Thursday, February 22, 2018

Spending The Day With Mom

It snowed more last night. Soooo, this morning was all white. It was gorgeous!

Patrick said to wait till 10 am before going out. I decided I would. We had quilting at the shop today, and I wanted to go in and say hi. So, I relaxed in the morning. Played some games, and then about 11 am, I left.

Arrived at the shop to find a lot of quilters there. Was surprised given all the snow out there. They had the quilt put together that we all worked on.

The eagle is the one I made. It's the upper left side. I like the way they put this together. It's different, but it's pretty.

I then left and went to get mom. We left to go to the vets to get another "cone" for the dog. Daisy broke the cone she has. Plus she rip the staples out of her ear. So, she's going to have a split in her ear now. We bought 2 cones to in case she brakes this one.

We then stopped in to check on dad. He won't be coming home tomorrow at this rate. Apparently he bled while in surgery, and he needs to get his blood level back up. They didn't do a transfusion today, and I'm hoping they don't have to tomorrow. He didn't eat much, and he was getting sick. He's looking good, just not feeling up to it right now. So, we'll see. I'm a lot like him, we don't do things "normal" we always have something go different or surprise the doctors with something.

We then went back to mom's. We pulled out the fabrics for the 2 Hawaiian quilts we are going to work on. Mom had some fabric she liked for her quilt and it's 108" wide, so we didn't have to sew any of the fabrics together. She had a bolt of the 108" wide white fabric that we cut for both quilts. Then we ironed the one white and folded it as we went on. Mom was going to work on my top fabric and not sure if she is going to finish her two. If not, we'll do it tomorrow. We cancelled the quilt group tomorrow, so I'm going to go over and we'll work on both quilts. First is mine, and then we'll do mom's. It will take a couple days to do them, but we are getting started on it. The pinning and basting is going to be the longest time on them.

Mom was cutting some of these "leaf's" last night for the quilt we were going to do. I brought home a pattern piece and marked the fabrics. Then I cut them out.

Don't have a lot done, but I will do some more tonight. It's mindless thinking tonight. If I can get a few of those done, then I can take them over to mom tomorrow. I don't mind cutting them out. It is relaxing.

So, I haven't touched my genealogy - which is running out - and I haven't done my cross stitch in a few days. I need to get back to that as well.

In the meantime, stay Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dad's Surgery Day

This morning dad was due to the hospital for his knee replacement at 5:45 am. I didn't go with them this morning. But I did meet up with mom later.

My day started off getting up early. Then I was out the door - on a icy day. We are still having snow and ice around here. Anyway, I met up with mom at their house.

We pulled out all the Hawaiian patterns that are bed size. We both wanted King size.

Of course Daisy had to get in on the planning stage too. She didn't like the idea of us working on something without her attention. So, we were moving her around to get to what we wanted.

After decided which ones we were going to do, we copied the pattern on paper and have it ready to pin on the fabrics. Mom needs to sew her pieces together, but mine is big enough that it won't have seams. I'm liking that idea already. The fabric I'm using you can see a little of in the top photo on the top right corner.

The doctor called around 11 am to say dad made it through surgery and was on his way to icu. He said we could go see him in about an hour. So, we finished up what we were doing. Then we went over to the hospital to be with dad. Poor guy couldn't keep his eyes open. So, we stayed a while and then I took mom back home.

Came home and just rested long enough for Patrick to come home. Then it was back to the hospital to see dad before heading to the bowling alley.

We had supper at the bowling alley. Then we bowled. It was "roll off" to see who got first place for the quarter. The team that was in first (just ahead of us) didn't show, so they forfeited the games. We took this quarter but since we took last quarter, the ones behind us are bowling for the quarter win. We are in the finals. We bowled pretty good. I didn't bowl that good though. I bowled a 185, 151, 141. Put my games in the toilet! I lost a point on my average. Patrick bowled a 599 and went up another 2 pins.

All in all a good day. I'll work on getting that Hawaiian quilt ready for applique. I really do want to get another one done. It will be a long process, but I really like the Hawaiian quilts.

Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Snow Day...

Today was waking up to snow. It was snowing all morning. I went to see Cherrill this morning and it wasn't really bad. Then on the way home it was about an inch on the ground. Was watching it fall while having tea with Cherrill. 

I spent the day going through all the Water Company's 40 years of records. It was time to get rid of the old checks, statements, etc. So, the box on the left is all the pages I need to shred and the box to the right is how much I now have in the box. This box is full of everything to the current day. It goes back to the 1960's & 1970's. I had 2 boxes FULL of papers and things that needed to be gone through. One box is now empty. 

Patrick came home early, so we could go get the pans that the casino was giving out. 

This is what I was looking at when I was getting in the car. 

Patrick was cleaning the snow off the car before we left. I just had to take a photo of all that snow. I did take more photo's that are in my camera. I'll load that later. 

We had a good time at the casino. It was our day at the casino for the week. We like the pans that they are giving out. They are the new "copper" coated pans. So far we have 2 cup cake tins, 4 brownie pans, and today we got 4 cake pans. The 9x13" ones. Patrick got 2 and I got 2. They only gave out 1 cup cake tin pans, and I would have rather had 2 more of those. lol 

We saw the north bound I-5 Interstate closed right as we were getting to Centralia. There was a good 1/2 mile of cars off the side of the road and police lights going. We couldn't see the north bound because of the barrier. We did see 4 cars on the south bound that were off to the side of the road. I'm thinking they just cleared the south bound, because the sign was saying the road was closed. The freeway has a lot of black ice and if people aren't paying attention then I can see how they got into an accident. I just hope it's didn't cost anyone their lives. 

We made it home and it's slick around here too. Dad's surgery is first thing in the morning. So, I'm not going to go at 5:45 am to be with him when he goes in. I will go tomorrow morning and meet mom at the house. 

So, in the meantime, I'm going to stay...Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy President's Day!

I still have a heard time with that. I was so used to Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday. All that changed because of MLK.

Today was a good day. Didn't get to sleep in. Went to Cherrill's and helped her out while Patrick slept. The came back to a message from mom asking if we wanted to come over for supper. We decided to go. Dad goes into the hospital Wednesday for his second knee operation. We'll see how that goes. We have quilting on Friday too, so not sure how that will work out. Told mom we can come home while dad's in the surgery and work on a Hawaiian quilt top. I want to do another Hawaiian quilt. We'll work on a pattern and get started on working on putting that together. It will be a couple days worth of work, but we can at least get started.

I'm done with January's part. With the exception of the bottom right. I'll get that done soon.

I like the way it's coming out. The flash lightens the blue, which makes it show up better. The true color of the fabric makes it dark. It's not as easy to see as the photos.

I will get moving on this. I want to get February done before the month is over. Which gives me a week. I should be able to do that.

We went to Les Schwab to get a battery for Patrick's truck. There was an hour wait. So, he'll have to do that later. Maybe at lunch time for work. Not that it matters, since he is management. But he doesn't like to do that. He's a true worker. Sometimes I think he's a work-a-holic.

Took a pattern book to mom. It was a quilt that we all were working on a few years ago. She found out that her book is missing. She thinks LouAnn might have taken it a few years back. We found out after she died that she took a lot of my mother's quilt patterns and books. Mom as been missing stuff for years. She was blaming me for taking some of her stuff and I swear I didn't take them. After LouAnn died - about 2 years - a box was given to my Thursday group to take whatever they needed or wanted. Found half the box was mom's patterns she'd been looking for, for years. She was shocked. I told her a long time ago that it could be LouAnn but she said, "LouAnn wouldn't do that." Well, she did. She took them when she took care of the animals. The part that ticks me off is that she helped herself and would take money from my folks for staying at the house. One time I went over and she asked me what the "H" I was doing there. Told her I was getting the folks car to borrow. She told me to get the key and get the "H" out of there. Boy, was I ticked. Called mom and dad and told them I didn't appreciate LouAnn telling me I had no reason to be there. All those years (30 years) of friendship with my mother, and she was stealing from her! I couldn't believe it. So, I had the book mom needed and took mine over to her.

We went to mom and dads. We played Mexican Train. I won! I won 5 levels in a row. Patrick was tired of that, so quit before we could get to "0."

Came home and now I'm going to get back to working on the cross stitch. Can't wait to see what I can get done. Loving the way it's coming out.

How was your weekend? Keep busy or gone all day? Hope you were Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

An Awesome Day Of Stitching!

This morning when I woke up, it was snowing. We had a good amount on the ground. But by noon it was all gone. Then it snowed again, and was gone just as fast.

Today was a relaxing day for both of us. We watched a couple old movies. One with Ginger Rogers that was a murder movie. It was a slow movie. It wasn't bad, but it really wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

In the meantime, I worked on my January SAL.

I finished up the left side and started working on the right side.

This is closer to the true color. 
I was able to get most of it done by the time it was time to go to the bowling alley. I really like the way this is coming out. I'm only about 50 stitches away from having January done. I'll start Feb. tomorrow or the next day.

I stopped by Donna's on the way to bowling. She needed some of my black fabric. I also picked up her quilt blocks that I need to applique the circles on. I'll take a photo when I work on them. It's pretty easy. It's applique work, which I love to do, so I'm okay with this.

We bowled pretty good today - with a bad second game for all of us. We won 3 of the 4 games. We were in second place being 2 1/2 games out of first. Kim's team was in first but they lost all their games. So, we MAY get lucky enough to win the quarter. Next week will be the one that tells. I bowled a 193, 147, 184. I won't loose any pins on my average. I got 4 splits in the second game. Told Karl on the other team that he had to go first from then on because I was tired of getting splits, and he didn't need them either. Sure enough, that seemed to work. We both did a lot better.

Things are going along great. I'm getting closer to finishing least in my dreams. Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yet Another Saturday Is Here!

This morning I enjoyed being able to sleep in. For the first time in a long time, I slept pretty good.

We started out heading up to Costco in Lacey. We did some good shopping. We had to get a shredder while we were up there. Then we got more groceries. Picked up a couple things for Phil & Emily as well. We had lunch up there.

Then came home, unloaded groceries and off to the movies. We saw "Black Panther." It was really, really good. I really enjoyed that movie! I loved all the actors!

After that, we headed to Dairy Queen and had supper. Then it was back home.

I was then working on my black and white quilt for Katt. I'm getting there. I have a few more moves to do and then I'll get closer to the middle. I'm coming off the corner, so, when I get to the other corner, it will fell really good. I'm not quilting the borders yet. I haven't really decided what I'll do on the border.

I'm having to sit here and watch "As Time Goes By" for the 100th time. Patrick seems to keep watching these - over and over and over again. I'm getting so tired of watching this show. I've seen every since one of them at least 5 times. Some more then others! I would love to have a Saturday where we watch something else other than "As Time Goes By" or even "Keeping Up Appearances." "Keeping Up Appearances" is another one of those I've seen 100 times!! Sometimes I wish someone would call and get me away from these shows. I like to get away from them by playing on my tablet but then half the time Patrick wants that too. This is really getting old!

So, I'm back to quilting....interesting. If I can get more stitches in, then I can go back to finish the SAL I'm working on. I'm going to work on that tomorrow. Figured if I could get more stitches in on the quilt, I can get back to my cross stitch.

Do you have any shows your so tired of seeing? I remember when Patrick would watch "MASH" and I got tired of that too. UGH

I've got some fabric to take to Donna tomorrow. Won't do that till it's time to go bowling. Looking forward to tomorrow and Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Enjoyed My Crafts Today!

Today was an early day. Got up with Patrick then went back to bed. Slept for another hour. He took care of the cinnamon rolls.

Got up and went to see Cherrill. She was up and ready to go. We chatted awhile, then I left.

Came home and cleaned up a little before sitting down with "Perry Mason" and my cross stitch.

I fixed the mistake I made on the border - check out yesterday's photo and you'll see where it was. This is moving along pretty quickly - when I'm able to work on it. I'm really pleased with it. The blue isn't showing up right. It's a brighter color than it shows here. I was thinking that from a distance, it's a little harder to see the design. BUT it's also out of my comfort zone, so I'm okay with that. Not sure what I'll do with it when it's finished, but I do like working on this one. It reminds me of the "Ink Circles" patterns.

After supper, I decided to take a break from cross stitching....

So, I pulled out my quilt. Actually - Katt's quilt. I got a few more lines done. I'll try to get a lot more done tonight. I really do need to work on this. The soon I get this done, the better. I know Katt's wanting it.

This is the back. As you can see, I have gotten quiet a bit done. I just need to keep going. Remember this is a KING size quilt. I do like having it wrapped around me when I'm sitting in the chair. Might as well get moving on it, because summer is going to be way too hot to work on it.

So, as the day goes on, I'm getting more done. I'm enjoying my crafts and have a list in my head that I need to get done. I really do need to get my "UFO's" and "WIP's" done. The only way to do that, is actually sit and do that! So, this is a start.

I hope your doing as much with your crafts, chances are your doing better than me. Let me know what your working on! Would love to hear from you! Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Spending The Day With Mom

It snowed more last night. Soooo, this morning was all white. It was gorgeous! Patrick said to wait till 10 am before going out. I decided...