Sunday, July 23, 2017

Did More Than One Thing Today

This day started out with a text to Patrick. I was up and he went back to sleep....go figure.

Played for a little while, till Patrick was up. Then emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, and started working on making bread.  Since my sourdough was looking really good, I decided to make some bread. Worked on one first then started in on the second one. Left one on the counter to raise and put the other in the refrigerator.

Then while I was working on those, I pulled out the computer and watched what I needed to do on the hardanger.

I finished up part 7. Tomorrow I can work on part 8. Since tomorrow I don't have anything going on, I can get some stuff done. I've got laundry to do, plus I was looking at the bathroom and may need to get a little more cleaning done in there.

About the time I finished this up, mom and dad came. We were going out to eat with them. They said they would be here around 2 pm but didn't make it till about 2:30 pm. Worked out okay. While Patrick drove down to Longview I played on mom's tablet to help her get her game going. We had a good supper at Sizzlers. Dad loves the chicken down there.

Funny how we had chicken there, and I've got the chicken in the frig to make fried chicken tomorrow.

Came home and played a game with the folks. Mom was falling asleep while we were playing.

So, while we were playing, I cooked the bread. It came out awesome! Patrick couldn't wait!

He went out to the freezer and brought in his freezer jam to have a slice before it cooled down. This is his blackberry jam that he did the other week.

Now, tonight I can get back to my cross stitch. I also need to work on the eyes of the owl. AS WELL AS embroidery on the needle case. I'll have to get moving on that as well. I will try and work on those tomorrow.

I did get a few more stitches in on this one.

As we can see, I did more than one thing today. I kept busy! I couldn't believe I got as much done today since I was running around from one thing to another.

Woo hoo, I'm getting things going! Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Missed My Goal For The Day

This morning I enjoyed sleeping a little longer today. Last night was one of my better nights in over a month. Still keep thinking about Kitty and how I can try to find her.

We left early and went to the casino. That was a quick visit as it ate all the money we had to take with us. So, we headed to the movie theater to see a really good movie. I wish I could say which one it was, but I'm really bad about titles and it's one that is hard to remember. But I really did enjoy the movie. It was awesome.

We came home and I worked on my cross stitch out on the deck. Patrick read a book.

I got another 200 stitches in before we came back in the house. Then I added another 50 stitches. My hands were getting sticky, so I decided to put it aside and work on something else.

I got a few more stitches in on the hardanger. I'll try and work on this tonight and hope to get back to my cross stitch tomorrow.

Mom and dad will be here tomorrow to go out for dinner.

I didn't make it my step goal today. I did get 10,000 step in yesterday but today I'm lucky to get 5,000. I keep walking when it tells me, to get my 250 steps an hour in. It keeps me getting up. Now I need to do the exercises because my rear is getting sore. Sitting too much today. I showed Patrick my messages while we were at the movies, telling me I needed to get moving. It was funny!

Life is good, and keeps getting better or worse, but it's life. We had the photo and information in the paper on Kitty missing. Let's see if that even helps. I'm hoping but it's been  month now, so she's probably gone. I can keep hoping. I know I said I did all I could, but I keep finding more things I could do. I just hope that car gets pulled over and they can tag it as a possible cat napping. Trouble is I didn't get the license.

Stay Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Day That Didn't Turn Out As Planned

This morning I was up and off. I helped Cherrill then had to get back home so I could meet up with Andrea. She came over so we could walk together. We got in 35 mins, and not the 25 mins I was supposed to get. That was an awesome walk. Then we came in and chatted for awhile.

After she left, I worked on my cross stitch for about 30 mins. Then I remembered I needed to call the paper because we haven't been getting the Thursday paper for over a month. While I was getting that fixed - went through 3 people while waiting on 1. We fixed the problem, was told the paper would come today for yesterday and then we worked a "lost pet" ad. Still haven't gotten the paper yet, but hopefully it will come. If not, I'll call again on Monday. ugh.

I wasn't able to get any more cross stitch done.

A relative called and we chatted, and chatted, and chatted. The funny part was the phone was beeping, I was talking, then realized it went dead. I went to the other phone (that died earlier and was charging) and picked it back up to hear her talking. I was surprised! Plus I have no clue what she was talking about at that point. Patrick made it home and we chatted a little longer. Think we talked for a good 2 hours. It was nice in the way that we were talking about family. It was interesting hearing what she found on the family. I told her what I knew.

So, now I'm sitting here and getting ready to be "beeped" at for not walking 250 steps for the hour. I believe I met all the step for today.

Life is good, and I'm still here. Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Day To Myself - Sort Of...

This morning I didn't get up till 9 am. I was even surprised about that. But then I couldn't sleep most of the night anyway, so made up for not sleeping last night. I didn't have to go anywhere today. That's a good thing. I've gotten tired of constantly going places.

I pulled out my computer and started listening and watching Floss tube. It's amazing what everyone is up to. I watched 4 different ones. I also watched a couple about the "parking" and found it interesting at how many different ways it's done. I was even more surprised to see "I heart Cross Stitch" learned how to do the 10 x 10 squares of parking. The technique I use. It was funny because there for awhile I was the only one I know of that was doing it that way. Fun to see someone else likes to do it my way.

Last night I was able to get about 150 stitches in.

While I was watching floss tube, I also worked on this piece. I really like how this is coming along!

I was able to get another 300 stitches in today so far. I'm hoping for more. I like the way it's coming along and to my surprise I'm really enjoying this. I want to keep working on this piece!

I do need to pull out the hardanger and get working on it too. I will try to do that tomorrow. I'm falling behind on it.

I baked peanut butter cookies today. They are going fast! Patrick loves them, and I've had about 4 today. 2 were small. 😏 They are good. Chances are they won't be around tomorrow.

I was able to get my laundry caught up again. Funny, just a minute ago Patrick asked if I have been doing laundry because he's low on socks. My reply, "No your not."

My fitbit just told me I had to move 105 more steps. I went outside and came back. Not sure that's 105 steps, but we'll see. Nope, had to go around the house to get my 250 steps for the hour. This will keep me moving! UGH! I did get my 25 min walk in today too, so I'm on top of it.

Now it's time to do my exercises. I really don't know if I'm going to make the walking on weekends. He said he was going to check my phone to see if I do what he told me to do. lol

Life is good, still missing Kitty and feeling guilty for not getting up! I'm slowly getting used to the fact she won't be coming back, as much as I want her.

So, in the meantime, I'm still keeping busy and Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Oh, How Life Gets In The Way!

This morning was one of those days that I thought I had planned out. Yea, RIGHT! I went over to Cherrill's thinking I would be back home by 9 pm and head over to moms. YEA, RIGHT!

I cut Cherrill's felt and told her what she needed to do for the needle case we are going to be working on in BE. We're all having an assignment to have stuff done before the next meeting. After that, she asked if I would like some tea, and I did. By the time we quit chatting it was 10:20 am. I needed to get my butt moving! I was on my way to the folks by 10:45 am. When I got there, mom was gone and it was just dad and the cleaning lady. Then my nephew called and I talked to him for awhile. Then I headed to my Physical Therapy.

Got to PT and went over my bill. Since our insurance changed, we had to pay for at least 2 of my visits. UGH. I paid him what I owed (that the insurance said I owed). Then we talked about how our insurance changed. We had a $10 co-pay and they paid most everything - till last year! Then last year it changed to paying $20 co-pay AND a deductible. The deductible is kinda high. So much for good insurance any more! We talked about how I need to get back to walking. So, he gave me a chart for walking. I have to walk 25 mins a day for a week, then 30 mins for a week, 35 mins for a week - you get the idea - till I get to 45 mins. Got back to the folks and mom was there and heading back out. Dad's PT was this afternoon. Need to call him to see how it went. lol

Came home and had lunch around 1:30 pm - later than I like. My fitbit arrived in the mail. I had to hook it up and see if I could get it charged. I did the set up for it and then I worked on my tablet. Didn't feel like doing much other then watching the fitbit to charge. So, I goofed around for a little while and before I realized it, it was 3 pm. I watched a show on TV, still not in the mood to do anything. I got it hooked up on the computer and phone. I then got it all set up to do what tracking it needed to. I left it hooked to my computer till around 6 pm when it was fully charged. I put it on and then watched Flosstube. I was surprisingly surprised when it asked me if I wanted to take a walk. I told it to nudge me every hour to get my 250 steps in. I'm going to try and get more than that, but as long as it tells me to get up while I'm doing cross stitch that's awesome.

So, life got in the way today. I'm hoping to get some stitching in today. I need to do the face of the owl, but first I need to get the face set up. I need to order some more wool felt because the group took the colors I wanted and the colors I was going to give to Cherrill. I'll do that now.

In other words, no photos, no news, just life. I'm getting back to being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Day At The Casino

Today I was up way early. I was having a hard time sleeping because I saw a post last night about a Siamese cat in Onalaska WA. I didn't get the chance to call the gal because it was past 9 pm. I asked Scott across the street to call her and see if it's Kitty. He said he would. I then headed over to Art's to pick him up and change cars. We were at Red Wing at 9 am.

Received a texted from Scott saying it doesn't look like it's Kitty. The cat is small and skinny. I called the gal and she said it looks to be around 6 months old. She doesn't know if it's a male or female. There is no collar on it. She thinks it's too small to be our cat. I told her Kitty is very skittish and she is still a kitten. She said she will try and get a photo. It won't stay around long enough to be able to take a photo. She said it takes off like a shot. So, I'm back to waiting to see if someone reports her. I'm going to send a copy of the filer to Yelm's vet as I saw someone asking about a vet in that area.

I played on my $15 that the casino gave me. I lasted till 11 am. Then I put the money I get to spend in the machines. It didn't last the last hour, but I did pull it out at $35. Then I went to see how I did on Keno. I was shocked yet again! I won $108 in Keno. I got 5 out of 6 numbers! Too funny! Art only won a $1 for his Keno. lol  So, I came home with $110 more than I took. Not bad.

Came home and got caught up on my games. Then I went on the Lost and Found page of Lewis County FB page. I wanted to see if she had a photo but she didn't. It's going to take a few days.

After supper I pulled out the quilt - Forest Galorest. AGAIN, NOT worth buying!!

This is the body and wing of the owl. I'll attach the head when I get the other wing done.

I have the body and wing attached. Now I needto get this set of wings done. When that is done, I can do the face. Wish me luck! Mom wanted me to work on this. Since I'm going to her house tomorrow because of PT, then I can give it back to her. Not sure if the face will be done tonight but I can try. Then I can get back to working on my cross stitch. It's killing me to look at it but not get anything done on it.

May we all be Happy Quilting and/or Happy Stitching!

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Fun Day at Brazilian Embroidery Meeting

This morning I was up early. I was out the door just as early. I had to go to Wal-Mart. I would rather go first thing in the morning then later in the day.

I picked up some things for our needle case we are making in the group. I still was behind on getting everything I needed. When I got to the meeting, no one was ready for the needle case. So, I ended up giving some of my stuff away for everyone to get prepped for our next meeting. I need to get some of the stuff for Cherrill, so I ended up going back to Michaels after our meeting.

I was able to get some stitching done on the bird. I'm liking how it's coming along. I need to get the black on the tail and then I'll work on the wings of both this bird and the brown one.

After running around, I was able to get home at a decent time. I also ended up working on our bookkeeping. So, I was able to figure out what Patrick was worried about.

I was able to sit and work on my Mirabela piece. I'm liking the way it came out. I've changed the purple color in the piece. It's a little brighter.

I'm looking forward to getting more done. Not in any big hurry to work on the Patriot Angel right now. I'll probably get back to it once I get moving on this. I also have to get moving on the Forest Galorest piece. I have the owl ready to applique down, but won't be able to do that till Wednesday.

May we all be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Did More Than One Thing Today

This day started out with a text to Patrick. I was up and he went back to sleep....go figure. Played for a little while, till Patrick was ...