Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Very Quiet Wednesday

Today I was up early. I went to help Cherrill and stayed to help her a little more with ancestry. We both do genealogy and I was showing her a few things on the website. She's finding more of her family now that I got her hooked up with ancestry.

I worked on laundry today. I still have a few more loads to do since I was lazy the last few days. I played on my tablet for awhile. Really didn't feel like doing much. I keep hoping Kitty will show up. I haven't quiet given up, and I know I should. I've been praying she will come back. I just need to call it as it is, she's gone.

This afternoon I worked on my cross stitch.

I finished up the 'J' for Joy. I need to go back to the lettering and put a white pearl cotton "x" in some spots. I also need to put the centers in the flowers of the hat on the left. I just realized they were missing. I will work on this some more tonight.

It was quiet and I pretty much stayed around the house. I didn't do much. I wish I could say I got a ton of stuff done, but I didn't. I am excited though! My scroll frames are on their way! I'll get those in a couple weeks, I'm sure. It's left Estonia. Can't wait to see them. I've got plans for them already! One of them will have the Hardanger piece so I can finish that one up or at least get caught up. 

One of them will have the HAED piece. And a third will have a new piece - my Maribela (sp) piece. I really do want to start that. I did send a message asking about my order I placed last month for hand dyed fabrics. I can't wait to see what that looks like. 

Yesterday I didn't do anything exciting. I was away from the house most of the day with Art at the casino. I did come home with about $20 more then I went with, so can't complain. 

Then we had bowling - it was "fun night." It was a tournament mostly.  The first game was 9-pin no tap, the second was 8-pin no tap, and the third was 7-pin no tap. I didn't do good for the first game, so I didn't rank among the gals. Denise who is our parent, bowled good and got 5th place. (6 places paid) 

Patrick and I bowled a 300 game on the last one. I bowled a 277 on the second game. Denise bowled a 300 in the second game and had a 260 the first game. Patrick actually got 5th place among the men. It was so funny!! He didn't get to 800 series, nor did any of the men. All he 6 winners on the womens side bowled 800 series. It was funny!

I did get some sad news today. 

IG shared the passing of Beverly Evanger. Those of us that are on flosstube all know her. She was the positive person in all our videos. Everyone of us would get a message from her after every post. She would encourage all of us to keep posting videos. I enjoyed chatting with her! She was a delight and if one went to all he flosstube videos they would find there was never a negative message from her. They were all positive and light hearted. RIP - Beverly! You will be missed. And I've only known you a very short time. 

Okay, I'm off to being Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Hard Day Knowing Kitty Is Gone

Today I was up early. Didn't get to spend it with Kitty, since she hasn't be around in a few days. I went over to Cherrill's and helped her out.

Came home and played on my tablet. Realized I needed to get some laundry going, so did that. Put the quilt in that needed washing. Then put dad's QOV quilt in the wash. Put both of them outside to dry. It was a cool day  compared to the last two days. We were in the 70's today.

I vacuumed and put Kitty's stuff away. All her toys and scratching post went out to the garage. I had my little cry and called it good.

Then I pulled out my cross stitch and got some stitching done.

It was a little hard at times doing this. I used to let Kitty climb up under my frame to sleep under it. Now that won't be happening again. That will take a little getting used to as well.

Good news! My new frames (scrolls) are on the way! I can't wait to get them because I have a few things to use them for! It will be nice to have them. Then I'll move the hardanger piece on one and try to get that finished up as well.

The cool breeze is feeling good. I keep looking at the door hoping to see a cat there....that will take some getting used to.

In the meantime, I'm trying to be back to normal and Happy Stitching! Happy Quilting!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Finished Dad's QOV Quilt

Today I was up at 6:30 am. I went looking for Kitty! She's no were to be had. I've lost my beautiful Kitten. I love that Siamese cat! I called the Shelter, hoping someone might have dropped her off, but doubt it. I can hope. Have a feeling she's gone. No clue where. My heart is break for that cat!

I went downstairs to work on dad's QOV quilt. I needed to put the binding on.

Before I could get started on the binding, I needed to clean up my station. I seem to put all my stuff on the counter then walk away. So, I ended up cleaning it us so I could cut the binding strips.

Once I had the binding on, I went outside to work on it. I wanted to enjoy the weather, but that didn't take long! I found it hard to work on this when it was 100 degrees outside. So, I came back in and had the fan going on me while I worked on the binding. I didn't cover myself in the quilt, I worked it out so that the quilt wasn't on me to keep me hot.

I was able to leave my room looking like this for now.  Every time I go down,  put something else away, so it's even cleaner then this.

This is dad's QOV quilt. I need to make arrangements to have it presented to dad. I think he will get it with the others when they are presented. I just need to do a pillow case for it now. I'll work on that tomorrow. The square in the middle bottom has dad's name and the years he served in the military.

It took most of the day to do the binding. Now I'm happy it's done and over. I'll get back to Katt's stocking tomorrow while I work on laundry.

Today was way to hot to do much of anything. Every time I went down the stairs and back up, one would have thought I ran 10 miles! Frustrating! And it's not like I'm not healthy!!

In the meantime, I'm going to hope Kitty shows up in the next day or two....even though I know that may never happen.....Stay Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spent Most of the Day Away

I was up early and moved to the couch. My side was killing me.

We did the usual at the casino. This time Patrick came home with some money again. It was interesting how one machine worked better than another.

Came home and I stitched on my stocking for Katt.

I was able to get an hour in and then we headed off to the movies.

We saw CARS 3. It was really pretty good. It's about the "same old same old" but it was good.

Then we went out for burgers.

Got home and worked on the cross stitch. I found DMC floss is getting a lot thinner then it used to be. I ended up using 3 strands to do the head. I wish I had thought about that in the beginning.

Kitty is missing. I haven't seen her all day. Yesterday she checked in every hour, but today I haven't seen her. I've called to no affect. I'm getting worried. She didn't stay in the garage last night because it was hotter in the garage then outside.

We reach 90 degrees and more. It's so hot, that I'm sweating!! We have it going to 100 degrees again tomorrow.

Worrying over Kitty, I'm trying to stay Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Another Hot Day!

Today I was up early. Didn't want to but got up. I went over to Cherrill's. She was going out later, so I left in good time. Came home and played on the tablet.

I pulled out my Birdfeeder.

I added the white and orange to the back of the bird. Then I called it good. It will take some time to get it right. This is a start. 

Then I watched the video on the next step of HAL. I had to take out the two half stars that I put in. I fixed them. I was a little off on them. Added the four half stars and started the outer border. I'll work on that later. 

Oh, between working on those, I was so beat!! I fell asleep on the couch for a good hour. Funny part is that I'm tired yet now too! Go figure.

I wanted to show the books I was given at Seminar. The gal's mother did a lot of hardanger and she was giving her books away. 

I can learn a lot from these books! I'm looking forward to using them. 

After supper, I cut the tops off the green file cabinet files and used them for my floss box. This is how I can tell what weight my BE floss is. This box is FULL! I might be able to get a few more colors in there, but I can't get any more bars in there. If I have to, I'll use the black box I have for the other flosses that we don't use much. I'm hoping that won't be for awhile. 

Tonight after doing my exercises, I'll pull out my cross stitch and get working on Katt's stocking! I need to get that done! I also need to finish my Patriot Angel. Then I can start on my Mirabella piece next! I've got her almost ready. I'll get the floss ready here pretty soon.

We reached 90 degrees today....and I can't handle the heat. Ever since I lived in Turkey, I haven't been able to adjust to the heat. I can't breath at times. Not my favorite weather! Plus the next two days we are supposed to get close to 100 degree - which means I need to say in! I'd rather be cold! I can add clothes or blankets, but when it gets hot there is only so much we can take off!

Okay, time to call it good, get on with my exercises for my back. 

Stay happy, healthy and stay Happy Quilting and/or Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Finally Making "Head Way"

Today I was kicked out of bed around 4 am. I went on the couch because of snoring. I didn't take my allergy medications. I thought I could get away with it. Guess not. I woke up with my leg hurting, so that wasn't a good sign either. My back didn't like that sleeping position.

I got moving. Took out hamburger for supper, got my BE box ready to go, and headed off to get some Thank You cards at the Dollar store. I stopped off and got several cards at the Dollar store. I even picked up some envelopes. I need to get my Thank You cards out. I want to thank my teachers for last week.

After that, picked up some ice tea at McD's and headed to the quilt shop for our applique meeting. Still need to get used to the fact that we pay for our meetings. Anyway, I worked on my BE Birdfeeder. Only because I wasn't in the mood to do applique.

I worked on the head of a Grosbeak bird. I need to add some more orange at the head, but I'm going to work on this. I am getting ready to add the orange/red that goes on the back. This is really pretty so far. I just hope I do it justice.

Mom called while I was at the meeting. She was in a panic over the Forest Galorest quilt. She was putting it together and realized we missed a block. She didn't know how to put it on. I left the meeting at 1 pm and went to moms. I was going to pick up strawberries anyway, so headed over earlier. When I got there, she had most of the top done, except the borders. I was able to get mom calmed down and we were able to figure out what was off. We had to change two blocks because the nest block was in the wrong place. We worked on getting the corner block with the bear put together.

NOTE: Don't buy this pattern!! It's not well written and it's a pain to see what she means. The patterns are her sketches! They were a pain to figure out! If one does buy this pattern, make sure not to pay over $25 for it. I paid $60 for it, and feel like it was taken!!

Came home and got supper in the oven. Patrick was home and cleaning up the yard. He had a meeting to go to at 5:30 pm. Then he had another meeting at 7:30 pm (now). So, I wanted to get him fed before he left.

While he was off to the first meeting, I worked on the owl for the pattern.

First I had to copy the pattern pieces on freezer paper.

Once that was done, I could cut out the patterns and then iron them onto the fabrics.

Got most of them ironed on the fabrics.

Cut them all out and ready to work on. I just need to cut them out more and glue the pieces so I can applique them. I want to get all the owl done so we can put it on the border and then put it on.

My mageyes showed up today. I'm using this for the embroidery. I have my other magnifier for the scrolls. I have the one with lights and I will use that one for my new scrolls.

Okay, I'm getting stuff done. I'm even getting back to walking. Now Cherrill needs to get out and walk, so she's interested in walking in the evenings, so that makes is easier for me as well. We got another mile in today by walking up and down the street.

This was one of those awesome days, where I could get a lot done. Even helping mom and Cherrill, I'm getting stuff done. I'm looking forward to having a day to myself tomorrow (almost - still have to see Cherrill in the morning). Once I get back home, I'm hoping to get more stuff done. Patrick won't be off tomorrow which made my day (a little).

Back to being Happy Quilting AND Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quilting With Mom & Hardanger

This morning I was up early. I knew I was heading over to mom's, so I had to leave pretty early. I helped Cherrill and then came home. I had a few minutes so I went downstairs and pulled out last years classes for Brazilian embroidery. I took all the floss out of the kits and put them in my container with the rest of them. I must have added close to 75 flosses. My box is so full that I might have to put some in another container. Hard to believe I had very few (4) duplicates. I didn't check the colors before we went to Portland, so it was interesting to see I didn't have more colors that matched up.

I stopped off at Starbucks to get some tea, and while I was at it, bought one for mom and dad as well. Dad wasn't there, so his coffee had to be warmed up in the microwave - Sorry that's not the same as fresh! Mom and I had chai tea.

I worked with mom and the Forest Galorest quilt. I cut the blocks to size while mom talked to Jen in OR. She lost her sister in Feb and they have been trying to find mom to let her now. Mom called her and they are talking about going down to see her in the next month. We cut out the triangles for the side of the quilt. We need to get it pieced to add more applique to it. I still haven't been thinking to take a photo of it while we work on it. I will try next time.

About 11 am I headed over to my PT. I worked with Bob on what I could do to help my back. We added a couple more things. Went back to moms but she was leaving for a hair appointment. So, I headed back home.

I stopped off at the grocery store for milk and a few other things for supper. I made "Lemon Chicken" for supper.

While the foo was cooking, I decided to work on the hardanger. I was able to get some of it done before supper. Then I added a few more stitches in a little bit ago.

I need to finish the strip across, then add the next two going the other way. Once that is done, then I need to do the next section. I'm starting to get caught up! This was #4 and I believe she's only on #8. Another one will come out soon. So, I'm trying to get there.

I may work on my birds later tonight. I have some ideas to make it better, so I'm going to try and finish the Birdfeeder so I can move to another one. I can hope!!

Life is good, I'm still here and still Happy Stitching and/or Happy Quilting!

A Very Quiet Wednesday

Today I was up early. I went to help Cherrill and stayed to help her a little more with ancestry. We both do genealogy and I was showing her...