Saturday, January 20, 2018

Enjoying A Saturday......

I didn't get much sleep last night. Oh, well.

Was up early and playing a few games. The we got ready and headed to the casino. We were able to play for quiet a while. The only disappointing part was the "promo" money we were supposed to get. Patrick lost his "promo" money when a machine wouldn't work. So, we went to the counter and was told that someone would come and help us get the "promo" money. After an hour, we gave up and went home.

We stopped off at Safeway one the way home.

I'm feeling a little better, but then I'm not feeling 100%. Tomorrow is bowling, so we will see how that goes.

I did get some work on my cross stitch. Then I got on the computer and was working on my genealogy. I uploaded my DNA tests to a couple sites to see what would come out of it.

So, really don't have much to report - but today I'm still Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Quilting Yesterday - Cross Stitch Today!

This morning I didn't feel any better than I did yesterday, actually a little worse for wear. I stayed in bed for awhile and played a couple games before getting up.

Once I was up, I watched TV and worked on my cross stitch.

Even though I'm not happy with this piece, I need to finish it. So, I worked on it some more. I'm getting there, but the stitches are not as "perfect" as I would like. I've found myself having trouble with the holes. I'm not using a magnifier on this, natural light works great. I have done some ripping out. I just hope the floss doesn't run out with some of the ripping out I've done. The photo of this looks good, but the more I work on it, the more I wonder.

I have a couple more pieces that I could be working on as well. I want to work on the family tree one, that was started a long time ago. I may do that yet.

Katt's quilt was put on hold today. Not sure why, when I think of how warm I could have been under that piece. I think I'm going to go get the hoop and use that instead of the bars. I can't seem to get it tight enough for me.

I've been behaving and not doing much at all today. I may call it a night early at this rate. My eyes are swollen and I noticed my eye sight isn't very good today - even with my glasses.

I can't complain - I'm still enjoying what I do. I'm not stopped by this cold. I'm going to keep working!

Tomorrow is another day....what will it be?!.......oh, yeah, forgot, it's Saturday.....which means it depends on what Patrick has in mind..usually the casino. So, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I'm ready to deal with it.

Life is good, life is unpredictable, and Life is being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Finally Caught The Cold!

Today started out on the couch and then back to bed when Patrick left. Phone rang at 8:20 am. That was my parents asking about seeing my Uncle when he comes to the area. So, we chatted about that. Then I laid my head down again, and the phone rang one more time. This time it was Cherrill and we agreed I wouldn't help her till Monday, giving me time to get rid of this cold.

What a morning and I really haven't done anything. Ruth showed up! I completely forgot she was coming today, and she was here. We chatted and got caught up on her new place. Can't wait to go see it!

When she left, I still felt like crap - at least I don't LOOK like crap! My eyes are itchy, my noise can't make up it's mind, and my head is half way there. The phone has been ringing more then usual, but I was okay with that. Glad I didn't arrange to meet with Dale today. Don't really want to share this with him. Felt bad for turning him down.

I worked on Patrick's family history. That got carried away and took all afternoon. I kept telling myself I would go get the quilt and work on it, but then I would find yet another family member.

Patrick got home and the first thing he started working on was the printer. It took a couple hours to get it hooked up and working on my computer. So, I didn't have my computer for awhile.

While he was doing this, 

I was watching the show with William Shatner, Henry Winkler, and the others. I enjoyed that, and at least got a few stitches in on my quilt. I got quite a bit done. That made me feel better that I got something done. 

Now I just need to get my code for the McAfee so I can get rid of it telling me I'm on a trial. 

I'll figure this computer out yet! Have you ever had to re-figure everything out? Did it work for you?

Stay at it and be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Week And A Half Overdue!!

Today I was sleeping in. Have a cold coming on and wasn't in the mood to get up on time. Called Cherrill and told her I didn't want to share my cold. Then I decided I needed to get moving.

Walked into the living room and had that "ugh" feeling. You know, that feeling of, "this place looks like crap!" Piles of stuff on the coffee table, piles on the table, and the floor looks like it's growing dirt. It has been a week and a half since I did any cleaning.....just haven't been home.

Looking was not all I did! I pulled the rugs out of the kitchen, swept and mopped. What else could I do?! That floor was dirty, but not near as dirty as I was expecting. The rugs got vacuumed and put back. The the carpet was vacuumed. YEAH! The house was looking better! I put MY piles away. Almost that is! I didn't get the pile on my counter cleaned downstairs.

Then I baked Patrick his mom's cake. I was busy cooking and laundry.

By the time I was done, I pulled out the computer and worked on my genealogy. I found more members of Patrick's family. I ended up deleting his family history and reloading it. The worst part was that I lost 20 family members. Not sure who they are, but I'm sure I'll find them again. I worked on my "LITTLE" family. They go back to the Mayflower.

Then it was time to go bowling. I bowled a 532 series - I think. I accidentally wrote Denise's scores in my phone, so next week I'll have to see the secretary to see what I actually bowled. We won all 4 games. Fred on our team bowled a 279. He was headed for a 300 but in the 8th frame he got a 9 - spare. But the rest was strikes. Shame he missed out.

Tomorrow is another day. I need to make some pot holders as the ones we have need to be replaced! So, chances are, tomorrow I will make a few and throw out the old ones.

That still leave me Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Had A Scare Today...All's Well NOW

Today was my day to take Art to the Casino. I arrived at his place and his car was broke, so we took mine - no big deal. We were there about 3 hours. It was almost time to meet Art for lunch....till I realized my wallet and phone were missing. OH CRAP!! So, I went to security at Red Wing Casino. The poor guy was new on the job. So he said he could take my information and get back to me. Nope, that wasn't good enough. So, I went to the security person by the Cafe. I asked if he could see about checking the video's to see if they could find where I left my phone. A few minutes later, a gal came and walked with me to the machines I was on. She took down the numbers and took me back to the security guard at the Cafe. He was talking to the security on his mike. Said it will take time. Then another gal came to change places with him and she asked if I had checked the stations, called my phone, etc.  I told her yes, I did all that and the other guy called my phone after I tried 2 times. Then she said if I leave to make sure I let them know how to contact me. I told her I wasn't going anywhere because I live in Chehalis and I need my drivers license to get home.  I called Patrick and told him what was up - wasn't happy with me....

I waited and waited. They kept telling me they didn't know how long it would be. So, I told the gal I would get lunch and come back, so if she needed me, I would be in the Cafe. She said that would be fine. I got a hamburger and fries, but couldn't eat it. I only had half the burger and not even 5 fries. Told Art I would go check to see what was going on. When I went back, and asked if she heard anything, she said, "No, not yet. Wait a sec." The phone rang and she said, "Ok, yea she's right hear. Okay, I'll tell her." Then she turned to me and said, what ever you do, press charges. I then asked if they found someone with my stuff. She said yes, and to make sure I pressed charges. Just when I started to ask another question, the head security gal came up to me to tell me they were in the process of arresting the person who had my stuff. She asked for a list of everything I had in my wallet. I told her, my phone, debit card, credit card, health cards, Starbucks card and $150 in cash. She informed me that I might not get everything, but I will get some of it back. I said I figured as much. Then she got a call to meet the police at the front door, and I was to follow. Before we went she asked what I wanted to do, and I said I wanted to file charges against the person. Apparently, I walked off leaving my wallet behind, he picked it up and went to the bathroom. When he came out, he played on the games. Then went across the street. They were in the process of picking him up when it crossed the street to come back.

We arrived at the front door. Shortly there after, they were bringing him to the security room. The security guard told me not to say a word and not make a face at him. I said, "No problem." They took him into the security room that was between the two doors at the front, so he didn't go past me at all. Then the police brought out my wallet and asked it that was mine. I said, "Yes, Thank You!" He then told me to check to make sure everything was there, I found my cards, driver's license and no money. I told him the money is gone, and I checked to see if my phone would work. NOPE! I couldn't get my phone to work, so I pulled it out of the case and the battery was gone! I asked about the sym card and he thought it was in there. Said he would be right back. About 2 minutes later he came out with the battery and sym card!! He told me the guy had that in his pocket. (Which explained why Patrick couldn't track my phone).

He went back in and came back out. Said they searched him and they didn't find anything else on him. I said thank you. He went back into the room and I chatted with the security guard at the door. He was telling me how they come in and get all the 1 cents, 20 cents, etc, tickets that people leave behind and collect them all day long, cash them in and try to win money. They get $200 or more, then they leave and come back in a couple days. They go around looking for purses and wallets all the time. He was telling me how Queen Casino in Tacoma and Lucky Eagle (where we go) are the worst places that security will not do their jobs. They don't work fast enough.

After about 20 minutes, the police officer came out, wrote down the case file and said if I find something else I missed to call and let him know. I asked if I needed to sign anything, and he told me no, they have it all on tape. Apparently they taped his movements and were following him the whole time. I was told I may get a court appearance to state that is my wallet, but he didn't think that would happen. The tape says it all. I thanked him. Told him I wasn't worried about the money that he took, I was more worried about the other stuff he had. I was amazed at how quick they moved. By the time I figured it was missing to the time I was done with them it was 1 1/2 hours. I had $60 on me, that I was playing with. So, at least I had that. I learned a valuable lesson! They will contact me if they need anything. I was told the guy was being charged with Trespassing and Grand Theft. He's going to jail. At first I was told they may not find him, and if they did, it was questionable if he would be charged.

What I found out was that when someone is caught stealing from the casino, they are permanently banded from getting anywhere on the property. Their cards are marked and it goes off that they are in the casino, which gets security to arrest them. Since he was charged with Trespassing, then my charge put the "nail in the coffin"  so to speak.

So, after dropping Art off at his place, I went to the bank. Told them what happened and they issued me new cards. I was told that he could have wrote the numbers down or something to the affect, and sometimes it takes a year, but they use them. I said fine, and got my new cards. UGH UGH UGH

I looked at today as a learning experience. I haven't done this since I was in high school. The thought of replacing everything, including my licenses wasn't fun. So, I was thankful he didn't have time to use any of my stuff. Since he took the battery and sim card out of my phone, he knew what he was doing!

I also learned that most people that have the same incident happen to them, they don't press charges. So, they get away with it and go back and do it again. I am shocked that most people today are not honest and don't seem to know right from wrong. I am VERY THANKFUL to Red Wing for being so fast and being able to get the guy! They were very helpful and very polite! Of all places to have it happen, I'm thankful it was there!

So, after being so miserable about what happened. I came home and walked. Then I played a few on the games. I got my lecture from Patrick, which he had all rights to do. I'm going to do things differently next time.

Life is good, I was lucky today. I honestly think I had someone looking over me today. Someone helped me solve the problem and made me learn a lesson for what I was doing. I believe someone out there was watching.  I know I'm followed. I'm not the luckiest person in the world, nor do I think I'm lucky. I do believe I have an angel with me. Not around all the time, but in times of need. So, to my guardian angel I say, "Thank you!"

Has anyone else had a similar indecent?   How did it come out for you?

Now I need to get myself back to being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Day With Embroidery Friends

Today I was up and out the door by 9 am. We had Brazilian embroidery today. There were 6 of us. A couple of others couldn't make it, but we had a good time.

I worked on the EdMar piece that Bev gave me. I was able to finish it. I forgot the pattern to the other piece she gave me. So I didn't get any time on that piece.

I added the blue colot to it. Think it looks better.

Came home and watched TV while playing a few games. Wasn't in the mood to work on anything else.

I almost panicked when I realized Katt's vacation was around the time of our Seminar. Good news, she's here the week before, so I can still go.

Mom and dad came at 3 pm. We went down to Longview for supper. Then came home and played games.

After they left, I wanted to find out what the problem is with my computer. Ask Patrick for help and the next thing I knew he took over. So for the last hour he's been trying to figure out the issue. He bought a program to help fix it. Time will tell.

So, now I'm not feeling great. Hope it's not the cold coming on.

Let's all get back to being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Day of Bowling

This morning I was able to get a few minutes longer at home before heading to the bowling alley. Our travel league was at our bowling center, so I could leave at 10:10 am instead of leaving at 9:15 am.

I was out the door and at the bowling alley in time to bowl. Theresa was a little late at getting to the bowling alley, and didn't get a chance to practice. We did pretty good, but not good enough. I bowled a 191 which got me $5 for having the high game scratch. Then I bowled a 170 and 177.

To my surprise, I actually beat everyone on the team. The good news was that my average went up one pin. I'm happy about that.

Came home and was able to put a few stitching in on my cross stitch.

I'm happy to say I was getting a few stitches in, but the frog arrived today. I was taking out a lot of stitches.

Then we were off again to the bowling alley. I didn't do so good but I did get a 200, 149, 157. I lost it the last two game. Not sure why or how but it just wasn't working for me. I did beat Patrick, so I'm happy about that. He went down a pin and I stayed at the same place I was before bowling. Our partners decided they want to pre-bowl before Super Bowl Sunday because that's the day we bowl those people that said I was "a piece of work." They don't want to bowl them because they don't care for the members of that team. Patrick isn't happy about that. He hates to pre-bowl and usually refuses to pre-bowl. They said they were going to pre-bowl, so that didn't give Patrick a chance to say no. They want to bowl and I do too. I don't care for that team either, so I'm okay with it. Patrick is not. He thinks it's "petty" and we should just get over it and bowl. We don't have to talk to them. I agree, but at the same time, when I do that, I bowl a LOT worse, because I'm so tense around people like that.

Okay life is good, and I'm still working on stuff even when I can't seem to find the time. May we all be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Enjoying A Saturday......

I didn't get much sleep last night. Oh, well. Was up early and playing a few games. The we got ready and headed to the casino. We were...