbors to get ready to sell. I had to go to Phil's to get a table and picked up a few things from him as well. Patrick didn't do much in getting this ready. He left all that work to me. Even let me drive his truck to Phil's so that shows how much he wasn't into this sale. lol

I will take over the batting and backing to mom's how tomorrow on my way to the doctors. That way she will have it when she gets back and I can spend part of Monday getting it ready to go get basted. Looking forward to coming back to the quilt basted. Then I'll have to kick butt and get it quilted by know what your thinking...."She still hasn't finished her Hawaiian quilt yet." Well, yea, I know.....(head down)...but I'm hoping to be able to finish them both this winter. May be spending a lot of time at moms working on it! ugh.
With mom's help, we'll be Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Getting Ready for Garage Sale!

Today was a pretty good day. I got a lot done. One of the things I did get done was pricing all the garage sale stuff. We are having a garage sale this weekend, so it should be pretty good. Took me a couple hours of pricing.

Stuff the stuff in boxes! lol - love the way that came out.

My big mess of putting prices out, and going through stuff. This is mom's mess. Must be nice knowing your daughter will do all the work for the garage sale.

They won't even be around. They are still on their cruise. Talked to them the last couple days. They were sick the first 2 days of the cruise. So, they were quarantined till about 9 pm Monday night. They finally got to check out the ship! lol - Count on mom to get sick on the cruise! lol

Just love these flowers! Was checking them out when I was working on the garage sale stuff.

After working on the the pricing, I decided to get back to the Affairs of the Heart quilt block.

This is were I got last night, after taking out all the pieces I already had on it. I couldn't believe I had such mess with the block when I first worked on it.

Before Patrick got home, I was able to get this much done. In between laundry, dishes, and playing games. I'm working on one of the flower pieces now. I'm a lot happier with this block now that I redid it. I told everyone I would NOT take it apart and start over. Guess what I did?! I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do! UGH!

Once this gets done, I can get started on the hearts that go in the border.

Love the way peppers grow! Patrick has this one in a pot out on the deck.

His flowers are awesome! They are growing great, and I hope they won't be dead when we get back.

Things are going great. I'm able to work on more of my applique blocks. I have more UFO's to get done, so hopefully I'll have one more done before the year is over. I'm feeling pretty good about having 3 UFO's done this year. That means I can actually start one more, but I'm not going to right now. I will do the cross stitch while at my in-laws. Looking forward to starting that. I still plan on being Happy Quilting!