Monday, July 15, 2019

Getting Ready For Another Cross Stitch

This morning I was up early. I went into the computer room and got my deposits ready for the water. I worked in there for about 20 mins. Then I called Cherry to say it was raining and doesn't look like we will be walking - and I was right!

It rained all day!! I got the cage for Sophie to take her to her appointment. Well, that didn't go over as easy as it did before. She ran down the hall! I had to get her before she went under the bed. Then I had to put her in the crate because she wasn't going on her own. She let me know she didn't like this. I put her in the car and we were off. She did good while we were on the freeway, but she didn't like it when I was on the road and stopping at stop signs. We stopped at the quilt shop to give Sandy her beads and pick up eggs. I didn't stay long because Sophie was in the car. We then headed to her appointment. She didn't like it! When the vet came out to check on her and give her a shot, she wanted to bolt! He petted her and played with her, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She even hissed at him - a small hiss - but she hissed. It was done 3 times. I was surprised. She couldn't wait to get out of there. I won't be taking her for a ride for awhile. I want her to feel like she's staying with me.

I brought her back home and then had to head out to the museum. I forgot my water and came back for it. When I came in the house to get it, she took off down the hall. Guess she thought I was coming back for her.

I worked at the museum till 5 pm. Then cooked supper - which took longer than I really cared for. It was still raining, so we didn't go walking at all today.

I pulled out the cross stitch kit.

I needed to work on the floss and get it organized. It took me a while to figure out the "yarn" that was in each bundle was not for the cross stitch but for keeping track of the colors.

I laid them all out a bundle at a time. Then I wrote on the holder what color they were.

I now have them all ready. I wanted to get started today but it wasn't in the cards. I was getting behind on what I was doing. I now am set to get started, so I'm happy about that.

Before I headed to the museum I went to the Copy Depot to get my pattern enlarged. I got it enlarged but I think I needed to get it bigger. I had a different gal there today. Usually there is a guy that knows me and what I'm looking for. As I was looking at the pattern today - IT'S IN COLOR! - They have the SAME symbols in different colors! Not happy about that! I'll just have to work on keeping it with the right colors.

Now the day is over, and I feel like I really haven't done much. At least I have tomorrow. Planning on doing my laundry and working on some projects that will keep me Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Time For Another Project

This morning I was up and ready to work on the "Pecan Pie French Toast." I think I messed up by poring the extra egg mix over the toast. It was the stuff that didn't soak in. It would have been better to just get rid of the excess.

I had to put the sweet sauce on the bottom of the pan and after it was cooked,  I flipped it onto the foil.

It turned out okay but to me it was too eggy. I don't care for eggs and I thought it was way too soft, again because I put the excess liquid over it before baking.  It was in the liquid over night .

Patrick worked out in the yard.  I enjoyed the book on CD while working on my beading.....which I messed up on and ended up taking about 5 rows out. I'm now to the point area and that will leave me one more to finish.

We took mom down to Kelso for supper. There was some traffic but not real bad.  On the way home we didn't get 15 miles up the road before traffic stopped. We saw cars flying on the shoulder trying to get ahead of everyone.  Like Patrick said, if he did that the cops would be on him quicker than snot! The car in front of us (after moving over 2 lanes) moved part way in the shoulder and the truck speeding up the should had to stop.  He was not happy, kept reving up his truck. The cars behind him got behind us in the lane.  We got off the freeway and went on the road that followed it. About 5 miles up we saw a RV on it's side blocking 2 lanes.  One car at a time was going around.  We got back on the freeway after that and we were seeing a lot of traffic.  Partly because of the bikers STP race.

We dropped mom off and help move a couple pots, then came home. Cherry called to say the power was out just before we dropped mom off.  We got home to see there was an accident up the road and the power company working on the power.  It was 2 hours after we got home before powrr was restored.

So I pulled out 5 cross stitch kits and asked Patrick to pick one. Then I started to grid it. Decided I had better fabric that was prettier.

 I cut the size of the kit fabric. I gridded it and found it only gave me 1 inch to work with when done. So I cut another piece.

I cut the next piece 3 inches bigger.  I worked on gridding it outside but Sophie was having none of that. She meowed the whole time.  Finally came in and she sat in my lap! So it took awhile but I finally got my gridding done. The went looking for my frames. Now I just need to get my pattern copied and floss separated. That's next.

Today I can say I was Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Back To Busy Saturdays

This morning I was up early. Even gave Sophie her TLC time. Patrick got a phone call about an hour later, and he was up. I was falling asleep, so I went back to bed for another hour.

When I did get up, I got another load of laundry in. Then I worked on my beading for a little bit.

I did get about 3 more rows in when Patrick came in and said we'd be going to the bowling alley to practice with our new bowling balls.

We tried out our balls at the bowling alley. We bowled 3 games. Neither one of us was really doing very good. He was getting frustrated over his ball having a big hook. He's trying to get his hand under the ball when he delivers. I was trying to do that as well. Mine does have a little bit of a hook - more then the other one. I'm liking the way it's going but my thumbs hurts a little when I bowl. I need to let go of it better.

We came home and had supper, then it was time to go back to the bowling alley. We bowled Monte Carlo tonight. I did a little better, Patrick on the other hand didn't do as good. He was really have trouble. Even when it went back to his other ball. I bowled a 223 in the end, but I bowled a 123 for the first game. I do have some work to do with the new bowling ball.

Tomorrow I need think of what I'm going to do next for my cross stitching project. I also need to work on a bag for our Seminar. We each are making samples to see what we will do for bags. We all will have to make at least 20 each. Not really looking forward to that. Oh, well I have a few kits for the cross stitch, so think I may go to another kit.

At least I was enjoying a little time of being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 12, 2019

A Trip To Moms With Sophie

This morning I was up and getting ready to go to moms. I had a few things I need to do before we get to moms. Loaded up Sophie and my quilts stuff.

I had to get to the Spooner's shop to get some raspberries for Patrick. He's going to make some more freezer jam.

I got a flat because a half a flat was a bit expensive. It was $15 for a half flat and then $25 for a flat. Guess I thought it was a better deal to get a flat.

Then Sophie and I headed to Whalen Quilt Works to pick up my serger. I arrived early but Rita was already there. So, I was lucky enough to pay for the serger and get moving. I was happy to be able to get the serger and not have to come back for it.

Sophie and I arrived at moms. I let her out of the cage. She went straight to the couch. It was 2 hours before I could get her out from behind the couch. Mom and I worked on our quilting. She was quilting Zac's whole cloth quilt. She is so close to getting it done. I worked on moms panels. I was able to add a few more leaves, and finish a couple of the stems.

This is the piece I was working on.

We were watching Prime TV. We decided to take a break and get lunch. While we were fixing the sandwiches, the light bulb in the refrigerator went out. We then tried to figure out how to replace it. That didn't work very well. I tried another light and realized the power was out. So, we went into the quilt room and cut some fabric for QOV. Mom was getting more blocks ready for her stars.

Decided to leave around 2:30 pm and the power was still out. All the way back from moms the power was out. The radio said the power was out from Centralia to Vader WA. That is a LONG distance. When I got home the power was on at home. Called mom and she was still without power. So was Patrick at his work. When Patrick came home, he said the power came on about 30 mins before. Mom called to say the power had come on (about the same time Patrick's work power went on). So, I was lucky to have it on before them. Sophie was happy to be back home.

Called Cherry and we walked early. We were walking around 3:30 pm instead of the 6:30 pm that we have been doing. It was HOT today. It was hot while we walked as well.

After supper I decided to make some cookies.

White Chocolate Chip Cookie with Macadamia nuts. Then I decided to add a little of the raspberry with it. They turned out really good. I must have eaten 4 of them! I really need to quit that!!

I needed some time to finish my cross stitching!

The good news is that I finished it!! I added my name in the bottom left corner. I am happy it's done! Now Patrick will double check it and let me know if I missed something. I didn't see any place I might have missed, so with him double checking me that will help.

It's been a good day of Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Day For Stitching

This morning Cherry was having issues and couldn't walk. We decided to try later in the morning. 

I decided I needed to fix my snowman that was beaded. I compared the 2 and realized my first on was done badly. I remember having trouble with it as I worked on it.

Even the hand holding the broom was off, but I could live with that. He's just got his pinky sticking out.

So, I cut the area were I needed to fix. I took out all those rows and went back to beading it back up. I was able to finish this one, giving me 2 completed snowman of the same pattern. I have the other 2 snowman to duplicate abd then finish up the ornament.  I will be making more.

I even got half of the 2nd snowman done.

While I was doing this I finished the audio CD I was listening to.  Then I decided to take a break and finish my cross stitch while watching my shows.

I finished up on the cross stitching and got busy with the outlining.

I thought all I had left was outling but found out I missed a couple things. So close! And yet so far from done.

I had to add to the wall, then could get back to outlining.  I wanted to try and finish tonight but rethought that. If I rushed it I would have to many mistakes and get frustrated,  so it can wait till tomorrow.

At least it was an awesome day to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Spent The Morning With Mom

This morning I was up and Sophie wanted her TLC time. I spent 45 mins with her, thinking I needed to get moving. When she finally got down, I was out the door.

I arrived at moms. Then we headed up to Costco. We spent an hour in the store. Mom bought a lot of stuff. She was happy because she hadn't been up there in awhile. She bought stuff that she needed and then bought a few things for herself. Like I told her, it's her money. I'm not stopping her from spending it. She talked about how she wants to have some money left over for us. I told her not to worry about us, she can do what she wants. We were back by about 1 pm. I helped her unload.

Then I left her place around 2. I stopped at the museum. Double checked on putting us done to help on the 20th, and then I explained about the transactions I did on Monday. She showed me what I needed to do. It worked out pretty good. I also chatted with her about ordering a few things that were not in the store. She came out to check and was surprised at how much stuff was sold. I then headed over to Phil's to bring him some stuff I got at Costco. He's looking good. We chatted before I left.

Came home.

This is for Sandy. She ordered these colors.

And this is my order of beads. I like the colors she ordered. Mine are more "blah" then hers. But this is the colors that go for the Polar Bear.

Called and talked with Sharon. She's getting ready to start the Snowman one. It's huge! She ordered a few beads for that as well.

I finished up the second piece for the snowman ornaments. I see a few things wrong with the first one. I may do this again, and just keep the first one and put it somewhere else or take it all out. UGH

At least as busy as I have been today, I was able to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Day Up North

This morning we were up at 6:30 am and out the door by 8 am. We had to get to our appointments. Patrick went to meet his new doctor and find out about his cholesterol medication. Not that he really needs to take it. I had my appointment at 9 am with the nutritionist. I was early.

It was funny because another gal came in and she thought she had an appointment during my appointment. We checked to see when her appointment was. But we couldn't! The computer was not working right. I talked about what has been going on, and it looks great. We couldn't set up another appointment or even look at what we were doing. It was almost comical. We did figure out what to do, and then I walked over to Kaiser Permanente since it was across the street. I wanted a little bit for Patrick and then we headed up to Federal Way.

Traffic is really bad around the Tacoma Dome! We were stop and go. AND of course other drivers are going in and out of lines to try and get ahead. It's hard to see why. I really hate seeing drivers that have to cut others off because they are in a hurry. Life isn't worth it.

We got to the bowling alley about the time we told him we would be there. We had to wait while he worked with someone else. Then we bowled. He worked with us on how to release the ball, and I need to work on it.

I got the green ball, and Patrick got his 2 balls. He wanted a "spare" ball. I really don't understand why people have to have 2 or 3 balls to bowl. If you know how to bowl well, one only needs one ball.  We ended up waiting an hour for the balls, and we try them out for a while before we left. Then we headed to Costco on the way back.

We picked up a few things and then headed home. We had supper at Costco. It was pretty good. I really didn't want to go there, but Patrick wanted his pizza from there.

Once we got home, I was playing on my games. I really didn't get a chance to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Getting Ready For Another Cross Stitch

This morning I was up early. I went into the computer room and got my deposits ready for the water. I worked in there for about 20 mins. The...