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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Is A Mess Worth It?

Patrick finished up on the cabinets today. He got a lot of stuff done today. It's all set up for me to move in, so to speak.

He put peg board in the areas that were "open" or unfinished. The peg board helps. I found a lot of things I could put on the peg boards, and I have the peg boards on the wall as well. As I was looking and cleaning out some of my stuff for the peg boards, I found my roller drawers to be filthy and ended up cleaning that as well. I couldn't believe the mess the stack was in. So, I went through each draw and pulled a few things out, re-did the drawers and put them back in place.

You can see the roller drawers on the right side. This is what it still looks like, but I'm getting there. Most of the stuff on the top of the table is pegs for the peg boards. I cleaned up the peg board on the wall and I like it right now. I also put the rulers on the front of the cabinets.

It's not done, and it's one heck of a big mess! I'm not sure it's worth the mess, but I'm getting there. I do like having more room to put my stuff away. I did get a few things put in the drawers. I was just looking at some of the stuff and trying to figure out what the heck I want to do with it. I got a few more tins to help me up my needles all in one place, and some of the other "small" things that need to be in containers. We are leaving tomorrow, and I'm going to come home to a big mess! NOT looking forward to that.

I can't complain, because the cabinets were free, and Patrick did a heck of a lot to get them to work for me. He's done an awesome job of helping me out. I love what he's done, I just wish I wasn't the one that was doing  I'm thinking of mom - when she calls me to come over and put her stuff away because she can't seem to figure it out. I'm telling myself I can do this! I'm not like my mother, I'm not like my mother, so I keep telling myself! lol I really like the peg boards, because it's easy to see what I have and what I need. I have another small area with peg board, and will show that to you when I get this big mess done.

So, I ask, Is the mess worth it? - Heck YES! I can get through this, and the counter is at the right height for me when I need to cut. PLUS, I can put a quilt on top and be able to cut or trim without having to try and find room. The cutting board works great where Patrick put it. Today, I'm Happy Quilting!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cabinets Getting There

We ended up going shopping for the trip today. Patrick also went shopping for some parts for the cabinet. He's been working on my cabinets. You should have heard the noise down there, and it wasn't all hammers and nails. lol - He is picky about how things go together, and I'm thankful for having a "carpenter" for a hubby!

As he said, they are not perfect, but the will serve the purpose. Mom didn't take very good care of it. Patrick had to re-do the drawers so they would work. He hooked the two cabinets together, and lined them up just right.

He had all his tools handy too! I cleaned out the drawers and shelves.

He added the peg board where the cabinet used to connect to the other cabinets. This way I can us pegs for my rules and things I want to keep hand. There is another area that is "L" shaped on the other side, and he's going to do the same there too, as well as the end. This is all coming along great, and I can start putting stuff away tomorrow. This is the "beginning" or before work.

The worst part is the mess I have! I couldn't believe the "crap" I have all over the place. This way I can go through everything again, and start putting them away. I can decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I'm excited about doing that. Time to clean up again. Once every 3 years, I go through everything I have and decide whether or not I'm going to work on them or get rid of them. I'm looking forward to weeding down to what I will use. I haven't even got my sewing machine back on the table. I would like to get it back up there so I can work on the gifts for the Christmas Party. I really do need to get this stuff organized better and have it when I need it.

I will put my quilt patterns on the peg board, and I will use the biggest drawer for my drawing and patterns. I'm looking forward to being able to cut on a better table. It's higher and will be easier on my back. I need to look for machine quilting claps so I can use them on my quilt frame.

I worked on another block (in the middle of the quilt) today. I'm almost done, and I have one sashing done as well. While Patrick was cussing, I was quilting. Felt bad I wasn't helping, but when he gets like that, it's better to leave him alone. Plus, I needed to be quilting on this quilt since I didn't get anything done on it yesterday. I've had better days of being Happy Quilting.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Quiet Day

As much as I would love to say I got a lot of quilting done, I can't.

I had my physical therapy today. More exercises for the trip.

Today is Patrick's and mine's 32nd Anniversary. We decided not to do much, so he came home with flowers. He took me out to eat. I told him not to worry about doing anything, so it was a shock to get flowers. Poor guy didn't get anything from me.

Tonight we are watching "The Bishops Wife" while I  finally get back to quilting. I won't be getting this quilt done at this rate. Time to get in gear!

Every little bit helps at this rate. I didn't make it to quilting today, just wasn't in the mood. Looking forward to tomorrow being a day of Happy Quilting.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Home All Day

I spent the day at home. I was able to get a good 4 hours in on quilting, if not more. The quilt is coming along nicely.

Each step gets me closer to being done.

Tomorrow is out 32nd Anniversary. Hard to believe we have been married that long! Not sure what we will do, since we will be spending Thanksgiving with family. That means we will be going out to eat more often and enjoying family. We had agreed we wouldn't do anything "big" other than on our "big" dates, like 35th, 40th, ect. Plus, since I'm not feeling that great, I really don't think I'm in the mood to go out. Guess it's a wait and see day.

This is a quick post, because there really isn't anything exciting going on here. I said in the beginning - this blog can get.

No one called to say hi today, and I really don't know what is new with my son and daughter. lol As for mom, her cabinets won't be in till we get back. As for mTy cabinets, I'm still waiting, but I will bet knowing Patrick, he will be working on them this weekend. May not finish, but he will work on it. I think he's excited about getting that put together, so my mess will be put away.

I have been thinking about the blocks I need to do for the Christmas Party. I'm hoping to be able to do that by the time I get back. I also thought about the gift. I'm thinking about making a "thread catcher" and pin cushions (travel and regular size) in the same fabric. I think that would be a good gift for someone. The pin cushions I've made in the past, I've seen though I gave them to, and they still use them. Guess they are their favorite cushions. I may through in a fat quarter as well. Should be interesting to see what I come up with.

That will count as a day of being Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Honey Bee Moving Along

When one has a cold, it tends to put a damper on things. The day started out sleeping in, or at least trying to sleep in.

I had one of those days when my physical therapy was at 11:00 am, the phone goes off 15 mins before I'm supposed to be there. So, I'm running around as if I don't have a head on. Getting Charlie out the door, called to let them know I'd be 5 mins late. He actually thanked me for letting him know. Guess he has a lot of people that don't bother calling or showing up, and then he wonders what's up.
He gave me a few more exercises to do with my shoulder. I just wish the pain would go away and quiet coming back.

I pulled out my Hawaiian to take a photo to show a friend. I realized I'm half way around the quilt as far as finishing it. I need to get back and finish it, but I need to get moms quilt done first.

I love the way it looks on the bed.

I pulled this out and put it on the bed to see how far I was. There are 5 rows. Two rows are done, on the left, and one row is done on the right.

I like the pattern, it's coming out pretty good.

Don't tell mom, but I had to take out her stitches on the bees she did. They didn't look right with the other bees. I did that with a couple of them. Things have been going pretty good, and the sashing stitches are coming in easily.

We bowled tonight, and things are going better. I'm getting back up there with my average. I tend to read other blogs while I wait for bowling to start. I've been keeping up on Karen Goad's quilts. She really keeps busy. I've been looking at a few other blogs as well. Just tired of the business blogs and will take them off my list of fun blogs.

Looking forward to getting rid of this cold and being Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Interesting Day...Little Quilting

Today started out early. I ended up taking our neighbor to Olympia for his eye exam. He found out today that he can not drive at night or on the freeway. He lost the sight in one eye and is loosing the sight in the other eye. He was talking about having to get a seeing eye dog, and I'm betting he will probably have to do that after all. We stopped off at Costco and then had lunch at the "Burger Claim" in Ground Mound, WA.

After getting home, I made dessert. While I was gone, my dad dropped off the drawers to the cabinets mom gave me. All the drawers are out in the garage till Patrick has the time to fix the cabinets and get them set up for me. Guess mom's been working hard and fast to get her stuff in her quilt room, even before the counters are put on.

It will be nice to have all this done. I can't wait to have my room back in order.

Patrick asked me to take all my stuff of the board so he can cut up the board and put it around the cabinets. That way my stuff will be closer. It will be interesting what he has in mind, and I find out he does an awesome job, so I don't ask. If I did, and he explained, I usually get disappointed because it's not what I envisioned. When I don't ask, I'm amazed at what he comes up with.

So, I took everything off the board and put it in the box. I'll have to decide what I'll keep and what I'll give away.

While I was downstairs, I noticed I need to get moving on this quilt as well. I haven't finished quilting this one either. At this rate, I'm going to be busy quilting into the next year! lol

I was able to get all the sashing done on the one side. I have one more block to do in the second row and it will finish off the two rows on the one side. I have 5 rows of 6, with 21 blocks done. So, it's looking up! I started block #22 this afternoon. I'll be working on it tonight. I'm hoping to get it done.

Tomorrow I have physical therapy and I'll be stopping off at moms. I don't know what she'll have for me to do, but I'm supposed to stop by. I want to get back asap so I can get working on this quilt. I'm really trying to get as much done as I can by this weekend. We will be taking it with up when we go for Thanksgiving at my brothers. Not wanting to wait till we get back to finish this. I would love to have this done by the first or second week of December.

If all goes well, this week should be a week of being Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold Weather bring Colds and Flu

Well, here we go again. With cold weather, and a hubby who gets a cold, guess how I felt today. I had thought I would get away from getting the cold, but after a week of Patrick blowing his noise, coughing, and just not sounding good, it didn't happen! I felt like crap this morning and canceled walk. I did get laundry going all day, played some games, and just watched TV. No cribbage because Art's wife, Flo, has been going through chemo therapy and doesn't need me blowing my noise and coughing.

I did get some quilting done - but not much. I will try to get more done tonight and go to bed early. I have to take Art to Olympia tomorrow for his appointment. Since Flo is under the "weather" so to speak, I'm taking him to his appointment. He lost the sight in his right eye, so he doesn't like to drive on the freeway.

Charlie has been giving me attitude today. She was mad at me today and spent most of the day outside. That was fine with me. Now she has to be on my lap! Guess she doesn't get enough attention.

While I was going through some old post cards and photos, I found this a while back. I think that would be fun to make a quilt with those kind of flower I can see a good flower out of that. I will do a pattern with those here pretty soon. I've been wanting to do some designing lately. Decided I'm going to design the Christmas block for the group.

This is another one that would be fun to use for designing. I will see what I can do with this one. I think it will be fun to do something like this.

I'm thinking of patterns, and frustrated that there are not more applique patterns out there. I don't understand why designer have to charge $75 for a quilt pattern these days. It's not like they won't make money on their patterns if they charge $12. Just because your popular, doesn't mean I'm going to pay $600 for a kit or even $30 or more for a pattern. I believe in making money, but come on!, do you have to make it less affordable for those that don't have the money. Don't get me wrong, I have the money, but won't pay that price. And they wonder why quilters share patterns!

Off my soap box and back to getting some quilting done. The more I quilt, the more I'm Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seahawks LOST! Ugh

Spent the morning downstairs with the fireplace going. It was warm and cozy. I was able to get in the last half of the Seahawks game - once I decided to quit looking for photos! And we were sooooo close, but couldn't carry it off. UGH! Good game though - considering.

I called Katt today. Then when I was looking through some photos, I found this of her. This was taken in Pullman, so it made me think of her and where she is today. My sweetheart of a daughter!

As I was looking for photos (still not finding the ones I wanted), I found a few "memory" photos.

This was one of the locks I made when I took a class in applique from Patricia Margaret. I've thought about her a lot lately and hope she's still around.

This was a "round robin" quilt that I put the musical notes on. I've often wondered how it came out. I would love to see the finished product of this quilt.

This photo was sent to me from a friend. She was showing off all the blocks she put together with friendship blocks. I'm not sure if one of those blocks is mine, but I love the quilt and I have a couple of photos of this quilt.

This used to be my sewing closet in Pullman. That is where I kept all my stuff when it came to the working on my projects. Now you can triple that and that's what I have now. I tried to "behave" when we lived in Pullman. The quilt block you see in there is a quilt that was a block contest that Council, ID quilt show had. I won 14 blocks from them. That was 20 years ago. Katt now has that quilt with her.

This is a quilt top I made with Nancy Chong and Margaret Miller when they had a retreat up north. These are the colors that I picked. I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt it, but I do love the quilt. I can't wait to finish this one.

This is another quilt that I made the applique blocks and couldn't see me finishing any more, so I took the blocks and designed this using Margaret Miller's technique. It took me awhile to get the effect I wanted but it turned out better than I thought it would This is another one of those I'e got to figure out how to quilt.

The weather here is COLD! I've been wearing my boots to get around. We will be bowling tonight, and YES I will be dressed in layers! My winter coat is great, but that doesn't cover my legs and feet. So, the hat comes out and the boots go on! Wish I could bowl with the boots as well!

I have been working on my Honey Bee quilt. Figured I was showing too many photos of that quilt, and it would be fun to show other photos. I have been going through old photos, and need to figure out what I will do with a lot of them. I am going crazy because I can't find our wedding photos, but I'll keep looking. In the meantime I play to be Happy Quilting!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reflective Saturday

Had a lousy nights sleep, but that wasn't the reason for today. My shoulder was giving me problems again. Guess it's all that massaging the physical therapy did the night before.

This morning was a slow start. Just played games before having to head out to a "Celebration of Life" for a very dear friend, Will "Willie" Keepers, who passed at the age of 47. He fought cancer for just over a year.

They had a lunch and slide show for everyone. They started at 1 pm but the slide show didn't start till 3 pm. Dad was in a hurry to get there on time, so we ended up waiting 2 hours or the slide show. Patrick and I didn't know too many people there, as Will and Andie (wife) hung around a different "crowd." They didn't have children, and they were busy people. He did more in his short 47 years than I've done in my short 32 years marriage. He was so well liked that it was crowded at the place of services. He was out going and very much a likable person. I met Willie when he was about 15 years old. His mother and mine became very good friends, best friends. My parents and his went places together, traveled together, and when our family was away from the folks, they brought my family in. Willie has a sister, who married and also didn't have children. Both of them were very close. I talked to her today, and just going to her the tears ran. I thought of how hard that has to be for her, as it would kill me if it was one of my two brothers. It was a long day, and thinking about how hard it has been for their family, we've told them we are here for them. So - Willie, you were a glowing light in this world, and I know the Lord has taken you in with open arms! You will be missed!

After that, my folks and us went out to get supper and then ended up at their place to play cards. We had a good time. My brother Patrick called and we talked about the trip to Las Vegas. We're getting excited and so is he.

Now we're home and I happy the day is over. Life is good, and tomorrow will be Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Quilting

Friday morning started out fast. Got up, showered, and headed out the door to find frost all over my car. Turned the heat on, sprayed the windows, and headed back in the house to get my hat and gloves. Headed back outside and started out to the bowling alley.

Got to the bowling alley before the guy who I bought the ball from got there. I practiced on the alleys and bowled a 157, 156, 210. I'm getting better at getting that form back.

Loved how the sun hit the tree this morning. Plus that is about the only area where the sun hit the tree and the only area where we have any leaves left. lol

After the bowling alley, I headed to mom's house. When I arrived, they were bringing in her cabinets for her sewing room. She has been so excited about this. She kept looking in the room to see how it was being put together as well as checking with them very once in awhile. I headed to physical therapy. After physical therapy I ended put going with mom to Office Depot to get her handles for her cabinets. Once that was done, we were able to work on the quilt.

We figured out two rows are done, with one more row just needing one more block done.

The middle two rows need to be worked on. I've been getting caught up with the sashing. Mom worked on one block while I was able to get 2 sashings done.

Just as I was getting this out to work on, mom called to tell me that I forgot my quilt threads. So, that put a damper on me working on the quilt. I'm not to thrilled I have to put it off, but I may end up going downstairs to work on the blocks that I need to do for the Christmas party and the basket for a friend.

I want to get a Gnome for my neighbor as I tell him my Gnome is the one that finishes off his coffee. I think it will be a fun gift to give him.

Now that things seems to be back on track - with the exception of my leaving my thread behind, this house is Happy Quilting.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Quilting Day!

I'm beginning to wonder how many times I go to quilt meeting. It's more than I thought I would ever do! Every time I turn around, it's another quilting day with friends.

I had my blocks that I started at retreat. So, I took them along and worked on this block. It's another one of Nancy Chong patterns. I have more to do on this one, but will work on it when I can.

While I was at the quilt shop I took a photo of mom's quilt that the owner wanted to buy from mom.

Another quilt was in the way - but you get the idea. This quilt my mother made for Quilter's Junction when they were doing the BOM program a few years back. Evelyna (owner) made the patterns and mom would applique them to show at the monthly meetings. Evelyna asked me if I would check with my mother to see if she would sell it to her. I had talked to mom about her wanting to buy the top. I found out today that mom did sell the quilt to her. I was a little disappointed, because she didn't ask me if I wanted the quilt. Oh, well. I'm not lucky enough to be asked if I would like any of her tops. Those quilts are hers, and she has the right to sell or give them away. I just tell her to do what she wants. Maybe one day she will offer to give me one of her really pretty tops she doesn't want. I may get the pattern from her and make one myself.

I'm still doing the "pop-up" every 10 mins. It's actually getting to be funny! I feel like a jack-in-the-box. Every 10 mins the timer goes off and I'm popping up to straighten out my shoulders. I didn't get any exercise in today so will do that tonight. Jumping up and down makes me surprised I actually get anything done! lol

Today was a good day, not much got done, but was with good friends and company which makes me Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

10 Mins Later.....

As the days go by, I'm still at it with the quilt. I've still got the timer going off every 10 mins.

Today was one of those days that I went to play cribbage, came home to do laundry, vacuum, and bake bread. While the bread and laundry were going, I was quilting. Setting the timer and driving Charlie crazy because I won't stay seated.

I laid the quilt out to see how far I got on the sashings. This is the row that I have done all the blocks, and working on the sashing up the side of the quilt. So far I have all the side sashes done and started on the end. Once I get that done, I'll head over to the other areas for the other blocks that need the sashing on them.

I folded the quilt in half to see what the back looked like on the other side. I've got a lot done, but this photo looks like a mess. lol I'm getting there. I'm hoping to get all the blocks done by Thanksgiving. I need to lay the border pattern out to see if it will work. That way mom and I can still quilt on it at the same time.

Our neighbor that I play cribbage with, gave Patrick the mug and cap from the casino Veterans Day ceremony. He figured since it was for the AF, that Patrick would like the gift. He did, and I gave them homemade bread for a thank you.

I have quilting tomorrow at Quilter's Junction. I won't be able to take the quilt with me because the floor is dirty. I'll have to take some applique and I don't think I'm ready to take anything to work on. I need to check out my applique projects to see what I need to work on. I'm not sure I have pieces cut out. I know I need to work on a block for the Christmas party. I also have to figure out a basket block. Since I'm waiting on my cabinets, I haven't had the chance to get stuff put together for either blocks. I will try and get those ready by this weekend, but this quilt is taking up most of my free time,

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You! Veterans!

Happy Veterans day! Thank you to all who have served! If it wasn't for you and my family - we would not be a "free nation." God Bless you all! I want to thank my father, two uncles, two brothers, husband, and friends for serving this wonderful country of ours!

This was a cold and windy day. Patrick worked outside getting the dead leaves in a pile. Then the wind kicked up and some of those leaves took off again.

He keeps our yard very clean! It's a constant job for him. I'm not a garden person, so I tell everyone that the yard is all Patrick's work.

So, while he cleaned up, I took photos!

Love how the leaves fly when he's out there with the leaf blower.

And there are still leaves on the tree. Now that he took one of the trees out, he won't have as many leaves. Love this photo of the beautiful colors in the leaves. It gets me to thinking of colors in a quilt. Even in leaves. We all use green for leaves, but I believe they would look awesome if we started using some of the fall colors in quilts.

Speaking of quilting - I've gotten the 20th block quilted. I'm now going around the blocks that are done. The sashing quilt patterns are getting done around the side blocks. I need to go back to the other blocks and fill in the sashing, but want to get this done first. I do believe I have one full row done as well.

And YES, I'm timing myself with a timer. Every time it goes off, I get up and stretch my back and shoulders. Patrick even commented today that he didn't hear the beeping. I actually thought it would drive him nuts, but I'm wrong. He comments when I forget to set the time. I think it's actually helping too. Just don't like having to get up when I'm comfortable. lol

We went to the bowling alley so I could get another bowling ball. I worked with the guy for a new ball. The first thing he said when he saw my ball was, "Your left handed, right?" I told him yes, and he said, "Your ball is drilled for a right hand-er." Well, crap - HE drilled it. I told him that after the third time he said it. So, he re-drilled my ball and had me try it out. He's going to plug the holes of my ball, and I'm going to bowl with it tomorrow night then go back on Friday to get my new ball. He was teaching me how to keep my thumb up. It's the same way I was taught years ago, but apparently I started twisting my hand when I swing. So, I have a new thing to work on. I need to get my swing back in line. I just hope he drills this new ball right. I couldn't believe he messed up my "new" ball two years ago! I know it's not the "perfect" fix, but this will help if he drills it right! I'll find out on Friday.

Then we had our water meeting. That took about 45 mins. Since we are on a community water well, we have annual meetings and tonight was one of those. I'm secretary, so I couldn't get out of it. Took a few minutes off my quilting time. OH WELL.

Now we're home and watching TV. That gives me time to be back to being Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Busy Monday!

Today was a busy day. I had gotten lucky though, didn't walk. My neighbor I walk with, walked earlier then she was supposed to. She walked past the house at 10 to 7 am. I told Patrick I wasn't going out because if I do, she'll make a habit of it, and we'll be going earlier and earlier every day. So, at 7 am, I walked out there and she was nowhere to be seen. I walked down to her house, about 1 block away, and still no neighbor. Put the papers in her box, texted her I had the papers in the box. She told me to join her on Jackson Hwy as they were waiting for me. Told her, "that's okay, already back home." Then told her I would see her on Wednesday. If this keeps up, I'll have to start walking on my own.

Just now 6 pm and the sun is going down already.

Notice the tree missing? Patrick cut down a tree. I was in shock because that was my bird feeder tree! Don't know where I'll put my bird feeder now.

Okay, back to today. After my cribbage game, I had to go to physical therapy. That was a sore thing lol. He has me doing more exercises.

ONE of them is setting my timer to 10 mins while I quilt. I have to take a break, stand up and roll my shoulders as well as pull my ribs back. Can you see this?! Timer goes off, I put the quilt down, stand and roll my shoulders, as well as stretch my ribs back.....all this to help my shoulder, since I seem to be "slumping." I got the first two 10 mins done, then was getting tired of it! But told myself I have to do this, so guess what?! - I didn't sit to quilt, I went looking for things to clean. I emptied the dishwasher, checked on the laundry, and pulled out the food for supper. At this rate, I'm not going to get much done! lol

Oh, and watered my flowers, and took photos!

Now lets see who this works out tonight. Probably drive Patrick crazy with the "beep, beep, beep" of the alarm going off. This is going to be funny! I can just see and hear Patrick after the first 2 beeps go off. The next few days are going to be interested to see how long this works. Just like when I'm typing this, I tend to get up before 10 mins to do something else. lol Guess I don't want to have to hear the alarm going off.

The weather is getting colder, and I'm trying to ware warmer clothes. I've pulled out my sweat shirts and slippers for around the house. May start going downstairs and work in front of the fireplace.

I'm going to see someone tomorrow for a new bowling ball. I'm hoping to get a better one. I told him on the phone, I don't know anything about balls, and I've always had a pro watch me and pick the ball I needed. So, I'm hoping he will do that for me. If not, and if I have the same problem, I may just call it quits after this year.

I'm still here, and still trying to do my exercises for my shoulder. I won't give up quilting just yet. I asked him if I needed to give the quilt to my mother to get it done in time, and he said as long as it doesn't hurt doing it, NO. I'm thankful it doesn't hurt. So, I'm still going strong and Happy Quilting!