Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow and Cross Stitch

Today I was up at 8:30 am, which is unusual for me lately. I guess all that walking at Costco and bowling yesterday made me tired. We missed out on a walk. Oh, well, it was cold this morning so really didn't bother me that I didn't go walking.

I played games on my tablet. I haven't been able to play on that for a while. I did do some laundry - I had vacuumed before I left yesterday.

Around 2 pm we had snow starting up.

I got a kick out of the Hummingbird that was watching it come down. I had two or three of them coming around to eat. I added more food to the feeder so they had plenty to keep them alive.

Miss Kitty decided to enjoy my lap. She was with me all afternoon. She's not sure what to think of all this snow. She's been in and out of the house. She just came back - meowing to get back in. So, I let her back in. Think she's back under the table because I had the computer on my lap. I did pull out some Santa's for decorating. I'm getting there. Not sure why I'm dragging my feet this year.

While Miss Kitty was on my lap, I tried to get some stitches on this SAL (Stitch a long) It's coming along. I've been going through withdrawal from cross stitch lately. I haven't had the chance to work on anything for a few days.

I had the reminder to get "kits" made for the eagles. I will try and do that tomorrow. Not sure if we will be meeting tomorrow. Not sure if they met today actually. I didn't go to my Thursday group. Just didn't want to leave the house today. I have been running around for a week, and I wanted to have some time to myself.

Patrick fell asleep in his chair. Guess I can't ask anything of him right now. lol

He brought home his tripod that I can use. I'm going to try and do a 'Youtube' video of cross stitch for left handed people. Most of the left handed stuff out there is more for right handed people and not left handed. Don't know if I can do it right, but will try and see if it will work.

Tonight I'm going to curl up in the chair and finish this part of the SAL. I want to get caught up. Next Friday is the next part, and I want to have it done by then.....time will tell, considering how things are going for me lately. lol

Happy Stitching & Quilting!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Day of Shopping

This morning it was 21 degrees, so we didn't walk. I spent a few minutes with Miss Kitty and then had to help my neighbor.

Called mom to see when she wanted to go. She said we'd leave about 11 am. I finished helping my neighbor around that time and then went to meet up with the folks. Dad decided he was going to go as well. Arrived around 11:30 am and we were off by 11:50 am. Dad had to stop at Les Schwab to get the car tires full of air. Then we were off to Costco. We got there and waited for a spot in the parking lot. Dad's driving is one that makes me want to drive! We got 2 shopping carts....I walked around with a cart empty half the time. Mom and dad loaded up on what they needed....or wanted. We come out with a lot of candy and food.....2 hours later. We got home around 3 pm and I helped mom order some clothes she wanted. I placed 3 orders for her and then came home......4:15 pm. I did stop and get gas.

Arrived home and had to get supper going. I was able to get dinner in a few minutes so we could head out to and busy day!

Went bowling and won two games. I bowled a 176, 156, 191. At least my average didn't go anywhere. Took me two games to figure out what I was doing wrong..go figure! Patrick didn't do so good, so I may be getting caught up to him yet! crafts today...Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

QOV meeting Day

Today started out with no walking. Then went to help my neighbor. We have another neighbor moving in. They bought the house across the street. Guess they don't speak English, so not sure how that's going to work out.

Got moving early because I needed to go to Michael's before going to Olympia. Also had to stop at the doctors office and fill out some papers. It didn't take long, but it needed to be done.

Drove up to Olympia for our meeting. I figured I'd go to the meeting and see what was going on. Funny part was, our leader had car trouble and even the help she was getting had a battery go out on the car. So, we waited about 1 1/2 hours for her to come in. She told everyone to go to lunch and she'd be there when everyone got back. I decided to come on home. I didn't have anything to work on. I did pick up some fabric for the eagle wings. I will make some "kits" up for the eagles. I need to get those going this week and put them in my box for my applique meeting days. I gave Judy H my eagles for dad. I gave her the fabrics I was using or thinking of using in the quilt. I asked her if she would do that quilt for me. She said she would. I told her what I was thinking but just couldn't get moving on doing it. She said she would see what would work. I also told her if she bought anything, I'd pay her for the work. That way I can give dad this quilt for his QOV presentation. I'm not sure what I'll do for the quilting. I may call Dian and see if she would be willing to do it for me.

Came home and enjoyed a couple hours of Miss Kitty being in the house. She has a "safe" place under the table. She moves around from one chair to the next, but is relaxed and seems to be happy.

Last night I worked on this. I found an "a" in the pattern, but there wasn't a number for the color. I emailed the "support" for Lavendar and Lace patterns. I got a message today telling me the number, and when I looked on my pattern, it was marked a "2." I think that must me a first pattern. I was surprised to get an awesome message back on this. She was quick! Considering the designer of these patterns passed away 4 years ago. I was thrilled there is someone out there answering the emails. I took a photo of the list and sent it to her when she told me it was the second one down on the right side. Told her I must have an older version.

I printed out my Part 5 of my Beuatiful Sea Quaker last night. Today, I was able to get started. I'll do more tonight. I'm hoping to get it done or close to being done tonight. Then I can wait for next weeks Part 6. I like what others have done on theirs.

So, today was a busier day then I've had in a while. PLUS it's a busy week again. Hate these weeks where it's busy, then the next week is very little, and back to busy. Both quilt groups are meeting the same week, and I really hate that. Oh, well. I'm not doing much with applique lately. That may or may not change.

In the meantime - Happy Quilting!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Meeting Cancelled Due to SNOW

This morning started out early. As I got out of the shower, Patrick told me Ruth wasn't walking because it was snowing. So, I spent an hour enjoying time to myself. (Should have went back to bed!)

Walked over to the neighbors and got her socks on. Then came home realizing the snow wasn't stopping. I called Pat Campbell about our meeting. She had to drive to Kent to get home. I was concerned about her driving that long in this weather. She wanted to get home before more snow hit up there. We decided to cancel the meeting. Called a couple of the people to tell them. Called Georgie and told her we'd go to Felicia's husband's next time.

So, I cleaned, did laundry and enjoyed my time with Miss Kitty. I put the collar on her, and she didn't seem to mind. She was freaking out at times when the extra part of the collar would move on her. The collar was a little big. We'll see how it goes. She spent most of the day with me.

I decided since I had the time at home, I would work on my birds. I got the bottom bird done - I think. I need to do the base of the feeder before I do the other bird. Realized I should have done it before I did that bird. I may do it next and if I have to fix the bird, I will.

I need to print out my SAL pattern for the next step. I don't want to get behind on this. I have a couple weeks from last Friday. So, if I get it done this week, that would keep me on schedule.

I picked up my applique stuff and put them all in the bucket I have for my projects. That way they are ready to work on and I'm not forgetting something. I have a couple more blocks downstairs that I need to add to the box. That way I can pick the one I'm in the mood to do.

This week is so full! I think there is a Christmas Party for my TAS group. Trouble is, I'm not ready...I've been so busy with dad that I haven't had the chance to even think about TAS. I may just pass up the party and see everyone the following meeting. I feel bad, I haven't been to a TAS or QOV meeting in 3 months.....didn't realize it was that long.

The holidays are here and I'm behind on getting Patrick his gifts. I'll have to get busy on the computer and find something for him....ugh.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Another Day of NO Stitching - UGH

Today started out with me calling for Miss Kitty! At 7:20 am I was out the door calling her....she answered!! She came up and we had our TLC time. It was almost as if she missed me as much as I missed her for the past two days. We sat and enjoyed each other for about an hour before Patrick got up.

I finally got ready and walked Miss Kitty to the neighbors to put her socks on. The walked her back home. We then left to the store to do our grocery shopping. Got a lot of the stuff we needed.

Came home and put everything away. Then I baked a chocolate bark with salteens. I put it in the refrigerator to cool down.

Then I worked on my Christmas gifts for my bowlers. We will exchange next Sunday, so I wanted to make something to go in their boxes.

I put these together. We went to the store and got bows to put on them. I'll do that tomorrow.

We went to Kelso and eat at Sizzlers. Then we headed back home. Stayed about 10 mins and headed out to the store to get a collar and bows. Then we ended up at the bowling alley. I bowled pretty bad!! I got a 168, 165, 144....dropped another 2 pins! UGH!!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Miss Kitty is Missing

Today I was up early. No cat in sight. I went to the neighbors like I always do. Then came home and Patrick and I went to the casino. Patrick was doing pretty good. Can't say the same for me. He beat me 10 bonus' to my 1.

We came home and it looked like Miss Kitty might have been here to eat. I called and called, but she didn't come. Not sure if it's because I wasn't here yesterday or what. I'm getting very worried about her. I miss her!

Mom and dad called to say supper was at their house. They got back around 2 pm today. They had a good trip back. Then ended up staying another night, because dad had to stay overnight.

We went over to my folks. My brother and sister-in-law cooked supper. It was really good. We had shrimp. Came home around 7:30 pm - no sign of Miss Kitty. I played on the tablet. Did my exercises and now I'm going to pull out my floss and try to get a couple more done. I'll try to work on my cross stitch tomorrow. I hope Miss Kitty comes around in the morning. She did leave us a gift, and I washed her bed. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Waiting Game

This morning we were all up at 5:30 am and out the door by 6 am. We went to Ihop for breakfast. I didn't eat much, but we had a good breakfast. My brother and sister-in-law arrived last night at about 11:30 pm, so we got to see them today. I thanked them for coming.

We all went to the hospital by shuttle at 7:00 am. We were early, as dad was due to check in at 8 am. We waited in the waiting room. Dad checked in and I helped out with making sure all the information was there. Dad signed a lot of forms, but that seems to be normal these days. Then we sat and waited....and waited...and waited. Apparently there was an emergency that got in before dad. So, by 11:15 am he finally got in for surgery. We then moved over to the West room waiting room. They had a cafeteria right next to the room. We went and got something to eat in groups. Mom, Patrick, and I got hamburgers. We sat and ate. Then we went back in and Patrick and Chris went to get something to eat. I had a headache from sleeping with a mask that had perfume. It took till lunch time to finally get rid of it. I was also feeling claustrophobic in the waiting room. The first one was on the ground floor and the other one was in the basement. No windows. I wasn't feeling great, but I figured that might be the food or even no having fresh air.

I appliqued the butterflies while at the first waiting room. Oh, how I hate waiting! But we did fine.

I took out my floss for the pattern I was going to start last night. I needed to get some of the floss organized and wrapped.

So, I wrapped a few of the floss that I had. I noticed I had a couple dup's after I wrapped them. No worries, I can always use them. I need to get my gold floss for the pattern as well. 

At least I was able to work on a couple things....even though I forgot a thimble and magnifier. 

Dad was out after an hour and forty five minutes. The doctor came and showed us on his phone what he did. It was amazing! He was able to get through it in good timing. Doctor said he could go home today. So, he was getting discharged at 8 pm tonight (should be at the hotel now). We (Patrick and I) decided to leave and beat the rush of traffic - that was 2:30 pm. 

We walked to the hotel. 

This is the view from Harborview Medical Center, Seattle.

We walked about 8 blocks. By the end of the day, I was close to my 10,000 steps. Not bad considering I haven't reached that in awhile.

We hit the traffic. Took us three hours to get back home. We did stop at Costco. Bought our Christmas gifts. Now we are good and ready for Christmas.

It's nice to be home.....Happy Quilting.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trip To Seattle

Today was an early morning with Ruth. We walked Miss Kitty. She followed us the whole time.

We (Kitty and I) spent the morning relaxing. She layed by me while I played a few games on the laptop. I got some laundry done as wel. She's getting more relaxed around me, now to get her that way around Patrick. Had to ask my neighbor to feed Kitty tomorrow morning. They are watching the house.

Patrick left work early because of the traffic jam on I-5. We were at my parents by 3:30 pm. Then we headed to Seattle. We are staying at a hotel cose to Harborview Medical Center. Dads appointment is early tomorrow. We stopped at the restaurant here at the hotel. Expensive but pretty good.

I brought my cross stitch of the Mayflower. Just as I was trying to work on it, I realized I forgot my magnifier I use. Since the fabric is 32 ct, it's not as easy to do without my glass. So, I worked on wrapping the floss onto the boards.

So, I worked on my applique butterflies for the quilt mom and I are doing. Got one done. Will get more done tomorrow while waiting for dad.

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Month In Review

Today I was able to sleep in a little. Went to help the neighbor with her socks. Then came home and enjoyed some time with Miss Kitty.

I was able to get some stitching done today.

It's coming along great.'s the month in review:

While dog sitting and during BE group, I was able to finish the bird on the left and started working on the bottom bird on the right. Really having fun with these and can't wait to get back to working on them.

My three pieces of applique that I needed to get back to. I'm working on all of these.....but I'm close to finishing the friendship block on the top. I just realized I missed the block I finished and the block I did for Felicia.

This will be put in a quilt for another time.

Then I also worked on the SAL cross stitch piece.

Not a bad month for me! Oh, I also finished the quilt.....did more than I thought.

Bowling was tonight. We won 3 games, and I bowled pretty good. Got a 554 series. We had a good time! My high game was 198.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Day of Walking and Cross Stitch

Today was another day of walking 1.5 miles with Ruth. Then helping the neighbor and coming home to enjoy time with Kitty.

It's getting harder the more I blog, to find a title to go with my stuff. It's not like I'm constantly busy and have a ton of things to post about. I could, if I was boring at times. I haven't had the chance to check out my groups on yahoo. Partly because I forget, but partly because I want to work on something during the day...and stay off the computer. Wish that thought would work for my tablet as well! Ooops.

Miss Kitty came in the house and hid under the table on one of the chairs. She stayed there all day till Patrick came home. She seemed happy and didn't freak every time I moved. That was a good thing.

So, I sat and worked on my cross stitch today. I enjoyed the photos on Instagram! They keep me going and excited about finishing my work.

The water in the background is coming out. I really like this. The knee is showing and one can tell exactly what I'm working on.

I started the next set of steps. I do better working from the bottom to the top. I'm not sure what I will be doing when I get to the point where the tree flows over the gal. I'll probably turn the design around and work from the corner toward what I've already done.

I love seeing what others are doing. I'm not around other people that do cross stitch. I wish I had a group around here that would come over and work on their stuff. It would be awesome to see what others are working on. That's where the Instagram comes in for me. I also started checking out the "youtube" or "flosstube" videos. I've learned from some of them but I haven't found any that I'm excited about trying. I want to check out some more of the Russian ladies works. They have beautiful pattern and do an awesome job!

I've also be "itching" to work on my birds. When I worked on them at Phil's house, I was really enjoying it. I want to get my birds going. I have about 3 more birds to do.

I was thinking about the block I worked on at moms. I have that in the box. I need to find the other block and put it in the box as well. That will get me back to quilting....some.

Happy Quilting/Stitching!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Monday - Cyber Monday To Boot!

Today was a day of walking again. Ruth met me at the corner since Miss Kitty decided to follow me again. We did a mile, because her back was hurting.

Then I helped my neighbor with her sock. We were trying to figure out if there was a leak up in her yard. After talking to her son and my hubby they didn't know if it was, but would look later tonight. Patrick looked and thinks it's the run off from the rain. We've had enough rain lately.

I checked out some stuff online. I bought a gift for Patrick. Just thought of something else, so will check on it here in a sec.

Didn't get a lot done on cross stitch.

I finished the top area above the house. I'm working on the tree stub now. Not much done since I started it, but will have more later.

Today was pretty quiet. Had fun with my kitty.

Other then that, not much went on. Didn't get much done other than the laundry and vacuuming.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday...A Day Of Excitement and Blah!

Today started out with me sleeping in. Woke at 4 am to Patrick telling me I'm snoring again. I got up and took my Zyrtec and went back to bed. Then I woke at 9 am. Felt good to get a few (and I mean few) hours of sleep.

I enjoyed an hour of TLC time with Miss Kitty. She came in the house and stayed with me till Patrick got up. She's still gun shy around Patrick. Hopefully she will loosen up soon.

I let her out, then she came back in, and then back out. So, I made her make up her mind!

Don't think she was enjoying that part. She wanted me to let her in, but when I opened the door, she didn't come in. So, gave up.

My daughter-in-law was back in the hospital. So, I went over and gave my grand doggie some TLC. She enjoyed a few minutes in my lap.

While she was sitting in my lap, I worked on my bird.  have more to do on it, but this is a start. I do notice the beak and I'm thrilled I can see it.

I was able to put about 100 more stitches in on this. I'm liking the way it's coming along. I'm getting close to my gal! I saw a design that someone was working on, and realized I had that! So, I'm going to pull out one of my Paula Vaughn patterns and may do one of those in the next one. I'm not sure which will actually be next, because I have Katt's stocking and Santa that I want to do as well. The stocking I want to have done by next year, so I'm thinking that one will actually be next.

I'm still working on my applique when I can. I still have them ready to work on, and I'm getting time in once in awhile to work on them. I really need to finish up a few things in the way of quilts. I have a lot of unfinished projects there, and now I think I know why. So, I'm going to try and get moving on finishing a few of them up.

Bowling was tonight - my series was 467 - so that tells one how BAD I was. Patrick did good, so he's passed me again on average. I need to kick it up! The whole team bombed! We all did bad!

Oh, well, life goes on....Happy Quilting!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Movie Day

Today was one of those days I couldn't sleep with anything! I kept waking up every so often. Then the phone rang for Patrick at about 4 am again. Shortly after that, Patrick went out on the couch (guess I was snoring again!). At about 6 am I went out and told him to trade places with me! Since I couldn't sleep, I might as well let him sleep. We traded places, and he slept till about 10:30 am. As for me, I was up at 7 am.

We planned on going out to the movies. We left early to get a quick day of it. We saw the Disney movie, MOANA.  It was an awesome movie. I really enjoyed that! We were home by about 3 pm. Then we sat and watched another Disney movie with Don Knotts. It was the on where he turned into a fish. I hadn't seen that movie in years! I forgot some of it but remembered more than I thought I would. After that we enjoyed another cartoon. After supper we ended up watching "The Sons of Katie Elder." I had to see if it was based on the true story. Yes it was, but it was based on the Marlow family and not the Elder family. I do have a Marlow in my family, but don't think it's the same family. If it had been based on the Elder family, then it would have been my family. It was interesting to see the true story on the Marlow. Well worth looking into. But then I love history, so it was fun. 

I'm a history "buff" and love to see true stories about families. It brings things to life. The same of all this is that today most people don't want to hear about the past. Since they aren't interested in the past, we keep repeating the bad parts of the history. 

I was working on my cross stitch again today while watching TV. I'll get more done tonight. It's really coming along! Love it!

Best wishes, Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Applique With Friends

Today I was up and on my way. It was a day of quilting at moms. I found out last night. So, I thought I would go since we didn't have anything planned and I don't do Black Friday.

Arrived at the folks at 9:30 am and I was the first one there. Closer to 10 am, Bev came in and Ethel was the next one. After that, no one showed up. So it was a day for 4 of us. We chatted and appliqued or quilted. Bev was working on her binding. Ethel on her applique, and mom on he quilt (quilting). I pulled out my box of applique and found I was missing the block I was doing for the quilt mom and I are working on. That was left at home in my bag.

I put the flower together on the friendship blocks that I need to finish up.

I started stitching down the stem and leaves of the flower. I did pretty good on getting more done then I usually do. I have a few more to do. Not sure how many blocks I need to finish up on.

I finished up the house yesterday on the cross stitch. I have the bottom of the cross stitch done, and working my way up the side (not in view). I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do the area of the tree, that goes over the top of this. Since I'm working on an angle, that angle will have to change to finish up the tree. Hopefully I'll figure it out when I get there.

Bev and I went to Michael's after our meeting. Thought I had a 40% coupon off on everything. I did, but it expired at noon. We still bought the totes for $5.99 each. I bought one and she got 2 more. Came home to Patrick cleaning up the VW. There was a rip in the seat, so I pulled out my needle and thread.

The rest of the day I've been sitting here working on my cross stitch. It's coming along great. Think I have put 300 stitches in already. Will post the picture tonight before I go to bed. I'll have more stitches in by then.

It's a good day...Happy Quilting!

Thursday, November 24, 2016



We had a great day. Couldn't have asked for better. Mom and dad arrived early to join us for an early feast. We had all the fixing's! The turkey, stuffing, potatoes, with gravy, sweet yams, green bean casserole, homemade rolls (should have done my recipe), pumpkin, and pecan pies.

We sat down and played two rounds of Mexican train. Then Patrick got called out to work. While he was gone (1 1/2 hours), we watched two "Murdoch Mysteries" that I had recorded.  Patrick got home and we finished our game. Patrick beat dad by 1 point!

I pulled out the Christmas plates, but that's okay because Thanksgiving is the gateway to Christmas.

While we watched TV, I worked on my cross stitch.

I was able to get a good 200 stitches in. over the past three days, I've done close to 900 stitches. I'm almost done with the house. That will be done tonight, as I'm almost there. It's coming along nicely. I'm really loving how this is coming along.

Next week at this time, we will be in Seattle getting set up in the motel for dad's procedure.

I am very thankful for my parents coming over yesterday and today. It was very enjoyable and fun! This is a Thanksgiving that will be remembered for a long time. Mom was in a good mood and dad was having fun joking around.

Life is good - Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Preparing For Thanksgiving

This morning we work to no power. Patrick got a call at about 4 am to see if he could check the power at the plant. We didn't have power, so he couldn't. His worker had to go in to the plant to make sure everything was still running. Patrick and I re-awoke at 7 am. Patrick couldn't get any water or power, so he went to work. Just as he was driving out of the driveway, the power came back on. Later I found out the power was out for most of Lewis County. Patrick made the comment that it was a good thing it went today and not tomorrow.

I got up and waited a little bit before I went to the neighbors. I enjoyed our chat and told her we would be around this weekend if she wanted me to come over. Otherwise her grandson would take care of her.

I came back with Miss Kitty. Brought her in the house and she slept in my lap for about an hour. I played my games. I was going to get started on the pie crusts but decided to enjoy her. We had a good visit before my folks came. Then she took off.

She was so curled up on my lap that I couldn't see her face.

Mom and dad came to help me with prep for tomorrow. Mom did the stuffing, while I worked on the pumpkin pie. While that was cooking we worked on the green bean casserole, candied yams, potatoes (peeled and in water), the pecan pie and then the rolls. We have the rolls in the frig till tomorrow. We tried another recipe. We are all ready for tomorrow now. Patrick brought home a pizza for all of us. Mom and dad left after that. They will be back tomorrow. Mom had wanted to bring something, and this was a way for her to see we have enough. It seemed to work.

I worked on my cross stitch when I could. I didn't get much done. I was able to get about 100 stitches in.

I did get "mail." I loved the Lugana fabric. Not too crazy about the other, but that's okay. I am going to work another SAL on that one. I don't want to start it now, but I WANT to start it now. Not sure how long I can hold fun to find out!

I will be happy when everything goes great tomorrow. I'm hoping things will work out. I do miss not having my children around, but I did get to spend time with my daughter a couple weeks ago. I won't be seeing Phil tomorrow because Emily is still not feeling well. I wish her well! Prayers are going her way!

Life is good, there is a LOT to be Thankful for, and one I am every thankful for is my "talent" to be able to do embroidery, quilting, crocheting, knitting, etc.

Have an AWESOME day and be Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Finished Another Quilt!

Today was a day of helping my neighbor, cooking and finishing my quilt.

I came home from the neighbors and started to work on my corn bread. Trouble was, there were bugs in it, so I had to walk to the corner store. Came home and made the muffins from the mix I bought. Then I worked on the Bisquick. I ran the dishwasher, got some dishes from downstairs and ran the dishwasher again.

I finished the binding on the quilt while waiting for the muffins.

I washed it. It's good to finally have it finished.

I'm also working on my cross stitch now. I'll take another photo later.

I am going to try and NOT start another cross stitch project. I have the SAL one and I have "Nantucket Rose" to work on now. I also need to work on my applique to get some of my quilting stuff done. I want to finish what I started and move on to my embroidery.

Tomorrow is a day of pre-cooking and prepping. Not sure I'll be able to get a few things done. I'll have Thanksgiving ready by tomorrow and be able to just cook it all on Thanksgiving Day. This is usually what I do on Thanksgiving so I'm ready to enjoy Thanksgiving instead.

Hopefully everyone's week will be a good one and Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Wonderful Day With BE Friends!

This morning was a "get up and go" day. I had to get moving to be at our meeting on time. As I was leaving Miss Kitty showed up. She wanted her TLC time. I gave her a little and started out to meet Ruth for our walk. Turned around and she was behind me, following me. I called Ruth to meet me at the corner because I didn't want to have her follow me to Ruth's because she's off Jackson Hwy. I gave her more TLC while waiting on Ruth. The school bus came by and I was telling Miss Kitty to say put. The bus driving opened her window, said hi, and then said "the cat is really pretty." Ruth showed up and we walked back and forth twice. The whole time we walked, Miss Kitty followed up. She didn't get too close, but she followed us the whole way. Got home and gave her more TLC before she took off.

When she left, I got in the car and drove to our meeting. We talked about the quilt that Dina is working on. She had most of the blocks done. This was a quilt for Felicia. We decided to go ahead and finish the quilt, then have it as a display for our group. We'll use it for demos. They were talking about doing more blocks and making a few more quilts for everyone to get one. Some agreed with that and others didn't. It was tabled. Then we talked about a couple of us going to Felicia's family (they asked) and helping them out with the selling her crafts stuff.

I finished up the bird that is behind another bird. Then started on the 4th bird. That's the one with the pin in it. I will be doing that one next, then go back to the front bird on the left. I like the way they are coming out.

I ran a few things for Phil. I was running around. Today is our 34th Anniversary, so I went to Starbucks and got Patrick an iced coffee and a coffee mug. It worked out. I was able to give it to him at work. We had a good chat.

When he came home, we went to McMenamins for supper. We had an awesome "Fish and Chips." Came home and now relaxing.

Tomorrow is another day. We went over the list of "pre-cook" stuff for Thanksgiving. Mom and dad will come over Wednesday to help me out.

Close up of work

Life is interesting for this family. We'll get through this. In the meantime, Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Seahawk Day! And Binding!

Today started out early. I'm back to feeling good. I was up at my usual time today. Enjoyed the time to myself. Had my tea and croissant. I enjoyed that!

I pulled out the bread pan and made my Scandinavian Almond Bread. It didn't take long and it turned out great.

Then it was time for the game....Seahawks!

So with my knees up and the quilt on my lap, I stitched on the binding....and watched the SEAHAWKS WIN!!

I was happy to be able to get two sides done. I have another side plus a little to get it done. Patrick asked if I had the quilt done yet, told him, "Nope, binding are a pain and I have to be in the mood." (smiling)

Enjoyed my kitty as well.

She was more interested in finding birds, even when it was raining. Go figure.

We had bowling tonight. Got our butts kicked. I bowled a 153, 194, 186.  I thought I would really be in trouble with bowling, and then I finally got three strikes to get me the 186. The team we bowled was missing a person. On top of that the last person to bowl waited till Patrick (our last bowler) got up to bowl. He didn't through a ball till after Patrick throw his first ball. I had to wait a long time sometimes to just get up there to bowl. It's a pain in the rear when I have to wait to bowl. The person in front of me doesn't get up there to bowl. UGH! So, I feel pretty lucky to get what I did tonight. My timing and rythem (sp) was off.

Tomorrow is BE. We will be talking about the loss of Felicia. Tomorrow is another day....Happy Quilting!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another Friend Has Passed Away

Today started out slowly. We decided to go to the movies at noon. Loved the movies! 

Came home and worked on my cross stitch. 

When I pulled out my laptop, I found news of Felicia's passing. She passed away on the 16th. May she rest in peace now. She had breast cancer and last month suffered a stoke. She was a very special lady in our BE group! She was so talented with beads, BE, and cross stitch. She did such a beautiful job on her stuff. I lived in "AW" of her. She was one of those people one could ask for help and she would be the first one to do it for you. She fixed my scissor fob that I got at Seminar. She was able to go to Seminar this year and loved it. She talked about what she learned and what fun she had with us. She will be sorely missed. 

I had worked on my cross stitch SAL (stitch-along). I was able to print it off yesterday and started work on it yesterday. Today I finished Part 4 of the piece. I love how it's coming along. I believe it's a sampler, but not sure. lol 

I believe there are 12 parts to this, but not sure. 

I do like the way it looks. 

I plan on sitting her and stitching the binding on the quilt tonight. AS MUCH as I would love to work on my "Nantucket Rose" cross stitch, I need to finish this quilt. 

A farewell goes to Felicia. She touched my heart! I will miss her.

To the rest of us, who keep going, Happy Quilting!