Saturday, May 19, 2018

Went To The Movies Today

This morning we enjoyed the morning sleep in. Patrick slept in and I was up early.

Patrick worked out in the yard this morning before coming in. Then we headed out to the new "Dead Pool" movie. I liked the story line to it, but I hated the violence and "F**k" language every other word. Even the teenager that was in the movie was using bad language. I wouldn't be too thrilled if one of my children/grand children used that kind of language - in or out of a movie. I did like the movie as it went on, but when heads are torn off as well as other body parts, that's just too "gross" for me. I almost go up and left after the first 10 mins of the movie. Like Patrick said, it was a good thing there was a break in the violence or he would have been gone too.

We got home and Patrick went back out in the yard and worked on a few things.

Found these out in the yard. Our flowers are really going great!

This is my red Rhode and it's really pretty. 

This is the one in the front yard.

Love how big these get. Trouble is with Rhode's is that they don't last long. But when they do bloom they are so pretty! And full!

So, while Patrick was out in the yard, I was binding the QOV quilt. I have a corner and about a foot to go. This is getting done. I should have it finished tomorrow and then I'll wash it. I need to get it over to Judy to take to the meeting in June. While I was doing this, I was watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" I'd love for someone to help me with my Taylor family.

Life is going....taking each day as it comes. Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!!

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Good Day Of Quilting!

🎵Happy Birthday, to me, Happy Birthday to me! 🎵

This morning I was up early to head out to moms. I got a free drink or food from Starbucks, so I went there and got myself a breakfast sandwich on them. I also got mom and me a Chai tea. Mom likes vanilla and I usually go for the cinnamon.

Got to moms by 8:30 am. I helped her with the coffee for everyone to come over. We had 7 of us there today. Nancy had a new hair cut. I was surprised she cut all her hair off. lol

I worked on Katt's Black and White quilt. I took a photo of what I had done to show Katt. I was telling her when she called that I was about 1/3 done. The more I look at it, I think it's only 1/4 done. She was happy at just the thought that I was working on it. Who knows, it may get to her by Christmas, but not counting my chickens just yet! While we were quilting I got a call from my brother and daughter wishing me a Happy Birthday. I really loved hearing from both of them!

Mom left for a little bit to go get Daisy. She was at the groomers and she was excited when she got back home. She had to check everyone out and then had to climb up on my lap.

We did good today. After everyone left, we came here. We were waiting on Patrick to get off work. Then we headed down to Longview to Panera Bread. I liked it for dinner tonight. I didn't want to eat seafood, just wasn't in the mood for it. Plus I think it's going to be hard taking mom there without dad. We then took mom back home. Mom and I got a little teary when I left. It is hard but we are getting through this.

While I was looking at my texts, I found this photo.

Made me smile! It's a photo my sister-in-law took. It was at the "farm" on Zenkner Valley. My folks had all these cats show up at their door for food. I think we counted 25 when this photo was taken. Hard to believe that was about 10 years ago. Most, if not all, where strays. They had to collect them and take them in before they sold the house.

And life moves on.

I had an awesome day. I even showed mom her family tree. She was also interested in dad's side. It was so much fun to show her.

So, I actually got some quilting done! I'm so thrilled that I was able to get more done on the quilt. It's looking good! What fun!

So, how was your day today? Have a great day?

I could hear my father saying to me, "Nah, your not that old, your only 29, so I'm not that old." I may be getting older - but I'm still Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I Seem To Keep Busy

Yet another day of being busy. I seem to keep busy lately. I can't wait for June to get over (I know it's only May), then I can get back to breathing and relaxing. Right now it seems like I'm always on the run. I want to get a cat but can't till things calm down. So, after we put dad to rest, I'm hoping things slow down.

Today I was up and out the door - yet again. I had my doctors appointment, then went to see mom. We headed up to Costco. Mom got what she needed and I picked up a couple things as well. When we got back, I helped mom put some stuff away. She cleaned the freezer so she could find room for her new stuff.

After being with mom, I headed to Great Clips. I got my hair cut and feel a lot better.

Got home and Phillip came to see me. They got a hanging plant for Mother's Day. On top of that, they got me a box of Taylor's Tea. It's awesome. All kinds of different teas. AND IT'S TAYLORS! Wonder if they are any relations. lol I also got a baking sheet. Can't wait to try it out!

Our plants are growing!

This is our lilacs out our bedroom window! They are huge! 

Some of my Rhodes are going! I love the colors. We have a red one out in the yard as well, and it's looking great! I'll have to take a photo of it soon before it quits blooming.

After supper, I pulled out my pages of genealogy that need to be put into my records. I got to work on them. I've added another 200 names over the last two days. I have more to add. So, I'm going to finish today with more enters into the family tree.

Tomorrow is quilting at moms - and my quilt is already over there, so I'll be working on that tomorrow. Looking forward to being with friends and getting back to Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Two Busy Days

Yesterday was a busy day from the get go. I was out the door - being late because Patrick didn't wake me up like I asked - and was at moms by 7:45 am. I dropped my car off for her since she needed while her car was being worked on. Art met me at moms and brought me back to his place for breakfast.

After breakfast we were on the road to Yelm WA to get to Red Wing Casino. We spent the morning at the casino. I spent $50, so that's not bad since I was there for 5 hours. We were supposed to leave right away after lunch but then Art had more Keno games to go. We ended up staying another hour and half. Of course Patrick wasn't too happy because I was a half hour late. I went to moms - gave her a kiss and headed back out the door. I really wanted to stay and chat with her but couldn't because I was already late.

Got home and we were on our way to Lucky Eagle Casino to get our free gifts. This time it was the stick mixers. We got two of them. Then we stayed for a little bit before going to Diary Queen for supper.

After supper it was bowling! We are in the 9 pin no-tap league. I bowled a 265, 233, and 210. A 708 series!! We lost 3 games. The team we bowled had 115 pins more in handicap. Ouch!

This morning I was enjoying the day to myself.

I got caught up on some games. Then I pulled out the computer and started working on my genealogy. I have a ton of papers I printed with all the family information and wanted to get it in the computer. I've gotten back a long way.

My 9th great grandfather - Henry True - 1590-1660
My 9th great grandmother - Isreal Pike - 1618-1669
My 10th great grandfather - Wymond Bradbury - 1574-1650
My 10th great grandmother - Elizabeth Whitgift - died 1612
My 10th great grandfather - John Perkins - 1586-1654
My 10th great grandmother - Judith Gater - d 1654

Those tow last ones are the parents of my 9th great grandmother Mary Perkins - who was one of the last 2 people accused of Witchcraft during the witch hunts. It's really interesting how many I'm finding that have been in the witch hunts. PLUS I'm find a LOT of them are from the Mayflower! I'm really enjoying this. I just wish I could go this far back with my Taylor family. Dad and I tried to get back farther but we couldn't figure it out. Now, I'm sorry we couldn't because I can't share that part with him. At least I can share this side with my mother, as these are her family as well.

I really haven't had a chance to work on anything because I really want to enter as much information as I can from what I have.

Tomorrow is another day, and I will try to get back to being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Another Hard Day - But A Good Day

The day started out a little later then usual. I enjoyed a good night sleep that I haven't had in a long time. I did enjoy the day to myself. It's been awhile since I've been able to stay home and enjoy the day.

I worked on the puzzle mom and I were doing yesterday. There seems to be a piece missing but won't know till I'm done. It's to the harder part of the puzzle.

I got the laundry going, putting a quilt in the wash. I had to dry it, so it's been drying on "delicate" for a couple spins. I need to move my close into the dryer now that I think of it. lol

I got a call from the Omnibusman  program at Mother Joseph's Rehab Center. I had to tell her what went on with dad while I was there with him. I had a hard time getting through that because I had to talk about him. She had started me off when she said she didn't want to make my Mother Day worse by calling then. I agreed with her, and knowing that upset me. We talked a good hour and I filled her in. THEN I got on my computer and my brother sent me a link to the "taps" for my father and his military friends - 6918th Taps Video - which got me tearing up again! We lived at Hakata Japan where this taps is remembering those we've lost. - Dad is now on that list...  The comment that really touched me was this - " Losing any one of our members hurts—but this one stings in particular.  Our condolences to the extended Taylor family." 

So, I took part of the day - in between the phone call and the email - I worked on my cross stitch. I'm getting "Spring" done. I'm so thrilled to see this much is done and can't wait to get more done. 

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. 

I'm going to take a couple hours now and get some genealogy information into my family trees. I think I've added about 300 names over the last couple months. It's interesting at what I'm finding. I need to start putting this information into a book. I may do that with the records I have so far that I need to add to the trees. 

I hope everyone had a great day. Let me know what your working on! Would love to hear from you!

May we all stay Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching! 

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Today is Mother's Day. I know this was hard for mom today, with dad being gone. She went to church and came over here. She said she cried in church. Understandable.

I was enjoying the morning. I opened my daughter gift to me. We texted each other. She gave me a really pretty ceramic tea cup that has the strainer and lid. I love it! Phil called and said my Mother's Day gift and Birthday gift will arrive on Thursday. He called and we had a really nice chat. I love them both so much!

Mom came over after church. We worked on my jigsaw puzzle. We got it 3/4 of the way done! I was thrilled. Mom was working fast, and I was connecting what she was connecting. We really went through the pieces together. We tend to get a puzzle done fast when we work together.

We fixed a turkey today. I gave mom a lot of the leftovers. She loves to make soup, so I gave her all the stuff for that. She makes the best soup. I'm almost thinking she's going to make if for Friday knowing her. We'll see.

Daisy found the quilt that I'm binding.

She was making herself comfortable on the quilt. She loved being here She's really getting used to being around here.

We watched an old movie and then mom left around 7:30 pm. Now I'm going to try and work on the cross stitching. I did get two sides done on the quilt. It's way too hot to keep working on it. We got up to the 80's and more today. Way too hot for me.

I'm hoping everyone had an awesome Mother's Day, as I did. I wish everyone a great day, Mother's or not.  Keep being kind and stay Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

It's Saturday Again!

Today was another busy day. We didn't do the casino round today. We went to moms and traded out her pots full of plants. She had some dead plants and others that had bulbs of what dad planted last year. So, Patrick gave her two tomato plants in the pots, with about three other pots full of flowers. If I knew what they were called, I'd say, but I don't. I'll take a photo of them the next time I go over. Mom's coming here tomorrow for Mother's Day.

Mom was having a hard day today. We tried to get her out of her slump. Mom and I took a walk around the area with Daisy. We had a good walk. She was doing really good walking. We checked out another area of the community. Then I found out that the secretary there had breast cancer and had a double breast removal. This really hasn't be a good year so far.

Patrick's dad is in the hospital as well. We have prayers going for him.

After visiting mom, we went grocery shopping. We picked up a lot of goodies. I had a lot of "free" coupons, and we got a lot of that as well.

Came home. I had a headache -first time in a long time.  Laid down for a little bit, then got up and worked on my bookkeeping. I couldn't get into the bank records for one of my accounts but will check on that later.

After that, I started working on the binding of the QOV quilt. I haven't gotten a lot done on it, but I'm getting there. I'm still working on the long side of the quilt side.

It's been a good day so far. Looking forward to Mother's Day tomorrow.

What will you be doing tomorrow for Mother's Day? Hopefully you'll have a great day! We'll all be having a good day if we can be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Went To The Movies Today

This morning we enjoyed the morning sleep in. Patrick slept in and I was up early. Patrick worked out in the yard this morning before comi...