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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting back to Normal

Today was pretty busy. I did play on the games, but I found that I was doing more things then I've done in a long time.

Feels good to be back to doing more than sitting. I did bake Pumpkin Bars today. Decided to do that early today. Then when that was over, I cleaned the stove.

Love this photo! Got it off Facebook. That's about how I feel not being able to quilt lately! I can get close, but that's about all.

I have been keeping busy with the cross stitch. This is where I ended last night. I haven't had much time for anything else. I'm really enjoying working on this. Funny how I love doing so many things, and find I miss not working on stuff at times. I wanted to try and get more done this afternoon, but that didn't work out. I was doing laundry and a few other things. I think it's funny how I tend to keep working on the left side, and not working on the right side much. It's really coming along and we can see what it is I'm working on.

Tomorrow is Physical Therapy for my back, which I'm happy to say hasn't been bothering me much lately. I will be spending the morning with mom. Dad has an appointment, so not sure if he will be there or not. I'll talk to mom about getting started on Judie's quilt. We will be in Portland OR the 25th for a Brazilian Embroidery class and checking out the quilt show there. I'm getting excited about that.

Time to get started being Happy Quilting!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stitches Out!

Today is a good day. I had my cap on my tooth done, and I had my stitches taken out of my finger. Actually, I think it was only one stitch. Not sure. Never had them before that I could see. lol

I stopped off at mom's house and my daughter-in-laws father was there talking about getting mom set up in her new quilt room. He's going to do the electricity for her. The room has been mapped out, and is ready to go. The only thing now is moving out her old cabinets, getting furniture moved and then they will do the floors. We will be getting the roll top desk and the cabinets. Not sure where I'm going to put them.

Found this photo of Harley, my daughter's cat. Couldn't help but post it since I didn't get a photo of the cross stitch I've been working on.

I got the okay to work with my finger. I was told to see what I can do, since it is still painful. Once the pain is gone, I should be good. He did say it could come back. Let's hope not. Not sure if I can bowl on Wednesday but like I told Patrick, I can always use a lighter ball.

My thimble goes on the finger that was worked on, so I'm not ready to use it yet, but I'm dying to be Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Awesome! Tomorrow is the day the stitches come out of my finger. Can't wait!! The down side to all this is that I have a dental appointment in the morning to cap a tooth. ugh.

Today was a pretty good day. I did work on laundry and Patrick fixed the deck.

He added the shingles to the deck stairs. He had weatherized the deck, and said it would be slippery when wet. He knows me way too much! He told me it was so I would slip on my a**.  Thanked him for that, as I did that twice since we've lived here.

This is what I got done last night.

While watching the SEAHAWKS loose, I pulled out the cross stitch and worked on it some more.

This is how much I got done between last night and today. I will be doing more tonight. I'm working on the basket on the left. I also added more to the cat. It's starting to show what I'm doing. Love the affects. This is a lot of fun. Just wish they had a better way of showing what the colors were.

I went to mom's twice today to take care of their dog and cat. Got in some walking as well. She's been working on P3 Designs BOM. Her basket is AWESOME. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm going to take photos and sent them to P3 Designs, as I told her I would. Makes me wish I was Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two More Days to Go! Woo Hooo

Awesome! Awesome! Two more days and the finger will be back to normal. Can't say the same for my wrist, since I decided to burn it tonight while cooking fried chicken for tomorrow. It's the right wrist, so no worries. lol

Charlie is sitting here on the edge of my chair waiting for me to finish this so she can sit on my lap.

Found this awhile back, and need to frame it. It was done by a lot of friends back about 10 years ago. Would love to find those friends again. lol We did this as a round robin through the mail.

Yesterday while at the quilt group we talked about my trip to MI. One of the things we talked about was the 4 quilt shops I went to. Only one was a quilt shop that I really enjoyed. The other three were quilt shops that were set for beginners. While we were talking, it made me thing about it. Now-a-days, I find myself bored with what I see. I know there are beginners, and I know there are very talented people out there. Why do quilt shops think they only need to have pieced patterns that we did over 30 years ago? Simple, easy, and boring. They change by color, but they are the same old patterns. I rarely see applique patterns unless I go online. If a quilt shop owner wants my business, show me some applique patterns that are hard to find, or unique. Have applique and hand quilting stuff in there shops. One would be really surprised at how many applique-rs and hand quilters that are out there. If they want my business, I want to see things the other shop doesn't have. I don't want to see 20 patterns for beginners that are 9 patch, around the world, and the others that have been around for over 50 years.

Okay, off my soapbox. I did get more done on the cross stitch last night and will do more tonight. By tomorrow you will be able to see how much I've done.

Tomorrow my parents are off to the Seattle Mariners game, so will be running over to check on their dog. Then I will be checking on my neighbor who has cancer. Her daughter is taking her husband out for a "free day" since he's been caring for her.

Sad news did come this morning. Our neighbor, Tom Pakinger, passed away on Thursday. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.

Dreaming, thinking, and waiting to be Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 12, 2014

All in All a Good Day!

Spent the day at mom's with our quilt group. I worked on my cross stitch today. Got a lot done.

It's coming along pretty good. Had a great visit with quilters. I can't wait to get my finger back in shape so I can start quilting on Judy's quilt.

I did figure out, when ones brain tells one to pay attention and try not to loose something, one should pay attention! I was given an application yesterday, thinking at the time, "pay attention, don't loose this." When I went to pay for the fabric, my brain said, "pay attention and don't forget to pick this up on the way out." WHAT did I do?!? I came home, without the application, looking all over for it. Checked the car, the kitchen, called the shop (but it was closed), and I even went through my stuff. Today, while at the meeting called the shop, and OH YEA, there it was. Ended up going to the shop AGAIN to get it. And of course, I couldn't go into the shop and come out without buying something!! When will I learn?!?

It's getting closer to being Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 8 and counting!

Okay, today is day 8 of having my finger limited to what it can do. I took the bandage off today, and it looks ugly! Still a little swelled. I can deal with this.

Today was also quilting at Quilters Junction. We had a good turn out. Kathy W was teaching us how she stores her fabric and I came home to do it with my larger yardage.

And yes, I had to buy this fabric! It was the last of the bolt, so I took it. About 2 1/2 yds.

Okay, Kathy takes her 6" x 12" ruler and rolls the fabric around it like what I did above.

You need a flat area, and my quilt frame is not flat.

If the fabric goes over the corner, fold it so it will be in the middle of the fabric. This is my 6 1/2" ruler as my 6" is at a friends.

Then fold it in half. That saves room!

I got all these done when I got home and found my finger was not happy with me doing it, so called it quits for the day.

I've been doing pretty good considering. Not happy I have to wait till Monday, but understand why. Will put a band aid on it later, wanted it to get air and work on healing. I know it's working because the stitches are itchy.

Enjoyed my day with the gals. Will be at mom's tomorrow and may take my cross stitch and see if that will work.

May you be Happy Quilting.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Slowly getting there

I'm slowly getting there. I'm typing a little faster with 3 fingers on my left hand.

I did do laundry by dragging the basket on the floor with my right hand. I has been keeping my left hand away from water, and it's been itching, so that means it's healing. Trouble is, where they put the needles in to numb my finger, it hurts like "crap." UGH. I itched it and just about came out of my chair.

I'm hoping to get some more cross stitch in. Quilting is Thursday and Friday, and I may have to figure out what to do to be Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Good Day

Today is a good day. I was finally able to shower!! I was so thrilled. lol  I still can't get my finger wet. But I can move my fingers around.

Patrick took the bandages off, and we found this. I'm not looking underneath it! lol  I can wait till next Monday to see what is under there.

It doesn't look that bad from what I can see. We went ahead and put the huge bandage on it. so my finger is pretty much half covered. I will have to keep it away from water, and can't lift anything with it bigger than a mug.

I did try to get dome stitches in my cross stitch. I was able to do about an inch of work before it got a little painful. I'll keep trying, as I hate sitting here with nothing to do.

Bowling is tonight, but I won't be bowling till I get the okay from the doctor. One more week. Think Patrick is getting tired of cooking and cleaning. lol

Life is good and I am looking forward to being Happy Quilting.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Had Visitors

Today I had a couple visitors. Phil showed up, more for his tube then for me. lol Think I saw him all of 2 mins. He worked out in the garage and left. Then my parents stopped by. I got some really pretty roses.

Didn't get a good photo as I can't lift them and put them somewhere else.

When Patrick moves them, I'll take another photo lol.

I got our groups coke rewards - cookie jar - in the mail today.

I'm hoping they will send me another one.

Today is another slow day. Hate not having something to work on. Can't do anything for another week and I'm already going crazy! Dreaming of being Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Boring Day

Still can't do anything with my finger, so slept in. Still keeping my hand above my heart. Not getting much pain, but it feels like it is starting up.

I'm going crazy....after awhile one can only play so many games. Looking forward to getting back to my crafts and back to being Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Surgery Day

I'm typing this one handed, as I sit here. Started the day off showering and heading over to surgery. I don't mind waiting for doctors, if there is someone in front of me that took longer than expected. Not the case today. We waited from 9 am till 10:30 am before they called me in. At 10 am I went to the desk and asked if I got the time wrong when I was due there.She told me she no, she usually has people come early because he usually gets done early. She just found out that the doctor was working with a student and explaining what he's doing. That was putting him behind,  Wasn't happ about that, but dealt with it. lol

My finger is wrapped, and my fingers are still numb! Driving me crazy, so trying to keep busy so I don't think about it,

Now I have a god excuse to flip someone off! lol  Can't get it wet for a good 48 hrs. Put m hair in a braid so I wouldn't have to deal with it,

Mom's quilt is done from Kathleen A's, so as oon as I'm back to normal - whatever that may be - i can start quilting on it! Can't wait to be Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Better Day!

Today I spent part of the morning with my mother. We went to the cabinet shop to check out the cabinets she's having put in her sewing room. I had a few questions and wanted to make sure she was getting what she wanted. After we did that, we went out for lunch. Then we went to Emily's to give her some fabric and thread.

This is the basket I worked on at the quilt group yesterday. And yes, Patrick fixed my computer. I did something stupid, and had him fix what I did. Ticked me off! Decided I would not try to back up this computer again!! lol

This is what I have been getting done. The cat is slowly showing up. I'm really enjoying working on this. It's going fast.

I didn't do much today, only because I just couldn't get myself to do anything. I did get a call that the quilt for my mother-in-law is ready to quilt. I had it 3" off from the back. I'm not worried about that, we can cut that off and it won't be noticeable. I should get the top this week, PROBLEM is I won't be able to quilt for 7-10 days! UGH.

Bowling started tonight, and I didn't bowl that well. I'm looking forward to a better year then last year. I won't be able to bowl on Sunday, but looking forward to being able to bowl without hurting my finger. lol

I go in tomorrow morning to have the bump off my finger. Chances are I won't be able to post for a couple days, till I can use my finger. Being left handed and having the left finger worked on, puts me on a spot.

Looking forward to having my left hand "fixed" and getting back to being Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From BadTo Worst

One bad day all around. Started out with a headache, took a couple pills and went back to bed. Finally getting up to go to the quilt group meeting. Remembering it was potluck day. I pulled out some apples and made apple crisp. After it finally comes out of the oven, I get ready to go. Oh, but guess what!? My wallet was in Patricks truck. I then grab everything and headed out to the church for our meeting. We had our meeting, ate lunch . No one ate my crisp, because someone brought a bigger batch. I  also realized I forgot my fabric for my block.  Now I have both apple pie and apple crisp! Had to run to Patricks work and get my wallet, then go to Walmaart for dog treats. Hum, talk about Walmart......took foreverrrrrr to cash out. Next was safeway and the gas station.

I did get more done on the cross stitch.

Because my computer is stuck checking files, I'm stuck writing this on my tablet. Can't even get the photo to rotate.

Now my tablet is out of energy............can't wait to be Happy Quilting....again!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Yesterday we spent the day with family. My brother and his wife came up from Las Vegas to visit with her mother. Her mother has cancer and her life clock is ticking. So, this was a way to be with her mother and family. We all had a great BBQ and played games all night. Laughter was everywhere! It was a memorable day. Patrick and I even went bowling to get into the swing of things, as bowling season begins this week.

I was able to finish the last block of Affairs of the Heart!

I don't know what it is about the "last block" in a quilt! Whatever it is, I wish it would QUIT IT. Every time I get to the last block, I end up redoing it every time! I find the block isn't going right, so I have to take it out and try again, then when it comes to the embroidery, something goes wrong and I'm redoing that too! After awhile, I tell myself, "enough is enough." That last block will NEVER be perfect! I can try, but it seems to look like that block that one says, "there is the first block she did - see how it's off compared to the rest that look great?!" Yep, that's always my last block. No wonder if too me 3 months to finish!!

I took a few minutes yesterday and started wrapping my fabrics on the boards. After about 3 of them, I said to myself, "Nope not into this...." and quit what I started. I did clean up the table a little though. I can't believe I had this table clean not that long ago and now I need to go back down there and put stuff away again! UGH

Since my sight is far-sighted, I'm finding I need to use my magnifying glass to get those small stitches with my cross stitch. There was a time (yea, I know, I'm getting OLD) that I could to this without a magnifying glass, but not anymore. Even when I have bifocals I still need magnifying glasses at times.

My cat on here is getting closer to being done. I've been getting more done with this. I want to get started on the border of the Affairs of the Heart but with my finger getting operated on this Thursday, I'm not ready to get started with that. I want to be sure I can do it, so I will wait. I've got the baskets to work on, and I have this cross stitch to work on. So, there is plenty to do, I just wish I could get myself out of my "funk" and do it. I'm on the computer and playing games more than I should.

Can't complain today though, I actually made an Apple Pie. We had so many apples off our tree that I made a pie. I can't wait to see how it turned out. I'm hoping it's good. Used an old Betty Crocker cookbook. It's one from the 1950/1960's that my mother had. I have more apples to deal with, so will try and find something good to do with the others. May make homemade apple sauce. I used to can apples, but found I didn't care for them that way. Guess I'm too picky. Yet if I could save money I will...go figure.

Life is good, working on blocks, doing cross stitch, and still Happy Quilting!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Good Day

Today has been a busy day. My brother and hubby went out golfing in the morning and I had the morning to myself.

Love having time to myself. Don't know why, but I do. I cleaned up some before they got back. Then afterward I vacuumed and laundry. We then went out for the afternoon and stopped and got a pizza. While we were leaving, noticed the "tent" at VF factory, and went over to see how much the Seattle Seahawk clothing was. I had to get some!! I ended up with a "hoodie" and a shirt. I have the shirt washing now, so I can wear it tomorrow! lol

I worked on this block last night. Looking at the photo, looks like I need to redo the "tips, because they are a bit off. lol - Must be because of the lighting at night and working on black. I'll fix them tonight. I'm down to my very last bit of floss, so I'm sure I can fix them and still have a small piece left. The block is looking a little better. Just wish my embroidery looked a little better. lol - I'll work on it tonight.

Still Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Quilters that Give Away There Stuff

Okay, now what?! Went to our meeting today at mom's house. Wouldn't you know it, I arrived at mom's house to find about three other members already there. Bev told me when I arrived to go through all the patterns and books on the table and take what I wanted. She told everyone that, because she was cleaning up all her patterns and things. She wanted to get rid of what she wasn't going to use. NOT a good thing on my part!! I usually say, "thank you, but I'm good." Did I do that today?! NO!! I ended up with a few more books and patterns! THEN
on top of that, Nancy brings in this box of fabrics!! She puts the box in the middle of the floor and tells everyone to "help yourselves to free fabric." OUCH....I have plenty of fabric in the house!! Really, I do! But no, I had to get more fabric!! I saw fabrics that are pretty and would work great with applique......NOT SMART!!

Bev even had an Ott light, that doesn't work good with the battery, but works great plugged in. So, I took it. I can use it when I'm at a retreat.

So, check out the PILE of fabrics, patterns and books I ended up with!! Can you believe this?! As if I didn't have enough already! Now I have to put them on the boards and get them put in with the REST of my fabrics I have. WHEN AM I GOING TO LEARN! And I thought I was doing SO good!

That's how I feel right now! Ugh.

I marked the last AOTH block and I appliqued the sides of the basket in the basket block I'm working on. So, I'm defiantly Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quilt Group Day

Today was our quilt group day. I was really surprised at how many people showed up! We had 13 members there, and most of them even beat me there. Usually I'm the first one there. We are working on blocks for the pot luck next month.

While at our meeting, mom called and asked if Patrick and I would like to join them for supper. My father and brother were in Seattle and had crabs. They went fishing for crabs today, and came home with 10 crabs.

Each one bigger than the first.

So we all had a great meal! I went over to mom's after quilting and help set everything up for when everyone arrived.

Well worth it!! Now that's seafood!! I realize I can't get this in Michigan, but I can enjoy it while I can! lol

While at quilting I worked on getting my baskets going.

I finished the basket as far as appliqueing it down. Now I need to work on the flowers and leaves.

Katt's block took me awhile to get the basket basted down. I just need to applique it down now. I'm thinking of doing the sides, top and bottom before appliqueing down the weave. I think it will make things easier than doing it the way I did my block. I'll think about that. Might work on that tomorrow at our meeting at mom's house.

Today was one of those busy days that one doesn't plan. One thing leads to another and before I know it, whatever I had planned just didn't happen.

Tomorrow will be another day of Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day at the Dentist - UGH

This morning I spend the morning in a dental chair. I had to prepare for a cap on my tooth in the back. I was not thrilled to say the least! I ended up tightening up for about 2 hours. Not the most fun I've had, but then it wasn't near as bad as it was when I had my braces taken off. That was the day I found out the doctors doing my braces didn't bother to tell me I had to see the dentist! So, 7 cavities later......Bad memory...sorry. ;-)

When I got home today, I didn't feel like doing anything - and I mean anything! It reminded me of the time I would get "depressed" and go hide on the computer. Felt that way today, and couldn't believe it affected me like that. I still have to go back in a couple weeks for the last step. Not looking forward to it.

I did work more on the cross stitch but didn't get a lot done. I am going to work on the basket block as well. I have quilting tomorrow and Friday.

I will try and mark the embroidery areas for this on Friday. Mom has the stuff I need to do this with. I would love to have it done by the weekend.

I'm going to work on this block tomorrow at our group meeting. I need to grab a few pieces of fabric to take with me. I will need to put another leaf where the one is on the basket, as I didn't do the basket part right. I needed to just do the whole basket, so I wouldn't miss any areas, but I missed where the leaf went. So now I need to cover the open area. I'm just now appliqueing the top part of the basket, so the "tips" will be cut back and covered.

I'm getting excited for the weather to cool down some, so I can pull the Hawaiian quilt out and finish the hand quilting on it. Mom's (in-laws) quilt is still at Kathleen A's. She was busy with the fairs that are going on around here. I hope we can have it back by the first of Sept.
Mom and I will do the hand quilting as soon as we get it back.

Today was a "downer" day, but hopefully tomorrow will be one of those days I'm Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Had Plans - Just didn't happen

I love days where I have ideas of what I need to do. Yep, NEED to do, and then don't do any of them. lol - I will try and do some of them tonight. I just took the day off for myself. That's rare, but I did enjoy getting my pogo games done. lol

Last night I got a little farther on the cross stitch. I'm enjoying working on it. I know I need to get back to quilting and will pull out a few to work on. I need to get them ready. Don't know what I'll do when my finger will be out of commission. Not looking forward to it. Just hope it's quick, easy, and not complications.

Hoping tonight will be another day of Happy Quilting.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. Forgot how much "sh**" one has to do when one gets back from 2 weeks of fun.

I had a doctors appointment today to figure out what to do with my finger on my left hand. I have a bump on the middle finger, that is painful. So, we talked about it today, and I decided they can go in and remove it. It will take me 7-10 days of recovery, so bowling is out till the stitches are out. I will go in on the 4th to have it removed. Not looking forward to it.

Took Patrick his phone, since he forgot it this morning. After the doctors appointment went to mom's and gave her the pattern I bought for her. I also played a couple games with her on the computer. She was asking for help. I left around noon and went to the eye doctors to pickup my glasses. I'm still not too crazy about them, but everyone else seems to like them. Sent a selfie to Katt to see what she thought. I need to work on "selfies" as she "texted" back what mistakes I took when taking the photo. lol

While at the doctors, I was able to get some of the basket done. Not a lot, but it was the only thing I had ready to work on. I need to mark the last block of the Affairs of the Heart to do the embroidery. I also need to get ready to do the border of the AOTH quilt.

Since I've been home, I've been working on this cross stitch. It's getting along nicely. I've started on the cat, which you can see coming along. I really like the way it's coming along, and at times I try to decided where I'm going to go next.

I went next door to play cribbage and see who Flo is doing. She's the one with stage 3 cancer in her lungs. She was off getting her hair done, and the good news is that she has a positive attitude with all this. She acts like this is in her way of what she has planned, and wants to get it over with. I love her attitude and she has everyone around her positive!  Patrick's Uncle has bone marrow cancer, and we where thankful for the time we had with him while we were in MI. Hopefully he will be there when we go back.

I made a dessert last night, and was disappointed! It didn't turn out as good as it looked. Patrick's not eating it - can't blame him! - so this may end up in the trash in a couple days. When something is good around here, it goes fast.

Life is good, and I'm still Happy Quilting!