Saturday, August 19, 2017

Today Was A Good Day!

We did our usual trip to the casino. We ended up staying for about 5 hours. At first we were loosing and about ready to come home, when Patrick hit it pretty good! He hit a $750 spin. After that it was up hill. We won a few more big hits and then finally called it good at bring home $700.

We decided to go to Pete's Pizza in Centralia. It was really good pizza. We then went to the store to pick up a few things we needed.

Then we came home. It was nice to get back. lol I got a little caught up on my games and then I went back to my cross stitch.

Patrick fixed the shower head. I was so ticked this morning with the shower head that Patrick figured he better change it NOW. Put me in a bad mood! lol

We also got a faucet for the bathroom. The other one was leaking and didn't really work very well. So, we got one to replace it. Not sure when he will do that, but betting it will be tomorrow. I know him to well to say it will wait till later this week. I'm thinking that's going to be one of the first things he does tomorrow. IF he doesn't do it today!

I know this blog is just for good things - not bad. But today I have to say somethings. The protests have gotten out of hand. I'm sorry but the Civil War has been over for 130 years. They fought for what they believed in - right or wrong! They were good warriors that fought for this country. Just like the Vietnam War vets fought for this country. Now the protesters are destroying - yes DESTROYING history. History needs to stand. We can't act as if it didn't happen. It happened. Even though my family fought for the North, if my ancestors fought for the South, I'd feel the same way! They gave their lives for what they believed in. What right do we - 130 years later - to thumb our noises at them and destroy the monuments that were put up?!? Those were put up because of the type people they were! Robert E Lee was a soldier - yes, he fought on the "wrong" side, but he was one of the best soldiers and officer that we ever had. Now we are saying he was a "racist" when he was a soldier.

Okay, I'm done. Life is good, we need to enjoy what life we have. We all love life - Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hello Friday!

Today is Friday...yah, not big news there!

I was up and over to the neighbors a little later than usual. I called her because Patrick was home and I was waiting on him before I could go over. She had just got off the phone with her brother and needed a few minutes, so I said I'd be over a little later.

Stayed and chatted with her. Then came home. Really didn't have a lot to do. Patrick was busy all day with getting the eves fixed. He's really been working on the eves ever since they did the roof.

He's in his own world up there. The music is in his ears and he's getting it done. He's a hard worker and I couldn't have asked for better! Poor guy married a lazy gal!

I did work on the sourdough bread while he was working. Plus I worked on laundry, only got 2 loads done. The bread turned out really good!

While he was outside, I was inside watching my mystery movies from Hallmark. I got in about three of those before he came in. One of them he did have to watch. teehee

I'm getting more done, but not fast enough! I'm starting to get tired of the rock and may have to put this aside to work on something else for a little bit. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

So, now for the photos that I wasn't able to put on yesterday.

My niece-in-law did an awesome job on the Birthday party yesterday! She went all out! Her mom is vegan so there were both vegan and regular food out there. The vegan food didn't get eaten as much!

Even the cat cake was vegan. Only because my NIL's mom is vegan and she made it. She has a tradition of baking a cat cake for all the kids 1st Birthday. This didn't have egg or sour cream in it, so it was a little on the "baking soda" taste. It was a carrot cake and dad had to make the comment it would be a lot better with nuts in it! I couldn't believe him! But their were no nuts because someone couldn't have nuts. I'm not sure if the was the baby or if that was Lisa.

Today was "Hello Friday" and "Goodbye Friday" all in one. It will be back soon! In the meantime we can all be thankful and be Happy in being Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spent The Day In Vancouver

This morning I was up and over to Cherrill's early.

Came home and played a few games before mom and dad came. I had to drive us to Vancouver. We were on our way to see my great niece and enjoy her Birthday party. It started at 2 pm and we arrived there around 2:10 pm. My nephew Zac was up in Seattle for an interview and was supposed to come from Seattle all the way down to Vancouver to meet up with us.

We arrived with mom and dad's dog. Since the dog wasn't allowed in the house, she was outside in the yard. We had stopped and got lunch before we headed down there. As it turned out they were waiting on us to have lunch. The minute we arrived they started to eat the food. I didn't have  problem with that. I wish I had known that before we left, but then mom and dad ate when we got there. I had some sweets, which wasn't a good idea for me, but oh well.

Mom and Lisa's mom got in to a discussion with Lisa's Uncle over religion. Mom and Lisa's mom where very one sided on the religion, while her Uncle and I were another. It was a big topic the whole time we were there, but I just listened to them. I tried to stay out of the discussion as much as I could. I did put in the fact that the bible was written by man, and then let them go. It was interesting. I believe religion is a "personal" thing and not something I need to convince someone else into believing. I'll leave it at that. Even though mom said she prays for me because of what I believe.

We ended up staying till 5-5:30 pm. Then it was time to come home. I drove all the way back. It was a good ride. We got home in good timing. Arrived home at 7 pm. I was hoping to be home sooner to work on my crafts, but that's okay. I enjoyed an awesome day with my great niece. She's a sweet heart. I was thrilled to see my beads arrived in the mail! Now I have the beads for my cross stitch piece.

Since my camera died on the way home, I can't show any photos. I will try to remember to post them tomorrow.

Life is good, Life is fun and I'm thinking about being Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Had A Fun Day!

Today I actually relaxed for the day. I enjoyed having a day to myself.

I started out with enjoying my game time. Then I decided it was time to watch a few shows that I didn't get to see earlier. Love taping them for later. I watched 3 of them and deleted them when I was done.

I was actually trying to figure out how I could cross stitch and video tape at the same time. That way people could see how I do it. Not sure how it will work with the camera I bought. I'm a little ticked with the camera because it's not matching my voice with my mouth. I'll probably try it out on Friday. We are going to my great niece's 1st Birthday party tomorrow. Which means we are going to Vancouver WA.

I'm almost to the point of starting the skin. I have another set of rows to do, then I'll be at the skin point.

Yesterday I wasn't able to do much of anything. I took Art to the Casino.

I was doing pretty good with walking today. Didn't make the 10,000 steps, but getting close. I'm still getting my 250 steps an hour when I can.

Life is good, and all going great! Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Awesome Day With Brazilian Embroidery Friends

I was up and ready to go. Called Cherrill to see if she was going to the meeting today. She said she couldn't, she had a ton of things she had to do today. She's been having trouble with her rental house and getting that fixed before renters moved in. Now that they moved in, she has to contact them to fix the fireplace. I did go over and get her brace on her ankle. Poor lady has to wear compression socks and how has to put a brace on her right ankle.Guess she wasn't walking right and it was causing problems with her back.

After I left her, I headed to our meeting. It was funny. I arrived about 5 mins late, and there was already 4 members there. I'm usually the first one there after Pat. We talked about our class we are going to have with Virginia Chapman in October. We still need to decide what we are going to work on while she's here. It will cost $35 for the class. I let everyone know Rita is going to be selling the BE floss and some kits. I also told them I'm teaching a beginner class. I also told the others that they could teach the intermediate and advanced classes. It will be fun! We talked about having to find a place to have our meeting on the 11th, because the church is going to have the carpets cleaned or replaced. Everyone wanted to come here, and I was okay with that.

I finished the embroidery on the black and white bird. I need to do the wing for that one. When I cam back home, I did the wing of the brown bird. I had started work on the wing, and decided to finish it when I got home.

Now I'm working on the black and white wing. I realized I need to do the yellow and red on the tip of the wing. One can get the idea of where it covers. I'll work on this later. It will take some time. Then I can get started on the last bird! I'm getting it done!

After supper, I decided to get back to my cross stitch. I was thinking how funny it was that Bev was talking some of cross stitch fabrics. She was dishing some of the fabrics I use. I thought it was funny. She didn't want to hear what I had to say about the fabrics. I was okay with that. Actually used to people thinking I don't know anything about some of the crafts I do. Guess that's where this comes in handy. They can come to my blog and see I know a little more then they think I do.

Guess if I put more of my stuff in the fair, I wouldn't get that attitude, but truthfully, I really don't care. When I finish stuff then they are shocked. But I'm not that type of person. I love doing what I do, and I don't have to prove to anyone that I know what I'm doing. I love learning from others and that's good enough for me.

I finished up the left side but have more white to show too. This was a piece I thought I wouldn't like but since I changed the purples, I like the change. It's brighter and looks a lot better in my mind. I rarely change colors of what I'm doing but in this case, I really didn't want to work with the muddled up colors they had.

I posted a couple cross stitch pattern books on eBay. I need to get rid of them, and hate to throw them away. I really would rather give them away. Oh, well.

Today was another awesome day! I enjoyed spending it with good friends. I was invited to go to lunch at Denny's but turned it down. Told her I'd join her next time, and I believe I will! I love spending time with the gals down south. We have members that come from all over and the longest trip to our meetings is from Ocean Shores - a good hour and a half away. Where Ruth moved to. We had a good visit! It was worth it.

Having days like today make life worth it! Good friends, good fun - Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Had An Awesome Day With Cross Stitch and Seahawks!

This morning I slept another 2 hours on the couch. It felt good. When I got up, I wasn't feeling good. My stomach didn't seem to like getting up. But then I did have a headache too boot! So, I took my migraine exederine and called it good.

Patrick went to the store. He picked up a few things. I stayed home.

So, the afternoon was spending it in front of the TV watching some movies. Then we watched the game.

In between the game and commercials, I was baking bread. Our bread didn't come out very well, but the one I made for the neighbors looked a lot better! Theirs wasn't done till 8 pm tonight because they went to the Mariner's game in Seattle.

I was working on my Marabilia piece. I'm getting close to the skin area. When I get there, I'm going to do it 1 x 1 instead of the 2 x 2 method. I like the way the skin looks. I'm even looking at my "Quiltmaker" piece on the wall, and thinking of redoing it with the skin change. I may do that yet.

I worked on laundry and got about 3 loads done. Need to do 3 more, since Patrick pulled the rugs out to be washed. I'll do them tomorrow. We have embroidery tomorrow and I need to get my stuff from downstairs and bring it up to take with me.

It's coming along great. I'm getting farther up the piece. 

Life is good, I'm still getting stuff done. It's coming along great! Can't wait to see more! Tomorrow I'll be working on my birds. Staying Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Enjoying A Cool Saturday

This morning I went to the couch to sleep. My back was bothering me. Funny, but I actually slept till 8:30 am on the couch. Now that was a first in a very long time. I'm usually on the couch for an hour tops.

We did the usual trip to the casino and they had a car show going. We couldn't find a place to park, but once we did, we ended up staying 3 hours. We did pretty good today.

After the casino we headed over to Ann's house. She and her husband were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We had a little bit to eat and then watched a video about the wedding and 50 years. I was surprised they didn't have more in the middle - like having their daughter and things they did while married.

Then we came home and I baked a Blueberry Bowtie Cake. More like a coffee cake. Got a good recipe from my daughter in law that I use. It's really good.

After that I played a few games. Now I'm about ready to head to my chair and work on my cross stitch. I haven't touched it in awhile. I'm getting withdrawal from my cross stitch.

Still need to do the next needle case for my cross stitch. My beads haven't arrived and I'm debating if I'll add the bead before I finish or wait till the end. I'm thinking it would be better to wait.

Life is good, life is fun! We all deserve to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Today Was A Good Day!

We did our usual trip to the casino. We ended up staying for about 5 hours. At first we were loosing and about ready to come home, when Patr...