Saturday, September 24, 2016

Usual Saturday

Today I was up early. Played a little till Patrick got up.

We headed to the casino. Not much happened there. lol We came home and I enjoyed a few minutes with the cat.

I worked on this piece again today. I've started out with adding the brown for the house in the background.

Yesterday I ordered a couple patterns from HAED that everyone seems to order from these days! lol I am looking forward to getting my patterns. It will be fun to work on one of their pieces.

Bad news keeps getting closer to my private little "bubble." I can't believe where our country is going right now. I'll just keep doing my part of helping others and trying to make a life of caring. My crafts keep me going. My crafts have a way of relaxing me. Life is good and I pray it gets better.

We went out to eat with my folks. Their Anniversary is tomorrow.

Mom and I talked about the pattern we ordered. She wanted to know if I had the fabric for the background and I'm going to try and remember to take some of the fabric to her place and see what we can do.

Happy Quilting!

Yesterday - A Busy Day

I'm posting this now because as much as I hate to admit this, I forgot to post for yesterday. I will post more later for today.

Yesterday started out early, by getting up and going to see Cherrill. It was raining so it didn't turn out to be a good day as far as the sun goes.

Afterwards, Patrick decided we'd go to Costco. We headed up to Costco and purchased a lot of stuff we needed. We were home around 2 pm. We decided to sit and watch a couple shows we had taped.

I started working on my cross stitch. It's easier to work on this while watching TV. I'd work on the quilt, but I do enjoy being with Patrick, so just worked on this.

We went to Centralia to see a movie again and have supper but they didn't have the movie they advertised. We ended up at Dairy Queen. I'm okay with that, because we get ice cream when we are done.

Came back home and watched an old movie. It was really good. Another Tony Curtis movie!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Today Is Thursday

Yep, today is Thursday. I got up and walked with Ruth for a 2 mile walk. We didn't get more in because she had to be at her sisters. We had a good chat and walk. Tomorrow I have to go to Cherrill's around 8 am.

I worked on my tablet. I had the list of floss I needed for the next project. I wanted to use Cosmos floss for my next project. I went to deliver the pots that I had. since I repotted the plants, I could return the pots. I had a quick visit. Then realized I forgot the tomatoes to take to the meeting. I went back home, got the tomatoes and then I went to Safeway to get some food for the pot luck. I forgot my camera and my older quilt for show and share.

Went to the shop and got the floss I wanted but she didn't have some of the colors I needed. I figure I'll us DMC for the ones that I couldn't get. It will work great. I figure no one but me (and who reads this) will know I used two different floss types. I like the Cosmos because it's softer and shiner. It will look great.

We had a lot of show and tell with the "old" quilts. This is one that was embroidered (stamped cross stitch). See Haven't Missed A Stitch for more photos.

I didn't stay long. I really wasn't in the mood to be there. So, I came home and cleaned the washer drawer. Then I got the coke points worked out. Really didn't do that much. I was getting tired while I sat and watched "Murdock Mysteries."

We are watching "Big Brother" that we recorded last night. I'm ready to sit and cross stitch. I did order a pattern and an "addict box" that had linen. So, I'm happy!

We will be enjoying the evening! Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Bowling....Among Other Things

This morning I was up and ready to go. I didn't have to go walking till 7:45 am because Cherrill isn't ready before then. She doesn't get up as early as Ruth. Ruth met me at our house and we walked over to get Cherrill. She's doing great! For a lady that had both knees replaced and broke her back in the hospital while recooping, she's doing great. We walked 1,5 miles with Cherrill and then Ruth and I walked another mile.

After that, it was 9:30 am by the time I got back home. It sure makes the morning go fast! I then got on the tablet and played - nothing new there. Then I went downstairs and quilted for about 1 1/2 hours. It was cold, but I didn't bother to put the heat on this time.

I thought I was farther along then I was. I quilted around the center pink/purple border and got that done. I thought I had done that last time but was wrong! I did finish the quilting on the white area before the border.

Next I worked on the darker border piece. There are 6 of them total. So, I have 1 1/2 done. I will work on it some more. I wanted to go back down after lunch but then realized I needed to get those plants re-potted before it got too cold for them in the garage. Plus I need to return the pots to a friend.

I started out with this mess.

Ended up with these all potted. I messed up my hanging plant and it got cut way back because of it breaking every time I tried to move it. It was so pretty with the long leaves, but it was scraggly and I wanted to add more to it. I ended up cutting it way back, taking the parts I cut off and putting them in water. I will plant them in another pot later. If this one dies then I have all the ones in the water and will end up with another plant. I love household plants and there for awhile I lost quiet a few. Then as the last 2 years have gone by, I've gotten more plants back in the house. I just love the way they look and they do help freshen the house a bit! lol

While I was downstairs I found this pattern I bought when we took a cruise to Alaska - back in 2007. I bought it thinking I would make it. I had Patrick help me pick it, as he's picky about what he likes compared to me. I will do this one next after "Nantucket Rose" because it will be quick and easy. Then I'll go to doing the Santa I want to do.

I decided I'm going to put dad's name in the QOV quilts. I will be awhile with his quilt, and I don't want to make him wait forever or not get one because I'm taking so long. Told mom I'm working on his quilt but it's going to take time and I want to have it hand quilted instead of machine. So, I'm going to sign him up for a quilt. That way when his gets done, I'll give it to him on his birthday or at Christmas time. That's my plan anyway.

I was able to get a few more stitches in this piece. I fixed my numbering area that I was off. I figured it out and thankfully it was really easy to fix. I'm loving how this is coming out. I found that I have more followers on Instagram then I'm following. Makes one feel good. I love working on this piece and I only got about 50 - 100 stitches in today. Not as much as I would like.

We bowled tonight. We had our Sunday partners come bowl for our Wednesday partners. I think we took all 4 games. I bowled a 193, 192, 152. That  last game bites! But hey, I'm doing better and it's working for me, no complaints!

Tomorrow is quilting, so I'm thinking I'm not going to stay long. Probably just long enough to say hi and give them some food for the potluck. I need to take photos for the blog, so will do that too. It will be a day of Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Day Away From Home

This morning I was up and out the door. No game playing on my tablet, no walking, and no eating breakfast. Actually I did get breakfast but it was at Art's place. He likes to eat breakfast with me when I take him to the casino.

I spent the morning at the casino. It works out great because Art does his thing and I do mine. We meet for lunch and then wait till Keno (speed Keno) is done, and then we head home.

I won big for a 50 cent bet! This is what had me going all morning. I had my ticket that the casino gives me, and I didn't have to put any money of mine in. I like that when that happens.

To think I could have bid more and got a bigger bet, but I don't do that! I'm a 50 cent bet person! It helps me stick around for awhile!

Came home after stopping at mom's. I found out dad is going in for more tests. So, we are starting all over again....prayers please.

Got home and spent time with the new pet - "Kittie."

She likes to play hard to get. Once I get her to stick around, she loves attention.

She was playing shy.

Patrick cooked supper and now we are just sitting here relaxing. I'm feeling good that I could bring some money home. I got my floss organized for my cross stitch. Now I'm excited to get some more cross stitch done tonight.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow where I can take part of the morning and work on my quilt. Then in the afternoon I can cross stitch. Who knows, I may get that quilt done yet! It's soooooooo close to being done, and what do I do.....take my time working on it! Go figure! One would think I would get my rear in gear and go down there to finish it up!! Oh, right!, we are talking about Lynn, which usually comes to "in your dreams!" Oh, well - Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 19, 2016

And Another Week Begins

This morning I didn't want to get up - couldn't sleep last night so I got up and worked on my cross stitch for a while. Went back to bed at 12:30 am! Patrick was up, and I was wanting to go back to bed. I should have, since it was raining and Ruth decided we wouldn't be walking. I waited till about 8 am and went to Cherrill's to help her out. We walked but we didn't get very far, we only walked about 3/4 of a mile. Hey, any walking works for me!

Came home and went downstairs. Decided I needed to get moving and get that quilt off the frame.

I had a lot of this part done, but I had to move my chair to the other side of the quilt to quilt in the border. I'm not filling in the board, I'm just getting the stitches in on the shape.

I was able to get 2 of the 6 "mounts" in the border done. I was able to get more quilting in on the inside of the quilt. It's gotten me to half way! I'm thrilled. I really need to work on the border area and then I can pull the quilt off the frame. For the 2 hours I was down there, I was able to get a lot of quilting done! Hopefully I can get back to it on Wednesday, since I have plans for tomorrow.

I stayed down there till about noon. I even turned the heat on, because it was cold in the house. I forgot to shut it off when I came back up. I cleaned the oven, so between the heat downstairs and the heat up here, the house warmed up for me! Woo Hoo.

Had to take a photo of what's left of my plant. It's slowly changing. It's funny how new ones are on the plant and it's almost getting too cold for the plant! This is the first year we have been able to keep a fushia alive!

Even the plants in the pot are still going strong.

Miss Kitty was around today. She didn't come around me much. She's loves attention but very "gun shy" and jumped every time I moved.

I put part of the afternoon in on this cross stitch. It's coming along great. I did find where i messed up on my counting 10x10 area. I did one area 12x9, so now I'm having to fix what I did wrong That's okay because I didn't mess up where the floss goes, just the areas I was in. I'm loving the design. I was looking at Santa when I was downstairs.

I need to find a sampler to work on as well. Not crazy about them, but I did join a group that is a sampler group, so I need to do a few samplers.

As I type this, I'm yawning! So, I guess tonight is going to be an early night for me. I'm still getting stuff done and having a blast working on all of it! Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Sunday....Time Does Fly!

Today I was up early as usual. Really didn't do much. It was a Sunday for relaxing. 

Patrick was up later. He went out and cleaned up some of the garden. He pulled all his beats and I'm taking them to Ruth tomorrow. He brought a lot more tomatoes too. This year was an awesome year for the garden. We ended up with a lot of stuff we normally don't get! I made some tomato sauce that was great the other night with meatballs. I don't know if I'll do that again and freeze another one. We really don't eat a lot of saucy stuff. 

I baked a Chocolate Zucchini Cake. It really did turn out good. It's moist and chocolaty. I was hungry for chocolate, so it worked out great. I grated the rest of the zucchini and froze it. I'm going to make some zucchini bread this week. I've been hungry for that too. 

While the game (Seahawks) was on, I baked the cake and then worked on my cross stitch. 

This area is like confetti and gets to be a pain at times, but this technique has been a great help! I make less errors, if any this way! When I was doing it the other way of doing one color at a time, I would miss a color or I would get the wrong color in the wrong spot. This way I actually pay attention and get the right color in the right spot. There are a couple colors that are so close in color that at times I do get confused but after stopping, looking, and watching what I'm doing, I figure it out. 

Now I'm back to the apron. I go from bottom to top. If I would go up then down, I would probably get confused and found that it's just easier to go from bottom to top. Not sure how I'm gong to do the "split" in the design. There is a lot of "air" or "sky" that doesn't get any stitches. I really, really don't want to get off, so may do the bottom area, work up on the face, then turn the work and go the other way. 

I was thrilled to be able to sit and work on my cross stitch.

I did go to the yahoo group that I'm in to see what they were up to. Some are doing a "Stitch-a-long" that is SAL when they chat. They each do the same piece and stitch along show where they are with that project. I'm thinking that would be awesome! I may have to join one of those! OUCH, here I go again with another idea or another project....calm down, Lynn, stick with what you are doing! 

I did go out this morning and sit down on the deck to pet the Siamese cat that I'm trying to adopt! She loves the attention. We enjoyed each others company for about 10 mins till Patrick got up. She wasn't sure about Patrick but she stayed with me. I fed her and then let her be. She enjoys being around our deck and by the garage. I went out later while the game was on, and she let me pick her up. She loves the attention. I can't wait to get her to come in the house with me during the day, like we did with Charlie. She's a sweetheart! I'm hoping she gets the lovable with Patrick. She might get his attention too. That would be awesome!

We had bowling tonight. I was a little "gun shy" with bowling since I fell on Wednesday. It didn't hurt my game too much, but by the 3rd game I was back to normal with throwing my ball. I bowled a 174, 177, 189. Still have a 181 average so far. I would love to keep that! It's be a couple years since I was that high. 

As I sit here, I'm thinking the day just flew by! I would have loved to have had more time for other things, but time does fly when we are busy!

Tomorrow is another day, and I'm hoping to being enjoying my quilt downstairs. It's back to Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Coming and Going Today

I was up early today. We got moving around 10 am. We headed to the casino first, bringing home $10 more than we went with! lol

Came home and enjoyed a few minutes with the cat. Then we sat and watched a movie with Aubrey Hepburn. Love her movies!! We had a good time together, just sitting and getting stuff done.

I was able to get more cross stitching in. It's coming along. his area is a little more complicated at times. I keep having to double check my colors. I can get off track so I have been marking each row s I go to make sure I don't do a row twice.

So, I believe I have about 200 stitches in today. That could actually be less. I'll have to think about it.

We went down to Kelso for supper. We went to Red Lobster. Came home and now we are just relaxing again. We have been watching "Tiny Houses" on TV. It's interesting how some people can fit all there stuff in a tiny house. My craft room would take up a tiny house!

So, now I'm back to enjoying my day and cross stitching! Quilting is coming! Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 16, 2016

A Day Behind

I completely forgot to do the blog last night. That is unusual for me. Decided there really wasn't much to blog about, so let it go. This will be for both days.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep in - because I could if I wanted to - so was up at the usual time. Funny how that works. On days I have a schedule to keep, I want to just stay in bed and sleep. The days I don't have anything to worry about AND I can't sleep! UGH

I didn't have to help my neighbor yesterday, so I just relaxed most of the day. Didn't get much at all done. I enjoyed the afternoon with the cat. I also had to prepare supper for the oven and then baked some dessert. I over cooked it a little. It said to put it in for 15-20 mins, so I did 17 mins. Guess I should have stayed with 15 mins. Oh, well.

Last night we went to the store for house plant you think I could find any?....NOPE. We had checked Walmart the other day and they only had two that would cost me $20, decided not to get them. We went to Sunbirds, and NOPE. Then we went to Goodwill and found some bowls that will work. One is a cookie jar. I'll deal with it! After that we went to Factory Outlet for our Seahawk shirts! They had a big sell and Patrick and I bought 2 shirts each. Trouble was, this is a yearly "tent" sale and so we ended up waiting in line for half an hour. I normally won't stay in line that long, but I did move around while Patrick waiting in line. I couldn't believe it! That line was long when we got there and it was just as long when we left. There are a LOT of Seahawk fans!!

Today I was up and running when Patrick got up. I went to the neighbors and helped her with her socks, then we walked a mile. She did really good. Ben (her sons dog) was busy and I was throwing his toy around for him to ware out! We had a good visit and then I left to get ready to go to moms. I had to get my stuff ready and then out the door I went. I took Ruth her stuff, called Ethel and told her I was on the way. Picked Ethel up and then went to moms.

This is mom's quilt. She's starting to work on the border now. It's really pretty too! This was P#'s BOM awhile back. She did awesome!

I worked on another one of the friendship blocks. I have a couple more to do. I was getting close to finishing this one. I'm not sure if I'll work on this in the coming week. Hard to say. I do have quilting on Thursday and that may be when I do. But then again, it's potluck next week. We'll see.

I came home and the cat was here. I was thrilled!

She's gun shy but she does love a pet! I have been able to get closer to her, and she has even let Patrick get close to her. She follows me when I go somewhere, but she won't let me get close to her when I'm walking around.

If I move to fast, she's off. But she is a lot of fun to have around.

So, tonight I really want to get moving on my cross stitch. Had a great day with friends, and I even bought a 20 1/2" square ruler from Judy. I came home with 3 more books. We had an awesome visit and I actually did some quilting stuff. I need to quilt on the quilt downstairs, but I'll get there!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Day of Bowling

Today started out with me not wanting to get up. I walked over to the neighbors and we walked a little farther today then we did yesterday. She said she has someone coming tomorrow so I didn't need to come back till Friday. Friday is quilting and I'm not sure if I want to go. Trouble is I found out today that I need to pick up Emily's grandmother and take her to quilting. Guess we'll see how that goes on Friday.

After spending time with the neighbor, I walked over to the Siamese kitty at our other neighbors. She was awesome! She even followed me home. I gave her some of my tuna fish that I was having for lunch today. We had a nice time out on the deck.

She's a beautiful cat and I'm trying to get her over to our house. I love this cat. Trying to decide if I want to take her to dad's or keep her. Time will tell. She's so much fun, but she's very "gun shy" so I think someone mistreated her a little. She does know what "no" means as she took off like a shot when I said "no" very low. I was surprised to see her take off like that. Patrick got her to let him pet her, so that's a start. We spent the afternoon together on the deck.

I did get a few stitches in on my cross stitch.

Sorry the photo is sideways. I'll work on it later.

We had bowling tonight and I landed flat on all fours! I came to a complete stop and fell! Didn't feel that great. I hurt my knees and one of them is bruised badly. Oh, well. I'll be feeling it for a day or two. I didn't bowl so good. Dropped my average by 8 pins. I'll get back up there, but it didn't feel good tonight. I was doing all kinds of weird things!

Life is good and I'm working on the cat as well as my cross stitch. I also have the next one in mind! Can't wait!!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time Was Flying Today

I was up and ready to go by 7:45 am. I walked over to the neighbors house to help her with her socks and walking. We had a good visit and I walked the dog while we walked up and back over the street. I got back home about 9:20 am. I didn't have anywhere to go, so it was fine.

I went downstairs to get a few things done.

I cut and ironed the binding for one of the QOV quilts that Donna has ready.

I also sewed the pillow cases for the quilts she has. All this is ready to go to Donna. One of them belongs to our quilt that we made. I will put it in the case before I go to our meeting next month.

Funny part was that I noticed it was noon, and was getting tired of sewing. I couldn't wait to get them done! I had lunch and went down to finish up the second pillow case.

I was cooking the tomatoes that where on the deck waiting for me to do something. I got a big pot going, and have 2 bags of sauce. One is for tomorrow and one is going in the freezer. I also did laundry and seemed to be busier than I wanted to be. I didn't get to cross stitch much this afternoon, which I was missing.

I decided to get on the computer and check out the needlework groups on yahoo. I had 288 messages, so went through about 150 so far. Will do the rest tomorrow. That's a lot of short messages like "thanks deb" that I need to delete. I'm looking forward to checking out the groups.

Here's my new sink! I finally got a photo of it. I really like it better than the old one.

Now I need to go get my sheets off the line. I'm hoping to get moving on my cross stitch tonight. I wasn't able to quilt today.....sewing kinda did that to me. I'll try and get down there this week and get moving on the quilting. I also have dad's quilt blocks to do.....ugh....I need to get moving....keep telling myself that!

Life is good, I'm busy and loving what I'm doing.....Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Slow Staring Monday

Today started out slow. I actually slept longer than I wanted to! I couldn't believe I have been sleeping later, and the worst part is that Ruth will be home Friday. When she gets home, I'm going to have to get my butt out of bed again! Oh, well. Been reading my book. It's really good. I haven't been that interested in a book in a long time. When we go to bed, I read for about an hour or more.

I went to the neighbors house to help her out. She had knee replacement done on her knees. While she was in the hospital she "broke" her back. She's had to wear a brace for the past 2 months. She needed help with getting her socks on, so I'm going over to help her out every morning. We chatted and I had to leave for our Brazilian embroidery meeting.

I worked on my birds today.

I worked on the bird on the left. I need to fix the tail area. Either the tail needs to go longer or the stomach part gets moved to the tail area. I don't like the photo for the "butt" area. I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Got home and decided I needed to fix my carry box. It was having a lot of "STUFF" in it that needed to be cleaned up. I also put my floss in the plastic "Annie's Keepers." I got more on the keepers and added more to the box of floss. I still have the floss for some of my other projects with the designs that I need to work on. I like to keep my floss with my projects.

We talked about what everyone needed to bring for Seminar. Guess they are trying to figure out how to draw "newbies" and organization for the trip. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.

I worked on my "Nantucket Rose" cross stitch. It's coming along pretty good, just wish I had more time to work on it! This week is looking great! So, I'm going to be able to quilt and cross stitch this week! I'm actually excited to be able to do that!

On my way home today, I stopped at a dear friends house and picked up some plants. She gave me a couple Christmas cactus' and a "David" plant. I do need to replant the cactus' and return the pots. I'll have to go shopping this week so I can get those back to her.

All in all, this has been a good day! Life is good and I'm still moving along with my projects. Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Day of Bowling....

Today I actually slept in later than I thought. I had an hour to get ready to head out for bowling down in Longview. I had breakfast, and then headed off to Travel league.

Arrived earlier than the others at the bowling alley. We had a good time. We're still looking for bowlers on the other teams. We are supposed to have 3 teams from our bowling alley, but we had a hard time just getting 2 teams. The second team needs 2 more bowlers. I bowled a 169, 169, 170. Not bad considering I was a the Longview lanes. (Triangle Bowl) I was able to leave right away since I drove myself. I was getting a little tired by the time I got home.

Got home. Patrick and I did our DNA test that mom ordered for us. We mailed them on the way to the bowling alley. Tonight I was doing great. I bowled a 164, 190, 192. It was nice to keep my average at the 180 level. The other team had one person that needed to get a handicap. She bowled a 190, 116, 117. He hubby wanted her to slow down because she didn't need a high average/handicap to start. Don't think she did it on purpose. We probably won 3 games.

So, I wasn't able to work on any of my crafts today. I did get a message from Donna to do a binding strip so I'm going to cut that out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery and then I can work a few things in the afternoon. So far this week is pretty empty. Trouble is next month my quilting will be Thursday and Friday again. I hate having everything in the same week, with a week off and starting all over again. Oh, well, it's only about 3 months at a time. Can't complain! At least I'm getting out there to the groups. They keep me going when it comes to quilting. Hopefully this week I can get back on track....Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Double Post Today......

I guess I got lazy last night and didn't post on here. So, this will be a double post in one.

I woke later then usual yesterday, thinking that since Patrick was home, it was way too early. Looked at the clock at 8 am and realized he took Friday off. I got up and let him sleep.

When he did wake up, we went shopping. Not the "normal" shopping. First before we went shopping he went to get his hair cut. I had gotten mine cut the day before, so decided to stay home. While I was waiting on him to get back from work and hair cut, I got on the computer and worked on my family history. I was able to add a few more names to the tree. My tree is growing faster than I thought.

Patrick got back and we went to Home Depot of all places! But then we needed to go. It was time to get a new sink. This sink that we have been talking about and thinking about for over a year. I think it's about two years, but Patrick tells me it's a year. I'm betting I'm right. lol  I was even more surprised at how easy it turned out. We usually disagree with a lot of stuff when it comes to decorating the house. We ended up spending more than we wanted but we needed it. It turned out that not only did we need the sink, we needed the faucet. That was harder than the sink!

Then we called the folks to go out to eat. We drove down to Longview and ate at Sizzlers. By the time we came home, we played games. Which made it to the point of no crafts. I did do about 40 stitches in my cross stitch, but that was about it.

This morning I was up early. I even went to bed later because the book I was ready was so interesting and keep me going. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, either.

I did the usual morning routine. Then Patrick was up. I cleaned the kitchen so we could take the old sink out. (Uhmm, or I could try and help) The sink we had was lighter than the new one.

Sink out and waiting on Patrick.

He hooked up the faucet and had it ready to go. Then he decided it would be better to call Phil to come help put it in the cabinet. I can't seem to lift much lately. After the fun of bringing it into the house yesterday, he decided it would be easier just to get Scott or call Phil. Scott was at the UW game, so he called Phil. Phil was quick. He arrived spending 5 minutes to help and off he went. I gave him so blueberries we had in the freezer. Told him he knew where to find more.

Patrick took the afternoon putting the sink in. It looks great! I'd have a photo but he was making sure it didn't leak, so I didn't take a picture of water in the sink.

While he was doing his thing, I was watching the "Murdock Mysteries" and working on my cross stitch.

I have been getting more and more done. I have been having a problem at times with the flowers. It's almost as bad as the confetti I did on another one. I do love this piece.

OH! Forgot! Yesterday mom brought my box back with the block she made for my friendship quilt. Now this is that bright one I've been working on. For the past week I was looking for my block that I started.....well, it wasn't in the box. PANIC, what in the world did I do with it?! I went downstairs and put the box awhile, then looked for the freezer bag it was in. Nowhere to be seen. Deep breath, what did I do with it? I looked upstairs. Then I had a thought....did I actually put it where it should have been?...not me....or did I. I looked in the basket by my chair and there it was! Patrick asked me what I lost this time, and I told him. So, when I came up and found it, I said (under my breath) "great, where it should have been!" He laughed and said, "You actually put something away where it should have been?" Go figure, a funny man for a husband.

So, today is a relaxing day. Tomorrow is bowling....with both the travel league and regular bowling.

Keeping up with projects....Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another Day of Planning..Gone Wrong!

Today I was up just before Patrick left. Mostly because he woke me up asking if I left the coat at the bowling alley last night. Came to find out, it was his coat I ware to the bowling alley! The difference between his and mine is that mine has a grey strip and his has a darker grey strip on the sleeves. So, then I was thinking I didn't forget it, but when it didn't show up in the trunk of the car, I figured I probably did. I tried calling the bowling alley but it was too early.

I then got ready to leave early for our meeting. I wanted to go get my hair cut, so headed over to get that done. Had to get gas, so ended up going through town. Was thinking of going to moms to get my applique box, but realized I had some applique to work on. Got the the hair place. Checked in, and was told it would be about 5 mins. No worries......well, as I was waiting, one gal was done, cleaned up, and walked out of the room. The other two gals were cutting hair. I waited, and watched the second gal (after the first gal helped her with her cutting), clean up her station. The first gal came out eating her breakfast - this was at 9:30 am! - and left the room again. 10 mins later, the second gal called my name. We talked and she trimmed my hair. Told her I would like her o braid it, and she did. While I was getting seated, the first gal came out and took the next person on the list. Told the gentleman that she just finished eating and to please excuse her. I was a little ticked, because the second gal was new to cutting. She did okay but could have been a little better. Figured, oh, well, and moved on.

Stopped and got my ice tea at McDonald's like I always do. Had to stop at the bowling alley on the way to get Patrick's coat. UGH  Then went to the shop. I was early, so I looked around.

I found this book that I'm really wanting! It's on my "wish" list!

This is a bad photo, but one gets the idea. I was working on this block that is part of the Baltimore Liberty quilt. I was surprised at how much I got done today. Because I really wasn't working much! I was moving around a lot! Mom called and wanted me to stop by around 1 pm. Then she called again and cancelled that.

I came home, sat down and Patrick called. I needed to meet him for a flu shot! I knew that! Did I remember that?! Heck no! So, it was a good thing I didn't start supper. Thought I would go the freeway to get there, then half way there changed my mind and went through town...big mistake. Got on the freeway for a short distance and then was at the station to meet Patrick. Got my shot and came home. Starting before Patrick, but he made it home first. Got stuck at every light there was, and Chehalis doesn't have a lot of lights!

Patrick asked me to fix his hole in his coat (this is close up). I tried, but not happy with the results. At least its under the arm! I'll be working on my satin stitch!!

I was able to get some of my cross stitching in before Patrick called on me. I had everything on my phone telling me what I needed to do. Trouble was, it went off and I ignored it, thinking it was something else. I KNOW better, but I just didn't check. So, I was early to the shop, late to get my shot and get supper going.

Oh, well, Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trying to Decide WHAT to Work on...................

I was up shortly after Patrick left for work. Enjoyed my morning and told myself I would go downstairs to work on an eagle, dad's quilt, the 9 patch quilter, or even just quilt.....well....guess I couldn't decide! When I finally went down there I looked at the eagle pattern and realized it was bigger than the "salvage to salvage" size. I need to cut down the wings.....or can I do something different.

So, pulling out my patterns, looking them over and trying to decide what I'm going to do....found a pattern and decided to use those wings on the eagle body I'm already using......that means I have to pull the light box out....that means I need to re-do the pattern. Okay, that can wait. Then I pulled out the fabric for dad's quilt. I needed to make some more half square triangles.

Only had a small amount of the red and blue fabric. Will do want I can with what I have. Oh, great, a phone call. While she talked, I cut enough squares for 3 blocks to be completed. I need to cut more, but will do that later. By the time I decided what  was doing, it was 1 pm. I realized, if I don't go down there in the morning, chances are I won't go down there.

I had to reorganize my patterns on the peg board. They all fell down the other day. Patrick told me it was the patterns we heard, and I actually thought he would pick them up.....nope. They were still on the floor. So, I organized them. Found a couple cross stitch patterns I'm going to do next. Just need to decide which one will be first.

So, my table is back to having a big mess. I have more to clean again.

I came upstairs.

I appliqued the third stripe. I need to work on the rest of it. I was looking for my friendship block I was working on earlier. Couldn't find it and think I left it at mom's with the box. 

I did get some cleaning done today. Between laundry and vacuuming, I did sit and work on my cross stitch. I'm really not do that good with deciding what I want to work on. If I could do the deciding sooner, I would get more done! 

I have been getting more and more done. I do like this piece. I know it's going to take a long time, but I'm actually wanting to work on this more than I want to do applique or quilting. I seriously need to finish the quilt. I can't seem to be interested in quilting lately. I'll get back on track and do both! 

I'm getting there....working on it.....trying to be Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

QOV Meeting Day

Today I was up most of the night. I was also up and ready to go when Patrick was up for work.

I played a few games, cleaned up a little, and headed out to moms before going to the QOV meeting. I stopped at the folks about 9:30 am and dad was just getting breakfast, while mom was still asleep. She's been getting better, but still sleeping more. I paid her for the pattern she ordered yesterday. We decided we'd share the cost. I left her the money, told dad to make sure she got it. The pattern we ordered was $54 - more than either of us would normally pay!! I liked it so much that I got her to go in with me on it. We can both work on it. I want this to be a quilt that we both work on. It will be a first for both of us.

After going to the folks I headed up to Olympia to our QOV meeting. It was good to see everyone. I told our group leader that I haven't been getting emails and she and I were going to work on that. I talked to Judy H (used to join us in Brazilian embroidery) and asked if I made the eagles, could she put the quilts together. We both agreed that I would need to have at least 3 or 4 so that those who receive them will get one, otherwise some would feel left out of a good quilt. I also found out today that the 3 eagle quilt is going to Bev, who asked for one. I'm going to do the bindings and pillows for the quilts Donna does. I'm not sure what happened with the quilt going back to Bev, when it was going to one of Donna's requests. I really don't care, but was surprised at the change. I make them for Vets, and really don't care who gets them, as long as they go to a Vet.

I took photos of some of the quilts that will be giving out.

These ladies do an awesome job with quilts!

This was 3 of the 5 quilts that one of the gals did. She had a lot done! I feel guilty that I've only done 2 quilts for the QOV group. I'm going to TRY and get another one done for them.

I've been getting more done on the cross stitch. I really do like the way it's coming along. I'll be putting more time in on this tonight. Tomorrow I'll work on the quilt, and may try to do a few blocks for dad's quilt.

I had lunch with my son. It was great. I really enjoyed being able to have lunch with him. I asked him to check on possibly doing the calligraphy on dads quilt. I have dad's history of his military, and want to put that in the quilt. We talked about what I could do. I need to work on the star blocks. I may do them tomorrow - if I don't quilt - or maybe both. Depending on how quick I get tired of working on the sewing machine.

I came home with almost 3 yards of fabric. I now have 2 yards of fabric that I can get free. I really don't know what I want, so I'm going to just wait and see what I want later. Not in a hurry to get the fabric. If I wait, I'll have 5 yards, and was thinking I might just keep the points going for the 5 yards. The fabric I bought today will be used for more eagle blocks. Who knows, maybe I'll try and get 2 done this month. If I put my mind on it, I could do it. I think it will take about a week to work on one. Just depends on my mood.....hate that thought! At this rate it may take another month, since I haven't even been moving much on dads!!

Bowling is starting up, so that will make life interesting too! Oh, well.....Happy Quilting!